December 3rd, 2014 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “venice”

  1. the girl ran across the sidewalk of the dark streets of Venice Italy,in a panic , she had to get away before they found out her secret.

    By Jennifer England on 12.04.2014

  2. Venetian architecture surrounds me, providing an Italian façade.

    By Hank on 12.04.2014

  3. I want to go to Venice. I’ve always wanted to. It’s my heart’s desire, my life-long dream. I heard Italy is beautiful. But I cannot now. Unfortunately, you see, I died this morning.

    By Alison on 12.04.2014

  4. city in italy that is beautiful. I want to visit Venice some day. It is the City on Water. It is amazing to think that a city is built on water.

    By Kara on 12.04.2014

  5. And then it was the moment of truth. All present rose to their feet so the judge could read his ruling. Dave noticed out of the corner of his eye something flashing, dangling on his mother in law’s neck. A pendant his wife had worn religiously every day. Evidently she wanted something to remind herself of her daughter, but Dave smiled wickedly to himself; What would she do if she knew that Dave had bought it for Michiko on their honeymoon in Venice?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.04.2014

  6. i lived near there when I was in Los Angeles. or are we talking about Venice, italY? very different places. venice italy you think of those men on boats whose names I cannot spell and Venice california you think of dirty hippies haha and lots of weed. oh and expensive stores. both are beautiful though. very different bodies of water, i’ll say. is venice on the ocean? which one, you ask.

    By shannon dempsey on 12.04.2014

  7. There was a girl that he saw there, hidden somewhere on a park bench, hiding in his memory behind all the buildings and culture. She’d had a serene smile and ruddy cheeks, graceful and overflowing with liveliness in every movement, and to him, that embodied the spirit of the city more than the museums; to him, she was Venice, and its soul rested in her.

    By Molly URL on 12.04.2014

  8. Would you like to ride a boat in Venice? Please say you do, oh, please. We’ll kiss the salt brine in the air. You’ll sit across my knees. We’ll hear the gondoliers’ all warble as the water flows. You’ll kiss me right upon my lips, while I will kiss your nose. Let’s ride a boat in Venice – I hear the weather’s great. We’ll spend an Italian evening just for us. Let’s set a date.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.04.2014

  9. I was out in this gaudy shirt. I couldn’t remember where I had bought this shirt. I think it was in Venice… Actually… what the fuck? I have never been to Venice, but I remember it vividly. Was it a dream? I can’t remember if I’m recalling a vivid dream in replace of an actual memory. This frightens me…

    By blahblahchoi URL on 12.04.2014

  10. I ran quickly down the lane hoping to get out of sight of the people on the boat. It was definitely him. How did he find me? He was peering out of the boat, searching each side of the canal for something or someone. Fear engulfed me.

    By himinanhawin on 12.04.2014