February 21st, 2011 | 546 Entries

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546 Entries for “outlet”

  1. Electrifying. Built up emotions erupting and pouring out into something unspecified. Something to relieve the burden of living. Something that shocks one back into or out of mindless routine.

    I wonder what an inlet is.

    By s. on 02.21.2011

  2. Energy, Power, serenity, home, a way out, beach… family.

    By Camilla on 02.21.2011

  3. the outlet was so big and it had hugh pillars. in that hugh complex it was very hard to find him.

    By mehro URL on 02.21.2011

  4. i use photography as an outlet for all my creativity all that is in me and all that i want to be comes out in that – i have other outlets mainly music but thats a topic for another day – my outlet is a canvas of vision in my viewfinder and I will always be grateful for that – http://www.deveephotography.com

    By charity URL on 02.21.2011

  5. Outlet mall. Scene 1. Two people walking into the Gap. One is carrying a pistol. The other, a baseball bat. Both have grim smiles on their faces. Both wearing orange hunting vests, cigarretes in their mouths. Neither is shaven. Both are white males, ready for sport.

    By fauxley URL on 02.21.2011

  6. an outlet is something you plug things into. It could be for a lap, a tv, computer, laptop, hair curler, hairdryer etc. Outlets can also be outlets for ideas. Like someone could give you an idea for something so that would be the outlet of your idea. SEE I SMART!

    By Laura Rose on 02.21.2011

  7. writing ha always been the one thing i could count on to let out my feelings in a safe way. i write about everything and anything: love, anger, bitterness, lust. nothing is off limits. that is the beautiful thing about writing as an outlet: every topic is safe because it is art.

    By Jill Seminaris URL on 02.21.2011

  8. Plugging his finger into her outlet she sighed and become full of electricity. Wearily she lit up, glow tumbling from every part of her. She shocked him fully, and when he quickly pulled away he knew that soon he would have to return for more.

    By Liz Leo URL on 02.21.2011

  9. An outlet can be many different things. There are creative outlets, in which one uses a certain thing to express themselves, make themselves feel better.And then there are also those outlets that someone uses everyday to plug in their electronics. Without both of these things I would die, outlets are magical. much like that of a unicorn, which is my favorite animal and also my spirit animal. good times.

    By Anna Cooke on 02.21.2011

  10. The outlet is a little face staring out at me from the wall. He doesn’t have a nose, but his mouth is a perfect circle and when I stuff plugs into his face I get power. The electric company would be completely ruined without the outlet that I can buy for five dollars.

    By Andrew on 02.21.2011

  11. an outlet is something you plug stuff into, it can also be something fun you like to do like an activity. it can release stresses of your everyday. its a place to put unwanted things. or a place to shove electrical stuff.

    By kim on 02.21.2011

  12. Outlet makes me think about this one costume.
    It’s an outlet, and a plug.
    The man is the plug.. And the woman i the outlet.
    If you know what I mean ;)

    Oh wait I have to keep typing until the timer goes out?

    GOT IT.

    Outlet makes me think of omlette.
    Only because the words look slightly similar.

    I had an omlette this morning. It was delicious but burnt on one side.

    By Alex on 02.21.2011

  13. power, electricity, creativity, a channel, something that gets your from point a to b, and provides great relief. My outlet is music.

    By Miles on 02.21.2011

  14. I plug many electric devices into the outlet. The outlet is a very meaningful word. It can be taken as an outlet of life aka a way out. outlet malls tend to sell items for cheaper.

    By Kin on 02.21.2011

  15. Outlets come in all forms. People can write, sing, paint, dance, and many other things. These outlets form our world. If not for these outlets, we would live in a world of white, blank pages and empty souls. Outlets form colorful people.

    By Kali on 02.21.2011

  16. An outlet – a way to get emotion out. Writing is an outlet for my emotions and thoughts that I don’t express to other people. Exercise can be an outlet for anger. Shopping outlets can be an outlet for a lot of things (haha!) Writing is an outlet for me that I don’t use as often as I should.

    By Jenna on 02.21.2011

  17. An outlet. Something that we plug into to get, or release a charge. It can be an outlet to power your electronics, or to power your mind. Basically it’s a point from which energy is transmitted. We all need physical and mental outlets in order to be healthy.

    By Ryker URL on 02.21.2011

  18. You pour your emotions like poison into the vents and it blows through the complex in a network of breezes. I’m not the cure you’re looking for. I’m not the dream you thought you had.

    By jack h. davis URL on 02.21.2011

  19. Creative outlets are the most fantastic ways to express yourself and love what you’re doing at the same time. An outlet for me is writing and I’m glad that I can create a conundrum by writing about outlets as an outlet.

    By GJ Frye on 02.21.2011

  20. the place where u get cheap closes, also what you plug stuff into but dont put your finger in there stupid it’ll hurt you. Writing i guess could also be a outlet and a very good one at that.

