March 19th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “pained”

  1. today I painted a picture. it was a beautiful picture. But somehow there was something about it that bothered me. the colors maybe? I don’t know.maybe it was the way the figures looked. However i loved that picture.

    By yesenia on 03.19.2013

  2. wasted years, worthless tears
    sacrificed for imagined fears
    afraid to feel pain, renouncing heart for the brain
    the evolution of humans becoming less humane.

    By Carly URL on 03.19.2013

  3. it pained me to see the look on her face when i told her what she meant to me
    but it had to be said.
    all those years of scorn and criticism and no redress
    so much time spent in self loathing thanks to her merciless version of parenting,
    i had a few things to get off my chest and while not unkind, the words definitely resonated
    such that she burst into tears
    finally having been caught at her game

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 03.19.2013

  4. The look on his face was pained, even though he was trying so hard to hide it. She was sitting there across from him, oblivious to how the words she said cut to the quick. Worst of all, she wasn’t even heartless. If she knew, she would keep those thoughts inside, deep below even the dreams, and never bleed him out again. In her own way, she loved him, while I just watched.

    By cmsiena URL on 03.19.2013

  5. He bowed down his head with a pained expression and doleful eyes. I immediately felt guilty as he hobbled on his way to his room. I stared at him for a while and when he was just about to shut his room door, I called to him in a stuttering voice.

    “Max, I…” I paused, “I’m sorry, I…” but he had already closed the door, now staring at me blankly.

    By OneJen on 03.19.2013

  6. It pained her to watch the car drive away, knowing this place couldn’t be home anymore. The water droplets on the window created a million duplicates of the little peach house. There were others. There would always be others. The world was so big, who was she to think she wouldn’t find the exact same universe somewhere else? She gave up hurting and pressed the gas.

    By stuart on 03.19.2013

  7. I fall down, my thigh throbbing. The arrow head has torn apart my muscle. I try to stand. No good. I try to crawl- worse. They’ve caught up to me. Dead.

    By Ryan Moore on 03.19.2013

  8. It pained me to bear witness, but I couldn’t get involved no matter what happend. I wanted to leave but there was also something drawing me to the spectacle, like a deep almost hidden curiosity being satisfied at last. I watched intently as Doran, piece by peace, destroyed the mans will, the way a jackhammer would destroy a brick wall. Soon he became fatigued, panting like a fat old dog, he began to reach in his pocket, he was searching for something. The man looked at me in a brief glimpse of desperation, our eyes connected; I could not only see his pain, but hear his silent plead, immediately I regret it and start to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. I watched as Doran withdrew a small butterfly knife, he had regained his breath and opened the knife with a sadistic smirk on his old wrinkled face.

    By Ryan G on 03.19.2013

  9. pained, all my favorite singers and artists are said to be “pained” by the people who don’t like them. music journalists use the word pained and I have little patience for music journalism. I wouldn’t say I’m pained. I think it’s trite to call someone that. I don’t know if I know anyone who is truly pained.

    By chloe on 03.19.2013

  10. I have a bruise on my thigh the size of Texas,
    but I can’t feel the dull ache over the blistering
    burns you left on my lips when you kissed me.

    By smnthbll on 03.19.2013

  11. When the world collapsed, it was still nothing in contrast to how it felt when we lost you. You stood tall and wildly above us all, with your bold face looking into the darkness. You were the light we all followed.

    By jgeek on 03.19.2013

  12. Is this like a window pain or something different like someone actually causing physical pain? The first thought that comes to mind is a song and it had a pun about window pains and I imagine rain outside with a window with a wooden brown pain. But it also reminds me of somet

    By Karina on 03.19.2013

  13. A girl scribbling her scrambling thoughts into her journal, her hands shaking with rage, crumbling the paper in the process. Her head was in a crazy spiral, and different thoughts were running through it at once. She rests her head in her hands and starts to cry

    By Andrea on 03.19.2013

  14. If I said it pained me to watch her go
    I think I would be lying
    we just didn’t work out
    were both at fault
    were both to blame

    By Dio Foxx on 03.19.2013

  15. I know I sound sad, I know I sound pained. Its just because I miss the memories we made and the adventures we shared. I miss your face, your smile, and your hand in mine. But we will be together again soon. I promise time will move fast and we’ll always be in each other’s hearts. Before you know it, the pain will turn into excitement and you’ll be in my arms again.

