September 14th, 2013 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “overjoyed”

  1. I was extremely ecstatic when I saw his face again. I went into a bout of happiness and cried. Flinging myself at him, wildly, we fell over together. The floor was cold, but his hands and body were warm. He seemed just as overjoyed to see me.

    By Karah Francois on 09.14.2013

  2. There’s something wrong with me, with how I feel. A quivering sensation in the back of my mind. It cools what’s hot, and heats me up when I am alone. There is a sensation that I have been missing, and it started somewhere deep inside me, grounded around me, raised and grown and nurtured. There is something that I would like to call “joy” and that joy comes from my relationship with you.

    I lost my way, like a bird on the path of the storm. But I still find merit in you, in me, in we.

    By haywirehay URL on 09.14.2013

  3. a feeling people struggle to fathom because it is a state of pure euphoria – rare in todays society. no way to properly express yourself you become a giggly little 8 year old girl flailing your arms about. babies know true happiness. it is shown when one is overjoyed – they become a baby

    By ari on 09.14.2013

  4. All of us step into the Bronco, buckle up, and slam our doors. Our ginger buddy turns the engine and the CD converter picks up where it left off: Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mama I’m Coming Home.” We hit the road, our worries and obligations left behind in our dorms, and open the sun roof. We’re overjoyed that it’s time to hit the beach and sing our hearts into the wind.

    By ISOreality URL on 09.14.2013

  5. Miss Jones was overjoyed to finally see her husband once more. He had been at war for the passed ten years, or so it had seemed for Miss Jones. The truth was he had been on leave for only a year, but the state of euphoria that Miss Jones was in was impossible to compare.

    By Nicholas Ilow on 09.14.2013

  6. The news made the lemon slip from her fingers, slip onto
    the white-tiled floor. Knife on the counter, cutting board on the
    counter, dignity on the counter, she twirled – her skirt
    representing what the news had really meant to her as it spun its
    ruffle wide.

    By Lauren on 09.14.2013

  7. I was ecstatic to find out I wasn’t going to die after all. That I could see my children grow up and hate me, to visit all those places I always said I would, to grow old with my wife… and that’s when I found out my wife had made peace with my death and had emotionally moved on so as to feel no pain when I perished. She was ready to move past me…

    By Ruben URL on 09.14.2013

  8. How I feel when I see your face laughing. When you call at five AM from Vegas and you miss me. When my cats cuddle on my chest and purr in my ear. Tacos for brunch and hearing my mom’s voice. Love. Just love.

    By Kristen on 09.14.2013

  9. I felt overjoyed when we got Leota. I was also overjoyed on our wedding day. Is overjoyed really one word, or is it two? How can one be overjoyed? That would mean overly joyful, and I don’t think such a thing exists. Although I supposed one could become overwhelmed with joy.

    By Jess on 09.14.2013

  10. being really happy
    having a really good time with whatever it is that you are doing in that moment
    really enjoying yourself

    By Clarissa ACuna on 09.14.2013

  11. I was overjoyed to finally meet him. It seemed like eternity since we had met online, and decided to finally meet. I thought this day would never come.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.14.2013

  12. this would something less familiar i think at least it wouldnt compare to what ive seen through viral videos……the world opens so to speak and it seems theres peoplpe out there with feelings and maybe the world isnt going to hell yet…..but where else is there to go????????

    By Mr.584903 URL on 09.14.2013

  13. when i was a little boy i ran into a small dog. the look of its face, the feel of his tongue, the smell of his fur all made me feel overjoyed. i couldn’t help but pick him up even though he was bigger than me. he licked my face and i giggled with pure happiness.

    By jesse jaramillo on 09.14.2013

  14. I was overjoyed when I saw Lord of the Rings, the last
    movie. When all the Riders of Rohanlined up ot was sso beautiful I
    wanted to cry. I was overjoyed the first time my girlfriend, now
    wife, said she loved me even though we would only start to date

    By MutatedPear on 09.14.2013

  15. i am overjoyed right now because i am with the love of my life.
    he is so perfect like seriously and it’s crazy because hes less than a foot away from me whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also less than a foot tall. lol just kidding his height is perfect the way it is LIKE HIM!!!! he’s so great and cute and adorable and his voice is so cute and aw hehehehEHheHE i love him

    By Sarah on 09.14.2013

  16. Overjoyed at the reception to my song, I bowed and bowed, grinning like a maniac. I knew immediately that it was a mistake. The audience’s response cooled, and as I rose from my final bow, the silence thundered in my ears.

    By mrsmig on 09.14.2013

  17. I’m thrilled for Molly, and her new boyfriend. Number… five, or six this year. Maybe I’m just jealous because I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’m going to be a third wheel on their little date on Friday…ugh. I’m overjoyed.

    By Denise Watson on 09.14.2013

  18. Was Aunt Lucy overjoyed to see her son after so many years of his being missing in action? It’s difficult to say, in retrospect. I remember her sitting up in her bed, the faint waspish curls of gray hair falling from where they had clustered up around her forehead. Her eyes dilated somewhat at the sight of the thirty-something man in front of her – half-flesh, half-metal now, with rods in his legs and bolts in his arms. She stretched out her fingers somewhat, and at that point, I swear, she recognized someone else besides her caretaker.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.14.2013

  19. I am overjoyed, no longer. I don’t have that luxury with this pile of papers on my desk. That feeling had lived inside of me weeks after my promotion, but the realization had turned that feeling into a weight. Even now I can feel it pulling me down, my eyes hardly able to stay open. My arms not having the motivation to get started and my spirit, simply chained. Yet I persevere, even this feeling, shall be lifted.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.14.2013

  20. Happy to be overjoyed? Of course. Doesn’t happen often enough. Card writers use the word. People who aren’t overjoyed use it. People who’re just happy use it. Enjoy being in a state of joy.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.14.2013

  21. When people are overjoyed, they have more hope than most. Their faces light up, they glow with hope. Hope that happiness exists. Hope that love exists. Hope that everything will be ok. The whole situation becomes hope. Hope that there will be more happiness to follow.

