July 7th, 2012 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “overalls”

  1. I woke up in the warm summer on day threw on my overalls and sprinted towards the open field. Just running never to return, always looking forward and never turning back. Forward into forever.

    By Malory on 07.07.2012

  2. Is that all there is? Just a kit kat bar and a pair of worn overalls? No I won’t stand for this, I demand euphoria! I want more outta life. I want a futer not some straps holding me in. I want a man to hold me close at night I want happiness, not temporal satisfaction like chocolate. Give me the good stuff, because I won’t settle for less.

    By Malory on 07.07.2012

  3. He wore overalls.
    I wondered why
    choices are so hard to make
    when they are not
    for someone else.
    The sky widens like
    some apocalypse,
    lightning ready to strike us down
    at any moment.
    The thunder I could feel
    inside me,
    pounding on my sternum,
    ready to break free
    of the horrors,
    the science,
    the concrete,
    the hopeless.

    By Scythe42 URL on 07.07.2012

  4. there was one last pair of overalls left hanging by the stove after he had gone. she didn’t know when he would be back . not even when, but if. she padded over to the wood stove and threw in another log. the fire blazed to life as she set the tea kettle on the stove top and made her way over to the mirror.

    By debra on 07.07.2012

  5. I am not wearing overalls. I am in my Pjs. I will be going to bed soon actually, well I should be going to bed….but I’m not….I just finished watching a movie called Spork. and the main character who goes by Spork wore overalls.. Cool ehh..So I should really sleep right now….I don’t own any overalls…

    By Lena on 07.07.2012

  6. The girl was in pigtails,
    a bright pink hairband held he light brown locks tightly drawn together.
    She was wearing green overalls.
    She was beautiful.
    I wished

    By Miriam on 07.07.2012

  7. Overalls. I used to have a pair. I’d wear them every Friday, because that was the day we’d go visit my aunt. She liked to scuba dive and they had scuba gear on the front pocket. I loved them so much. They were super comfortable, even though they weren’t fashionable. I loved them. I wish I could find a pair for my own daughter one day. The ones that people make today aren’t as great as the SCUBA overalls I used to have. Overalls.

    By jordan on 07.07.2012

  8. Summertime, little train conductors in the bathroom of my Grandparent’s house in Rockville Maryland. Jackie Blanco, in her blue jean overalls with one strap down. Indiana. Summer nights in Indiana. Farms, corn, and especially the scarecrows that come around during Halloween. Stuffed with hay.

    By Rach on 07.07.2012

  9. And he packed them into his backpack.
    He brought them to his neighbor’s,
    forgetting nothing.

    His face, splotched with red,
    His life, his liver, splotched with failure

    By Austin URL on 07.07.2012

  10. its as if my whole life in a farming village never happened. i now lived right outside of the biggest and well known city in the world. i would never relive those magical days sitting on the farm. Because i was too young and too naive to understand how beautiful it all was.

    By jfliegs on 07.07.2012

  11. I wore overalls out in the woods today and it was much easier to get around than in a dress. They keep you cool but they only look good on flat chested people. Which is rather lame.

    By Jasmine on 07.07.2012

  12. they were blue dirtu and clung to his body from the day worht of sweat and work. she stood and watched him take them off and then moved towards him slowly. he gacve her a smile and grabbed her hand, pulling her in.

    By carl mccorkle on 07.07.2012

  13. worn by farmers. comfortable. women are starting to wear them. handy for painters. made of denim. old style that kids used to wear in the 90s.

    By Julia URL on 07.07.2012

  14. She stumbled into the arn, brown from the midday heat and work in the fields. Running a farm alone wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She stripped of her overalls as she made her way into the house.

    By Wildfire8470 on 07.07.2012

  15. those were the g0d ole days. Makes me think o f Beth in college. I wore them once. I think they were cordoroy. Makes me thinkof Hee haw tool lol. My dad wore overalls. I don’t have much more to say about it. Chew tobacco and straw hat is what comes to mind when I see this word. Hmmm Im getting less interested in writin

    By Kay on 07.07.2012

  16. overalls. hm well sometimes i think i should bring overalls back. i used to wear them when i was little i believe i didn’t wear a shirt under them but i was like 3. i also saw clara logan wear them once with a white teashirt but they were shorts overalls. they were actually kind of cute. now caissie levy wears them in once she looks like an artist.

    By Zoey Michaels on 07.07.2012

  17. I haven’t worn overalls since I was a kid. I think I was worried back then that they were dorky. Now I wish I could wear them and look normal. So, it would seem that perhaps I am still worried about looking dorky. Rolled up at the bottoms, one shoulder strap hanging off – a strand of hair in my face as I’m working in the garden. Yes, overalls.

    By Anna on 07.07.2012

  18. The farmer walked through the field of wheat in his only pair of tattered old overalls contemplating the mysteries of the world.