    By Chris on 03.19.2013

  16. Why is it I revisit the same songs when I’m feeling this low? Ritual?
    Maybe a little.
    There’s more than a bit to be said for the romanticism of the familiar.
    There’s got to be a purpose for this bile pouring over the soul.
    If not some life lesson (which I never seem to pick up on, the songs seem
    to remain the same over the years) then it must exist as some sort of
    dark inspiration.

    I heard a quote recently that we are all born alone, and we all die alone,
    the rest is an illusion. If it’s an illusion, then whats the harm in
    putting a soundtrack to the whole endeavor?

    Maybe what I find endearing is the possibility in creating allies in
    my alienation. No, that wasn’t just an excuse to us alliteration, though
    I will admit to dramatic allegories in the short time we’ve been interacting,
    dear reader. What I mean by that is this ache in my heart is no stranger
    to me, and each time I try to align myself with another, its only natural
    to attempt to communicate this feeling when it occurs. Funny thing about
    that is when its at its worst, I find myself incapable of explaining due
    to a breakdown of relations or an inability to fully be understood (which
    will soon result in a breakdown of relations).

    So who do I have to count on in those times? Yes, my songs. Transcendence
    or the closest I’ve ever come had been through perceived understanding
    in musical lyrics.

    there’s an old voice in my head holding me back
    well tell her that i miss our little talks

    Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our
    bodies safe to shore.

    By voodooscotch on 03.19.2013

  17. The pain on his face cut deep. Every down-trodden look, every half-hearted smile, every almost invisible tear breaking the wall protecting my heart. I’ve never felt regret, especially not in the case of relationships, but this was different. He was getting to me.

    By Kerry on 03.19.2013

  18. The sharp feeling traveled through my core. I couldn’t think clearly for the brief moment when my brain registered the feeling and I gasped for breath as my body reacted. Legos, don’t step on them.

    By Emerson Sudbury on 03.19.2013

  19. She asked me what I thought the next step was. I knew my expression looked pained at first as the thought of starting my life over with nothing overwhelmed me. But then I had to fight a smile and nervous laugh. Denial? Maybe, but the thoughts of meeting someone new, of going out for an evening for a play or some music or a movie, of the chance for actual intimacy a real part of my life again… the joy at the possibilities. The guilt of wanting more than just drowning in emptiness for the rest of my life until all chances passed me by forever; it always followed the smile and pushed it away with a scolding. But I wanted it, still do.

    By JDwrites on 03.19.2013

  20. The touch of her hand on mine sparked a feeling within me that I never knew I could feel. I knew it would be the last time I felt her smooth skin and gazed into her loving eyes. Any physical wound would hurt less than this. I couldn’t bear to see her go.

    By Emerson Sudbury on 03.19.2013

  21. It pained him to do so, but he dragged his son from his bed, into the middle of the road. The rain was pouring atop them both and he saw his only heir crying and pleading for an explanation. “Things are not that simple,” Abraham said. “The Lord has told me to do this.” His son Isaac continued to cry up until the point the axe fell upon his neck.

    By DavidRyanM on 03.19.2013

  22. hurt lost lonley depressed
    me. i feel pained. a difficult emotion.


    By Lania on 03.19.2013

  23. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.19.2013

  24. It pained her to watch him walk away into the distance. The rain that once was so beautiful in her eyes now felt like a stinging pain pulsating through her veins. She wished that the rain would stop and he would come back to her.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 03.19.2013

  25. It pained her to watch him walk away into the distance. The rain that once was so beautiful in her eyes now felt like a stinging pain pulsating through her veins. She wished that the rain would stop and he would come back to her. The one thing Allegra felt relief in was that she could cry and no one would notice with the rain hitting her face as harsh as she was.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 03.19.2013

  26. I walk through the alleys after a long day at the bar. Her voice still playing through my mind. Her golden hair falling along her shoulders. Her smile of pearls. I still see the crash. The instant end to it all. The end to our life together.

