August 26th, 2010 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “overjoyed”

  1. I stood and watched them from across the courtyard. She laughed. Presumably at his joke. And he smiled. They were so overjoyed with each other, it made me sick. They weren’t going to last because she and I both knew the truth. So did he. I just had to wait it out, like everything else.

    By Marissa URL on 08.26.2010

  2. he was overjoyed to see me…We haven’t seen each other since he was shipped out. And now he was home

    By moogs URL on 08.26.2010

  3. comment

    By shareen URL on 08.26.2010

  4. She squealed as he stepped off the ramp and sank to one knee to hold his arms out to her. She squirmed away from her mother and flew across the tarmac, nearly bowling him over in her exuberance.

    By tabard URL on 08.26.2010

  5. Joy. Is that what she was supposed to feel? Joy. Get real. Standing in the unemployment line and watching each person talk with the secretary , shake their head and then to slumping out of the office…nope, not joyful today.

    By Misha URL on 08.26.2010

  6. Marie sat by her bedroom window, the mid winter sun was beginning to loose its once defiant glimmer, but she still felt the same feeling of joy when the door bell rang.

    By Alan on 08.26.2010

  7. One would think I’d be overjoyed at the thought of not having to work because we can’t find a job. But the truth is, we need the money. Desperately. And because we can’t claim benifits, we’re struggling while people who don’t deserve help get it. Its frustrating and I can’t help but feel the darkness coming closer.

    Its hard to be overjoyed whe

    By Jen on 08.26.2010

  8. sometimes i feel overjoyed when i walk outside and feel a cool breeze. also, when i see old friends that despite not seeing much make me smile to no end.

    By jenn serpa on 08.26.2010

  9. I woke up overjoyed. I can’t really explain it for any reason other than the dream I had in which the white room was emptied entirely with the exception of 3 pieces of art leaning against the wall.

    By finnsaid on 08.26.2010

  10. With the end of summer and the inevitable start of fall, most are disappointed by the freedom that is intrisito a student in the summer time. However, being the nerd that IO am, I am simply overjoyed about my eventual return to school, in the fall.

    By Jeff Vitro on 08.26.2010

  11. Sarah was overjoyed to hear that she just got the scholarship to Harvard! She’s been aiming for this since middle school. Missing out parties , raves, most social activities and working her butt off while her friends were getting drunk to make a better life for herself and escape the rathole she lived in!

    By lucky URL on 08.26.2010

  12. Overwhelming happiness, a joy beyond belief. Spontaneous, strong, emotional, apparent. Not a ususal emotion.

    By Michelle on 08.26.2010

  13. Blissful, blooming blossoms filling up my very heart and soul as I fight to remain grounded in reality. But no! it’s not possible! This feeling brings me too close to the heart of God.

    By Holland on 08.26.2010

  14. i was overjoyed when i found out i would be giving birth to an elephant in only 9 months. i hoped it would be a boy. i would name him otis and he would be very cute. he would water my plants. my vegetable garden would grow big.

    By bridget on 08.26.2010

  15. Running though a field and jumping and waving my arms my face is smiling so much so that it hurts and I press my palms into my cheeks to crush my smile down so it doesn’t hurt so much but that just makes me laugh and I twirl and fall into the grass laughing.

    By Hilary Hayes URL on 08.26.2010

  16. She screamed as her black heels clacked on the linoleum floor. “I got it!” Her hands reaching in the air. Suddenly, terror filled her stomach.

    By Liz URL on 08.26.2010

  17. overjoyed… I can’t write about a word that represents everything I wish to feel, but haven’t for a long time. boredom, lonliness, and unsatisfied love for another continue to weigh down on me

    By Jordan Sawchuk URL on 08.26.2010

  18. i had been working so hard, studying every day for countless months. i stayed up late making sure i knew that formula, or memorized the definition to that word. i cant even explain how overjoyed i was when i got that acceptance letter.

    By taylor URL on 08.26.2010

  19. why to i keep getting overjoyed, everything seems to be falling into place. People come into my life and add to the excitement of everyday life.

    By benita on 08.26.2010

  20. there are so few thing that make me feel over joyed but the love of my luke makes me want to scream about it to the roof taps. I wish everyone could feel this way. there are so many feeling we have a humans that so few of us ever feel.

