December 4th, 2014 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “outsourced”

  1. the city is outsourced in many ways. people are dying of hunger and disease without the access of fresh food, water or relevant medicine. they’re all looking up to me to sort it out but how do i do that? i was just some high school kid trying to pass the semester.

    By martha on 12.04.2014

  2. We can outsource our work but can we outsource ourselves in who we are to the people in our lives. Is having a nanny the same as having a mummy?

    By Tracey on 12.04.2014

  3. i have taken the sun under my wing to see if it somehow shines as bright as you, up close. It does not. You have taken over the galaxy, yet you are the galaxy, and every galaxy that sings and sleeps around it. If God exists, and he had given me the sun, I would rather go to hell than to repay him with you.

    By Lex URL on 12.04.2014

  4. Who told them to that my job should be outsourced. These were my last thoughts as I walked out of the door of my favorite job for the last time. It seems that someone in China was better suited to do the job and for half the pay. Well that’s the way it goes…..America the beautiful or America the outsourced.

    By Tamila on 12.04.2014

  5. My brain was outsourced by the computer. I was very sad.

    By Keith on 12.04.2014

  6. The management of the world is all about outsourcing, but I’d rather not miss out on the love i get from being around other humans. The cites are all so blocked off from each other with everyone walking, eyes down, and I miss (though we never had it) striking up a conversation with a stranger about nothing or everything.

    By Chloe on 12.04.2014

  7. “Made in China” – I’ve read this so many times on many things supposed to be American, Italian or German. I’ve never heard anything good about outsourcing except it’s good if you want to make more money than before without having a bad conscience. Do they really care that much about money that they would sacrifice lives?

    By Alice Shina on 12.04.2014

  8. I was outsourced and I knew it. Actually I wasn’t even sure if I knew what it meant, but I knew it applied to my situation. I had to get someone to help so I went to the only place I knew that I could find it, over the crystal wall

    By Ari on 12.04.2014

  9. we lost our jobs
    with each other
    i no longer walk up the stairs
    and you no longer grill me constantly
    you are done
    your job is cut
    we did not have the funds for your upkeep
    or the

    By sevenwords on 12.04.2014

  10. I took the sauce out to the source of the sauce factory, sourcing the saucy ingredients. It was a delicious adventure. Yay.

    By Callum on 12.04.2014

  11. Oh no I don’t like outsource, what a stupid word of the day. I could come up with a better word in my sleep. Dark day for oneword.com

    By Ben Spinks on 12.04.2014

  12. Outsource sounds like out of sauce. I’m not out of sauce. I like tomato sauce on sausage sizzles. Tomato sauce has lots of sugar in it and it is bad for your health.

    By Matthew Goddard on 12.04.2014

  13. My days are becoming outsourced. Where has my life gone? Where will my life go, when the true essence of life is becoming substituted for the virtual likes in our society, for the upvotes, for the shares? It wasn’t like this back in my day. But what do I know, I’m just a 72 year old living the last days of his life in a world that has become outsourced.

    By Matt Goddard on 12.04.2014

  14. Outsourced has 10 letters.
    Illuminati has 10 letters.
    Illuminati confirmed.

    By Merry X-Mas on 12.04.2014

  15. The department told me that my responsibilities had been outsourced to xiangfan. My wife told me she outsourced my “responsibilities” to the pool cleaner

    By Caleb beatmont URL on 12.04.2014

  16. We were outsourced in terms of being distanced, emotionally, from one country to another. My friends and I, as we grew older, began to understand what it meant to come from two different cultures; as half of us were white, caucasian, and inexperienced, the other half of our group was Indian and, though once fun, sweet, and naive, is now angry and smart. That seems a strange combination, to write “angry” and “smart” at once, because you often think about stupid people to be unintelligent.
    Once you start to understand the world, you understand that it takes a lot of intelligence to look at the world and see what things need to be changed.

    By Liz on 12.04.2014

  17. I wish I could outsource my heart to stop feeling this suffocating pressure of where you left your knife.

    By Cx on 12.04.2014

  18. I’m thinking one of these days I’m gonna have to outsource all the talking about me that I do. I cant keep up with the number of times a day I say “I” anymore. maybe thats what relationships are for. Therapists also.

    By Emily on 12.04.2014

  19. “Is this okay?”
    “Yeah, they’re just ‘materials’ anyway.”
    The man with the clipboard eyes the smoking man skeptically, one eyebrow raised above the other. He looks down at his paper of names and checkmarks. “So these girls are all going…?”
    “Overseas.” The dull-eyed man, cigarette clutched between his parched lips, refuses to give any more of an answer. He didn’t need anyone else involved.