    By Cami on 09.14.2013

  22. I was overjoyed at the value that was placed on the project by the people that I presented it to. They were gushing praise for the rest of the day. I don’t know what in particular they liked, so I was suspicious that they were just being nice. That is, until the next day when I had a steady stream of people that were coming to my office to discuss the next steps.

    By dg on 09.14.2013

  23. When people are overjoyed, they have more hope than most. Their faces light up, they glow with hope. Hope that happiness exists. Hope that love exists. Hope that everything will be ok. The whole situation becomes hope. And there’s hope that there will be more happiness to follow. And that there will be more times to be overjoyed. It’s an endless cycle.

    By Cami on 09.14.2013

  24. A lantern brimming over with light spills into the night.

    By Intuition on 09.14.2013

  25. “I’ll tell you secrets God only knows,” she promised, her voice thick and sinfully compelling.
    I shook my head. “I won’t let you ply my tongue, Mirana. Not even with your own,”
    She chuckled. “Perhaps I simply ache to embrace rapture at your side, my lady,”
    “And perhaps I have no desire to be so…overjoyed,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.14.2013

  26. i was overjoyed when i heard the news. it seemed that every second of my life happened to lead me here, to this moment. i was late, but i arrived.

    By Julian on 09.14.2013

  27. It’s not often that one gets to experience the feeling of being overjoyed. Feeling joy is one thing, but to feel overjoyed is something that comes along so seldom. I like ye old joy but overjoyed it exhilarating! I like just thinking about the times I was overjoyed. I can’t wait to feel that feeling of being overjoyed once again.

    By michaelbuzz on 09.14.2013

  28. Overjoyed
    Overly dramatic
    Lacking the true depth of emotion, but desiring the attention of it just the same.
    She smiled her bright fake smile and simpered disgustingly, “I was just overjoyed I tell you, really.”

    By Drivven Wrinth on 09.14.2013

  29. When a person gets more than he expected or something much better, he will be overjoyed. For instance,if a person comes seeking a loan and suddenly gets a bigger amount in lottery, he will be overjoyed.

    By Manabendra Gogoi on 09.14.2013

  30. She sat back smiling. She was truly overjoyed with the misery of those around her. Her malicious smile and sweet sigh of contentment as others cried out in agony or hit the wall with their heads.

    The screams of those who had once tormented her made her tingle with excitement. She hadn’t thought that this would bring her arousal as well as the simple joy of getting a leg up on those fools. Life was good and getting better with each scream that reached her ears. It was good to be the Queen.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.14.2013

  31. When I’m quiet, that’s when I’m most heard. When I’m sitting in that deep dark silence, that’s when I know the most. When I have tears running down my face, that’s when I’m most overjoyed.

    By esky1118 on 09.14.2013

  32. So let me show you, baby
    Let me come over. I will tell you secrets, God only know. I cannot overstate it, I will be over joyed.- matchbox twenty

    By jo on 09.14.2013

  33. Behind that door are people we haven’t seen in months.

    And then they’re here and the room explodes into tears and hugs and such overwhelming happiness there is nothing left to call it but pure, unfettered joy.

    By a on 09.14.2013

  34. Maybe if you hold me, baby let me come over. I will tell you secrets, nobody knows. I cannot overstate it, I will be over joyed.- matchbox twenty

    By jo on 09.14.2013

  35. i was so happpy when you told me. But them I learned.
    and it wasnt happiness anymore
    i hated you.
    now you dont even deserve my feelings

    but i still love you.
    i know i do
    how can one person
    bring me so much love
    so much hate?

    By Char on 09.14.2013

  36. I felt overjoyed when I saw that little piece of wood coming to light. My hands digged deeper into the sand and although it was a matter of seconds, it felt I was digging for an eternity until I could pull out the heavy treasure chest from its dark hideout. A long journey finally came to an end.

    By Alice Shina on 09.14.2013

  37. Her laughter made him smile. He couldn’t resist being happy when he saw her. Even when he was feeling the lowest of lows, she just took something in him and made it so that he could barely remember what was getting him down. She could see it in him. What she did to him. There was no denying it, no moving past the point that anytime she smiled, laughed, did anything good, he was just unable to be anything but overjoyed.

    By Hailey on 09.14.2013

  38. I am overjoyed at everything. I am over-the-top bubbling with pure excitement in every endeavor I take. I am like this because it keeps me sane. If I didn’t force myself to this extreme, I would probably be jumping off a building, screaming, right now.

    By Amanda on 09.14.2013

  39. I was overjoyed to hear that your position with the law form of Scrabbit & Gill was successful. I am sure they deserve no better than you, and you no better than them!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.14.2013

  40. Her phone buzzed. Cristina checked the text message.

    “He is overjoyed. Says thanks for the present.”

    Cristina groaned and let her phone sit on the cold tile floor of her bathroom, which she now sat on. She had her back leaning against the side of the bath tub and her knees bent into her chest. A tumultuous, unbearable nausea swept every which way inside her stomach. She surged forward and clutched the sides of the toilet as she heaved.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 09.14.2013