    By RachelMStorer on 03.19.2013

  27. It pains me to see this word, however I guess it is better than some. We all experience pain in our lives. I see it most in my parents.

    By Susan on 03.19.2013

  28. it pained me to think that she could go through something like that and still come out on top. To think that she didn’t seem to have a care in the world, but i knew that she did and there were so many things on her mind, so much pain and distress but she still smiled

    By Katie on 03.19.2013

  29. “Stay.” I push him down against the covers, but he props himself up on his elbows anyway.

    “I told you. I’m getting picked up tomorrow.”

    “Just stay for a little. Please.” It pains me to beg, but I’ve felt lonely for so long that I need one night. But he gets up, fishing around on the floor for his hoodie. My stomach sinks, but I find it before he does. “Here.” I shove it at him and push my glasses back on. Nothing ever seems right, and tonight is just like all the others.

    By Marissa URL on 03.19.2013

  30. The pained look upon the woman’s face was mirrored in the twin orbs set into the face of the recently deceased man, laying with his back to the pavement and his nose skyward and all of the debris and shattered benevolence scattered about him. He, and his would be interlocutor.

    By Jason on 03.19.2013

  31. A pained yelp escaped his lips. The curse’s effects were catching up. He fumbled with the amulet around his neck, tapping the rusted metal as the light inside slowly started to dim. The pain only grew and he was forced to the ground.

    By overlordy on 03.19.2013

  32. “Do you still love her?”

    He pauses, shuffles his feet with self-consciousness, then gives me his increasingly familiar pained smile. “Yeah.”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.19.2013

  33. It pained me as I watched her go. As I watched her walk right out of my life. I wanted her to stay. I wanted to stop her…but I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop her. I wanted her to be happy. And if she was happy without me, then I wanted her to go…even if I really didn’t.

    By Rachel on 03.19.2013

  34. It pained her to see him like this. Drunk, high, wasting his life away in a corner. He’d had so much potential, only to get wasted away in the twisted world of Las Vegas. Of course, she could only expect that after she broke his heart to pieces.

    By Tricia on 03.19.2013

  35. Knowing that my boyfriend is going to be in Afghanistan and I won’t know whether or not he’s safe. Not talking to him for months. Being apart sucks enough, but not knowing when you’re going to see each other makes it worse. I don’t like it.

    By Gab on 03.19.2013

  36. You could see it her in eyes. It pained her beyond anything she’d witnessed in her entire life, and it had been a long life. But the sorrow and anguish hung in her eyes like a noose, choking the life from her dreams.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 03.19.2013

  37. It pained me to see her in that state. What was even worse was the knowledge that it was my fault. The long hours of backbreaking labor had been for nothing, years of tedium undone in a moment of rash stupidity.

    By Brandon Ek on 03.19.2013

  38. Pained expression on people’s faces. Joint pain. Hospitals. Nostalgic. True love. Seeing him with someone else. Trying to be friends with someone you can’t stand. Homework. Not enough time. Being broke.

    By Vikki on 03.19.2013

  39. Shot through the heart, Adrian fell to the ground, sitting flat on the floor against the wall. That didn’t make much sense, because there are some really nice couches he moved home from mom’s, but he was in his 20’s, and sometimes things hit harder than they would when he was a kid. He was used to rejection, but it always hurt when he was rejected anew. Work was hard to find in this small town: even the simple task of ringing groceries was an aspiration many in San Marcos shared just because they didn’t want to feel so poor all the time. Ramen is, after all, pretty bad for you.

    By Adrian on 03.19.2013

  40. He kisses my neck. Strokes my cheek. Tells me he loves me, and I know he does. But how can I tell him I don’t love him back? How can I break his heart? Yet, I know I already am. And the longer I stay in the relationship, the more I hurt him in the end. I know. But for some reason… I just can’t say goodbye.

    By Care on 03.19.2013