    By Aura on 12.04.2014

  20. heart
    La angustia de dejarte
    de equivocarme
    de dejarte sufrir mientras yo te acompaño en tu dolor
    la rabia de extrañarte
    lo lo soporto
    el olvido

    By America Pacheco on 12.04.2014

  21. you once tried to one up your younger sister’s science project by outsourcing (and by this you mean blatantly stealing) the one from your older brother’s closet and presenting it as your own (A+. nice one, sal). two years junior to you with a better grade? nah.

    By rhey quaza on 12.04.2014

  22. In a short memo, a few sentences really
    They punched him in the gut
    His job had been reduced to three skills
    That could be done by anyone anywhere
    And it would.
    His passion, care, and commitment
    Simply costed too much.

    By Soft URL on 12.04.2014

  23. Feeling the heartache of disappointment, Steve entered into the office of his boss. He’d heard the news about the company but never put much stock. He sits down to hear the thing he feared the most. He was being relocated to South America.

    By Matthew Zana on 12.05.2014

  24. “…next thing ya know, all our jobs’ll be outsourced too. The whole damn country’ll be overseas before ya know it, mark my words…”
    Laura offered her grandfather a strained smile before ducking into the kitchen to ‘help’ which was code for ‘sneaking up the backstairs and into her room before anyone was the wise’. It was a solid code; she’d come up with it herself.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.05.2014

  25. that’s good word, but least word because it have many meanings, any way we all using this every time because of its credibility, right!!!!

    By Tiger on 12.05.2014

  26. Talked about this in high school. Maybe college? outsourcing. Yea it’s cheap but just get help from your own country, right? It’s like instead of having people commute to cities to do something we just cut out the commute and the cost and have people with really fucking thick accents talking to us on the phone when really we could create more jobs in our own fucking country if we just paid a teensy bit more money. This makes me mad.

    By dempsesh on 12.05.2014

  27. Life is getting continuously outsourced to technology, as a result we are thinking less and doing more. Compromising our ability of logical thinking…

    By deb on 12.05.2014

  28. I work my ass off and you don’t even see my value. All you care about is the almighty dollar. Look at me. I’m the one that’s here. I’m the one that needs this. Don’t give what I cherish the most, away. Please.

    By Drl on 12.05.2014

  29. He hung up the phone.
    “It’s done” he whispered.
    “Great!” bellowed the CEO.
    “Now go tell everyone to leave the premises.”

    By Dear All on 12.05.2014

  30. Unable to get my project off the ground due to a shortage of working material, I had no other choice but to outsource them from another competitor.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.05.2014

  31. the shop outsourced most of its products to another store because their own product was inadequate. this was the same as the rest of every place in town, nothing original, Jim missed that in stores these days.

    By Maddy on 12.05.2014

  32. everyone wants money, no one wants to pay. everyone wants a deal. no one wants to pay for quality anymore, keep shopping at walmart.

    By galoot on 12.05.2014

  33. “Outsourz.” The young boy tried to pronounce the word that his father had said earlier, while talking very loudly over the phone. He had seemed very upset, so John decided he needed to find out what that meant.

    By magician on 12.05.2014

  34. The bare warehouse was cold and grey, almost blending in with the grey skies above. No boxes, no trolleys, no grime anywhere. Sparkling clean and eerily empty.

    By Orla on 12.05.2014

  35. I had been outsourced to assassinate a state sinater on his way to the air port.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 12.05.2014

  36. We got a lot of outsourced food and clothing from china. The food was amazing and the clothes were gorgeous. I hope we get more outsourced things from there. They are cheaper too. Which is amazing! I mean who wouldn’t want amazing food and clothes for amazingly cheap prices?!

    By Amelia on 12.05.2014

  37. survey
    nothing to find about the source

    By belgin on 12.05.2014

  38. “Usually it’s somebody with an accent – UGH! If I’m calling from the United States, I want to speak to an AMERICAN!” I did my best to match her laughter, hating myself a little bit more for agreeing with her. If I told her that she was speaking to a brown skinned deportee in a Mexican call center, she would probably find reason to scream at me.

    By asavas on 12.05.2014

  39. aADSx

    By Tehreem Zafar URL on 12.05.2014

  40. My parents kicked me out when I was 18. I felt abandoned, outsourced like a box of memories on the way to a crematory. Goodbye.

    By Sarah McAlpine on 12.05.2014