    By Winnie on 07.07.2012

  19. Overalls used to be for farmers. Now no one in america is a farmer. I once heard the Levi’s were started in the gold rush and were very uncomfortable. We’re overalls always a farmer thing? Probably not.

    By Natalie on 07.07.2012

  20. I have worn a pair of overalls since last week. They are worn and tattered, but that’s what comes along with life I guess. So much history resides within this one piece of clothing.

    By Shannon on 07.07.2012

  21. Overalls are blue and tacky and unless you are stuck in a warped hole of the 90’s time period then do not wear them please. If you own a pair promptly set them on fire immediately. Please. For the sake of mankind and the sake of mankinds’ retinas do not wear overalls.

    By Allison URL on 07.07.2012

  22. They’re usually blue clothing that one would wear for a day of work, typically in rural areas, or on a farm of some sort. I personally think they’re hideous, and I would never wear them, but some people quite like them.

    By Ikan Wrightwell on 07.07.2012

  23. young children go outside to play not to pick up sticks. two or four hours, seemed like more. You yelled at me in my torn overalls. Humiliated us and it remains

    By micheline on 07.07.2012

  24. Big, blue, farmersand plumers, Cats dorgs and cows horses pope and cow poo. Smell and stinky. Hay bails and tractors, Hicks and rednecks beer and lawn chairs, green tractors

    By Kelsey on 07.08.2012

  25. everything overall is ok i mean i love my life and all of my friends but sometimes i wish that i lived in someone else’s life, like lucy hale or selena gomez and i mean like i said overall I’m a really happy and lucky person but everyone gets upset sometimes you know?

    By Jennifer on 07.08.2012

  26. i think of farms and animals. I also think of wide brim hats and old men covering up, working under the sun. Overalls also make me think of the word over all. As in overall i believe that this campaign was a good idea for everyone that needed a reform in medical care under the government

    By Sabreena URL on 07.08.2012

  27. She has them all the time. Hideous really but its comforting. Like I know that this is her, this is my girl. This is my overall wearing dork. And not a day goes by where I can’t see someone’s bad choice of garments and think of those beautiful brown eyes.

    By Danny on 07.08.2012

  28. The apprentice took off his overalls and sat in the kitchen table .
    “What’s for tea” hesaid
    “Not much tonight” said hiis mother.

    By Mike on 07.08.2012

  29. Overall I am a great personality.I love to do the things which I like and its very important to have an overall or a holistic approach towards doing things.Overall associates you with inferences of doing things.

    By Dharmik on 07.08.2012

  30. this would mean “everything” from beginning to finish, yes? okay well the overall of overalls is that you should be happy no matter what. it’s really the only thing that matters.

    By Leah on 07.08.2012

  31. over all
    all together
    all round
    all rounder
    sleeping child

    By monstar12347 URL on 07.08.2012

  32. finalidad totalidad lo que termina, lo que nunca sabes cómo va a terminar. cuando las cosas acaban y al final no sabes qué decir y todo lo que te quedas por dentro. overalls terminan siendo todas las historias que tienen finales dramáticos, donde sí hubo endins

    By val on 07.08.2012

  33. all over
    all together
    sleeping child
    work men

    By monstar1237 URL on 07.08.2012

  34. I’m not a big fan of overalls. In fact, I hate them. They’re like jeans only with hooks that go over your shoulders to keep them from falling. I mean they’re just for lazy people who don’t want to deal with a belt. When I think of overalls I think of hillbillys in some backcountry that have it tied across their one shoulder.

    By Veronica on 07.08.2012

  35. The boy looked forward with a sheepish smile as his mother tucked the hankerchief back into his overalls. He was tired, but in a satisfied way. An honest tiredness that comes from a day spent outdoors.

    By Tommy Lee on 07.08.2012

  36. Running throw the wheat with the blue overalls my mother gave me when she was young. But im am not. I am not young anymore but i feel young with my overalls. I feel free and not judged. Harmless and beautiful. Cheerful and full of energy! I feel more than amazing :D

    By Mariam on 07.08.2012

  37. He wore overalls and chewed tobacco. His yellow carhart jacket was oil stained and was loose on him. He was skinny from all the nicotine and caffeine he consumed non-stop throughout the day.

    By K on 07.08.2012

  38. haha overralls, omg, i used to wear these as a kid, i thought they were just so cute, they arent to bed lookin unless your like 20 and really hot, then dont wear them. ew lol. i miss them, i miss being little and not caring what they looked like on me, i thought i was sooo cute.

    By Rachel URL on 07.08.2012

  39. i love overalls. Kids with overalls are very cute. I love how they can be so colorful. I will get some for my kids when i grow up. I’d wear one myself but i’d look bad in it. I wish i looked good. but maybe only when i’m painting something

    By Johnny on 07.08.2012

  40. My little brother always wears his little red overalls. They’re his very very favorite!

    By Windy on 07.08.2012