July 7th, 2012 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “overalls”

  1. ‘Who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphy’s chowder?’ ” Great song”, I thought, “but where did the lyricist get the initial idea for the title?” It must have been triggered by an incident of some sort. I would love to been a fly on the wall during THAT incident!

    By Betty Barker on 07.08.2012

  2. “Where in the world did you get those?” he asked
    “The charity shops have amazing clothes, a lot of trash, but I was specifically looking for overalls and this will do.”
    “It looks like an inflatable balloon cover, with straps.”
    “I just want something to paint in that can go over my clothes. My clothes are getting all mucky.”

    By Meredyth URL on 07.08.2012

  3. A farmer can pull of overalls and they work for him or her. For me thought they just don’t know that I am in my 30’s. Lots of things don’t seem to work for me any more though, like purple hair and knee high boots and heals and tight tops and braids in my hair. I am feeling old.

    By Kimberly C. URL on 07.08.2012

  4. I usually associate overalls with repairs and gardening. Some old clothes , part of it trousers, is what my mum called overalls, when she told my father to wear it before all this hard work.

    By Bratka on 07.08.2012

  5. This word reminds me of the theatrical production of 1984, which I saw in February of 2010. 1984 is my favourite book, and within the book overalls are worn by most of the characters. in the play a very interesting technique was used to make the main characters seem more emaciated they made looser overalls.

    By lucy on 07.08.2012

  6. I’ve always wanted a pair of overalls. Well, I had them when I was little. They just remind me of the good old times. Running around, getting dirty, laughing. When I see a pair of overalls I remember my childhood.

    By Gem on 07.08.2012

  7. overalls remind me of my childhood. I really liked my overalls. They were fun. I wish I had overalls right now to wear. But not the slut ones with the reeeeally short cut off bottoms. Overalls also remind me of farmers. I like farmers.

    By Kare on 07.08.2012

  8. The overalls looked great, so i put in and thought i looked very sexy. Called my bestfriend and told her to come see it. She came and tried on blue looking overall, which didn’t suit her greatly. So we laughed , got changed and left

    By Jodie Hunter on 07.08.2012

  9. I sit at the table, crying and trying not to let the sounds of my sobs escape the small huddled corner. A few fall onto my blue overalls. Blue: it shows I’m am low, unimportant. A public show of my failure, pumping shame through my body whenever I’m near a green or white coated citizen. I want to die. But I deserve this life, so I must live it.

    By Leoni on 07.08.2012

  10. “going to cross the sea and never come back”

    By shijo on 07.08.2012

  11. Overalls? Really? Are you really wearing overalls? You got the same invitation as the rest of us right? You know this is a black tie affair, right? We’re meeting the fucking Queen! So, what the hell, man? Is this some sort of protest? Are you suddenly anti-fashion and anti-looking-the-slightest-bit-socially-acceptable?

    By Amanda on 07.08.2012

  12. Overalls are kind of like dungarees if you think about it, but for work men not cute little kids with bunchies or pigtails. Overalls are kind of fun I guess, they are typically navy aren’t they, at least that’s how I imagine them in my mind, well I can imagine my grandad in them as he goes off to work, in navy overalls. But to be honest I don’t really have any strong opinions towards overalls, i’ve never really worn them and I doubt they’ll make a sudden fashion must or whatever, but over all overalls are useful.

    By Lily Smith on 07.08.2012

  13. They were filthy. It looked like she’d been rolling around in the mud but she hadn’t. She was just lazy and hadn’t washed them for several months. Maybe she would today. But she doubted it.

    By Eva Shore on 07.08.2012

  14. The men were walking through the street all wearing blue overalls. One man stood out. He had blond curls and a square jaw. As if he had sensed me looking at him, he looked over his shoulder and – smiled. A flush crept up my cheeks and I could do nothing more then smile back at him. There was something odd about him, something I couldn’t really pinpoint.

    By Lica on 07.08.2012

  15. Overalls. Fuck me. I don’t wear them. I’ve got a giant onesie I sometimes wear and I look like a toddler, but that’s okay because it keeps me warm, overall. In other news I was just really trying to find a place to vent but I find a word like overalls leaves nothing to the world of venting, it seems like quite a jovial word when I think about it.

    By Lobster on 07.08.2012

  16. My sister wants overalls. Very much. For a while she was obsessed with getting them. She actually never did get any. Overalls make me think of artists, too. Artists with their black stirts under their long overalls in a shed behind their house painting beautiful landscapes and portraits and anything they can think of.

    By Ireland on 07.08.2012

  17. there is something nice about overalls. it is more about comfort than anything else when you talk about overalls. I feel that life would not have been the same without overalls. are we talking about some piece of clothing or is it a reference to a metaphorical existence. well, indeed, I just wanted to start writing about clothes anyway. does it matter if they want something else.