    By stephanie on 08.26.2010

  21. “Chris, guess what?” she practically shouted.
    “I won– a Grammy!” she squealed, beaming and hopping up and down. “Best Engineered Album. What do you think of *that*?”
    “I think–” *that you’re beautiful* “I think that’s wonderful, Imogen. Congratulations.”
    “I’m so happy,” she said, and she threw her arms around him.
    “Well, you should be. You deserve it.”
    He couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 08.26.2010

  22. I love the word overjoyed. It makes you think of anythign thats good in the world. No matter who what or where you are and you hear that somebody is overjoyed, it puts a smile on your face. I know that it might not be the same for others, but I always am happy when I see this word.

    By lola on 08.26.2010

  23. curiously the shoe wrote
    on the cracks
    on the sidewalk
    each shoelace tied itself
    to a song

    we were overjoyed
    the symphony sapped
    by the feet
    and the sticking of the soles
    to the dirt or gravel

    By Isabel URL on 08.26.2010

  24. SHe was immediately overjoyed when she saw the box of crayons sitting on the large plastic table in front of her. There was no paper, but then again, there was no need for paper, she had the entire room to herself.

    By Molly on 08.26.2010

  25. Overjoyed. That feeling of getting the perfect present for christmas, seeing your loved one after time away, getting that promotion, or even hearing your children laugh.
    Is it possible to be overjoyes however, if nothing seems that exciting anymore. Personally, I have not felt this emotion for some time, however I am now on a personal mission to find it.
    Finding simple pleasure in the smaller, finer things in life, will make all the difference to my remaining years on this earth.

    By Elise on 08.26.2010

  26. When you’re there, and in that spot. You can feel it, you can feel the happiness wash, move, change what you think. The way the muscles at the corners of your mouth feel like their in a stretch, like they’re just waking on on christmas morning.

    By Frank on 08.26.2010

  27. Is the feeling I get when I’m excited about going to a DMB concert. Not only do I get excited about going for the music but it’s now about going and see the lifelong friends I’ve made over the years. Unforgettable memories.

    By Cassie on 08.26.2010

  28. Huh. I guess she’s not coming. It’s okay–things are busy and it was really short notice. So no big deal, really…I’ll see her later on I suppose. And it’s my fault, since I only asked her–OH!

    “Hey, you…no, don’t worry–I know what’s it’s like to get hung up at work…”

    By VelourSunrise on 08.26.2010

  29. The veil was there at the foot of her bed again, more solid than before. From behind it came a soft breeze and merry laughter. She had been sick for so long… would she be able to reach it? Tentatively, she slid from the bed and groped to the foot, parting the curtains… overjoyed at what lay within.

    By mimimanderly URL on 08.26.2010

  30. I was overjoyed when I discovered what lay beneath my bed. Groping around under there I felt several things; Clothes, shoes and boxes until I grasped what I was looking for. The cold hard feel of glass. I lifted the bottle and felt the searing liquid flow down the back of my throat. How I’ve missed you.

    By Pádraig Ó Tonnaigh on 08.26.2010

  31. overjoyed by such news.

    By belkins on 08.26.2010

  32. Sometimes when you feel overjoyed, you just want to dance and sing and fly. It’s the best feeling. Burst.

    By Mister Boat on 08.26.2010

  33. I’m overjoyed. I want to sing on a rooftop, then jump off and fly around the world. Yes.

    By Mister Boat on 08.26.2010

  34. Overjoyed with the results, one fainted.

    By belkins URL on 08.26.2010

  35. excited to be alive, to be in the moment. living with you care, feeeling infinite. feeling invincivble. being overwhelmed with excitement and happiness that it rare. loving the world and everyone in it beyond control.

    By natalie on 08.26.2010

  36. Overjoyed- extreme happiness. The look on my pup’s face when I walk through the door. Pure and utter delight. Oh what excitement. To be completely happy, to be completely joyed.

    By Rebecca on 08.26.2010

  37. A kitten presented with a ball of yarn. An actress landed the lead. I buy a new car. Millions presented with democracy. A plane lands safely. Paris Hilton buys another new car. It can fly. But that isn’t joy. Joy is safety and family and the ability to protect them both.

    By Sabrina on 08.26.2010

  38. Im overjoyed about staying here over joyed means really happy im overjoyed i found this site

    By Amahdi on 08.26.2010

  39. She knew I was down, Why wouldn’t she come and bring me out of my misery. Shoot something at me, like a pot of gold. I could use that. Then I found the note. the one that would change everything for me and I really didn’t know such joy such happiness could be found. What had taken her so long.

    By adler on 08.26.2010

  40. i was too happy. my spine tingled with thoughts of the night we spent. I tried so hard to be faithful but faith has been lost these days. in a time marred with broken thoughts and lovers, happiness comes, but happiness never stays. joy is over. so now i dont believe.

    By Bryan on 08.26.2010