    By jordan on 02.21.2011

  21. outlets remain usually in the wall, pleasing many by bring electricity to the masses so we can all use our electronic devices and ignore the beauty around us, as well as lights, those are exceedingly helpful in seeing food while we eat, which is something that seems to be lacking in today’s expensive restaurants.

    By Jen on 02.21.2011

  22. I’m not sure, can’t think, oh it gives me power, we plug things in to it like lamps and other house hold appliances. the outlet charges my phone.

    By Anthony on 02.21.2011

  23. Every now and again it is a good idea to vent, you know,
    Maybe to no one, maybe to everyone, but at least let it out.
    If you don’t, you Will explode.
    Trust me, I know what it is like
    I have been there
    And you won’t like where the path you’re on leads

    By Caleb on 02.21.2011

  24. i think about an electrical plug
    so electricity
    then i also think about venting and anger and some sort of creative outlet…that means something that you can put your energy into
    so an outlet is something you can put energy into and something that you can take energy from and get energy from

    current buzzing dangerous
    don’t stick your finger in
    or metal!

    By Chandler on 02.21.2011

  25. I guess that’s why I blog. I need an outlet. For what? I’m not entirely too sure. I mean, it’s not as though I’m some troubled teen. As far as I’m concerned, I leave a pretty cozy life in the suburbs with frequent trips into downtown coffee shops. An outlet for what? My non-existent teenage angst?

    By Ashli Jade on 02.21.2011

  26. Wow, it seems to be a bad thing, doesn’t it? Not sure why, but there is a certain negative feeling. Maybe because it’s a substitute. An outlet is not what you really want to be using. Yeah, not good at all.

    By Katie on 02.21.2011

  27. A means to express feelings. A door, a window, a path, a therapy. Some doors are closed, but they can be opened with the right combination of thought and emotion.

    By Paige Evans URL on 02.21.2011

  28. I guess that’s why I blog. I need an outlet. For what? I’m not entirely too sure. I mean, it’s not as though I’m some troubled teen. As far as I’m concerned, I leave a pretty cozy life in the suburbs with frequent trips into downtown coffee shops. An outlet for what? My non-existent teenage angst? Or maybe the outlets that don’t work on the side of the wall…..Either way, I don’t think I need them.

    By Ashli Jade URL on 02.21.2011

  29. I can’t let out the feelings that I hold within.
    The source of all my power can be distributed to the rest of the world, if only the rest of these humans were to tap into my resources, my power.
    The outlet of my life is the life of the world.

    By Kevin on 02.21.2011

  30. you plug things in to them and they turn on . Outlets connect things power so the room will be full of light or noise or movement.

    By ashave on 02.21.2011

  31. factory and music and dance and art and screaming. jumping drinking kissing sex. an outlet lets you express. and decompress. and obtain through a nother source what you cannot receive on your own. i particularly like to hike

    By Jean on 02.21.2011

  32. the mall, go and get bargains, cheap cheap cheap, qualilty? low price low quality..ick….eeep…but still cheap for the leesssss fooorrrrtttunnnaateeeee.. OR and electricity outlet…get your plug on…plug in..and there ya go EUREKA light e wwooo

    By Jessica on 02.21.2011

  33. There are outlet malls where overproduced goods go to die a cheap death. They are visited on the way back from select soccer games and ski trips. Some love them, some scoff at them with disdain.

    By Maddie Daviss on 02.21.2011

  34. two holes leading nowhere and everywhere. and not knowing what to do, i plugged a key in and felt what it is to be electric.

    By sergio on 02.22.2011

  35. this reminds me of the outlet malls- the first time i went on a long drive, we went here. i loved going shopping with my family and going to subway or mcdonalds after- im finally realizing that ive never eaten very healthy and i really want to change that now- but it is difficult.

    By Katie on 02.22.2011

  36. My outlets power thoughts and poetry without assuming. However, which direction does energy go, inside out or outside in?

    By chrystacha URL on 02.22.2011

  37. She was his outlet. Time and time again, he delivered his pent up emotion into her face, back, arms, whatever he could reach. Whatever he could see, during those brief storms of uncomprehendable feeling. She took it, time and time again, with the composure of a conquered soldier. One who would not speak what the enemy wanted to hear, just take what had to be taken. She would not recieve any medals. Only another confirmation that he needed her.

    By Lizza URL on 02.22.2011

  38. its something i put my computer into. i guess they are convenient for putting things like straighteners and blow dryers into… i use those every day. An outlet could also be an awesome mall that sells the good stuff for really cheap. It’s a place people can go for help. It’s something that resides on a wall.

    By Zanny on 02.22.2011

  39. a release or to power up. I adore that my curling iron can use the power outlet to heat up and give me bouncy curls for an hour and then waves for the rest of the day. this website is an outlet for my zany thoughts.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 02.22.2011

  40. To give out to let go to be forgiven . To express to run like water to be or to block. Do you have an outlet what is your outlet should you have an outlet I am just writing to give an outlet . Exhaust fumes dont count- kill the world is no good out let. If you dont let it out you will explode!

    By Izzibee on 02.22.2011