    By Tenneti on 07.08.2012

  18. The overalls of things are just love. Love encompasses everything. It is the sum of all the things that you need, we need. It keeps us alive, breathing. That’s it.

    By Mae Bautista on 07.08.2012

  19. The last time I saw him, he wore a pair of overalls and sandals. I could hardly believe how much he’d changed since then. Now he wore a suit, a pair of nice shades, and carried a gun at his hip.

    By Matthew on 07.08.2012

  20. Kicking the curb, she knocked the last bits of sunburned earth from the treat of her boots before climbing onto the bus. It was clear from the looks on the faces of those around her that her simplistic style of dress–overalls and a tanktop–registered as a bit peculiar in this part of the city.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.08.2012

  21. I wore overalls to camp once. I was doing a skit in a play. I messed up my only line in that entire play. I was laughed at.

    By McKenzie shelton on 07.08.2012

  22. Weird things which you wear under your clothes wait no over you clothes :P Overalls. Louis tomlinson Wears them :P All The Time. That’s What Makes You Beautiful.

    By Katie on 07.08.2012

  23. Overalls are large, pants that are typically made of jeans. They go over one’s other clothes. I think that the only people in the world that wear them are children under the age of 5 and farmers. Personally, I find overalls to be quite ugly.

    By Emily on 07.08.2012

  24. she stood there in her overalls, hand prints down either side, wondering where she’d gone wrong, the stranger at the red table left a dollar and walked straight out of the door without looking back.

    By Hannah on 07.08.2012

  25. There is absolutely no way that anyone over the age of 10 looks age appropriate in overalls.

    By leelee on 07.08.2012

  26. overalls are a type of clothing I think one too often associates with the south. That being said, the south is the only place where I’ve seen one worn. I’m not sure I’ve ever known anyone whose owned a pair of overalls in my life.

    By Scott D on 07.08.2012

  27. Well, overalls are not that common in the country where I live. It is something I have worn once or twice. They remind me of gardners and handymen. Something practical, useful, but ugly.

    By Thaís on 07.08.2012

  28. I skip over the train tracks, kicking pebbles in my way. Lemonade stains my overalls, and I smile, flipping over the comics in my hand. Some day I’m gonna save the world, too.

    By Equals Dee on 07.08.2012

  29. Farmers like to wear overalls because they are extremely comfortable and quite fashionable between the farming community. They’re better than jeans since they aren’t as tight nor constricting so they can easily move around when farming and etc. They were originally invented back in the 90’s just as an accident but a farmer happened to find them and thought they were just grand!

    By Elba on 07.08.2012

  30. Überall liefen Mänschen in blauen Anzügen herum. Sie trugen orangene Gürtel um den Hals und in der Hand hatte jeder eine grüne Flasche. Es war keine Richtung auszumachen, sie kamen von überall her und sie gingen nach überall hin. Der Himmel war gelb an diesem Morgen.

    By Lisa URL on 07.08.2012

  31. Overalls are a common clothing item, worn by many different people on many different occasions. Quite often they are associated with farmers.

    By Sarah on 07.08.2012

  32. My aunt had a pair of overalls that she wore all the time. She passed away 3 months ago. When we were going through her clothes and things, the overalls made my grandmother cry.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 07.08.2012

  33. Her overalls were as faded as my memory of her, fraying at the denim edges. I mostly remember her sunned hair falling in front of her freckled face as we tried to throw pebbles as far as we could down the path between the corn field and the sunflowers.

    By aria autumn on 07.08.2012

  34. He came in with his dirty overalls smelling like sweat and dirt. He sat on the bed sighed.
    “Honey, I’m home, you awake?” He turned to her, his rough hands gently touching her shoulder. He knew. She wasn’t awake.

    By Jaco on 07.08.2012

  35. he walks away from the steaming rust-red hulk. the sun beats on his overalls, stinging his eyes with fumes from years of oil stains.

    By Paul Metzger on 07.08.2012

  36. “Overalls!! get your overalls here!” Shouted the man at the clothes booth as people rushed through the busy marketplace, trying to get goods before the market closed at 7:00.

    By Isabela on 07.08.2012

  37. I paint quite a bit. Always in the same pair. Blue, yellow, green, lavender covered mastery of my life.

    By Ciara on 07.08.2012

  38. are nice, i used to have a pair. I think they should be in fashion again tbh. I love people who paint in overalls because it’s something that you always see in the movies. I prefer just plain denim overalls and not the coloured ones, they arn’t classics.

    By Ellen on 07.08.2012

  39. exams, feelings, just overall emotions… everything’s overrated and you just have to watch the overall result, overall feelings.
    just, overall, you’ll find your solution.

    By Daria on 07.08.2012

  40. Overalls. The basic hillbilly getup, serving hillbillies of all kinds for hundreds of years. If only these hillbilly extended trousers could come back into

    By Liz on 07.08.2012