December 25th, 2016 | 34 Entries

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34 Entries for “others”

  1. Die anderen. Immer vergleiche ich mich mit denen. Das muss aufhören. Das geht so nicht weiter. Ich werde krank davon. Es hilft mir nicht. Ich bin ich. Es ist egal, wer oder was oder wie die anderen sind. Es wäre gut, wenn sie mich inspirieren würden. Aber das tun sie nicht. Bzw. ich lasse mich nicht von ihnen inspirieren. Ich ziehe mich selbst damit runter, dass ich nicht bin wie sie.

    By Lisa URL on 12.25.2016

  2. No matter how I feel. No matter what I think. I always feel a burden upon my heart and soul. No matter what my needs. No matter what my desires. What others feel, think, need, and desire, always takes priority over me. Some days I feel completely overwhelmed by the burden of “others”, then I remember how full, blessed, and complete my life is because of the “others” within my life who enrich me in ways I will always appreciate and cherish.
    I would not change a single ounce of the weight I feel. Instead, I will snuggle up within that very weight like a favorite comforter or quilt. I am lifted up by the very thing that weighs me down, “Others”

    By Lady Tenazby on 12.25.2016

  3. They are you. You are them.

    By Andrea on 12.25.2016

  4. Gli altri sono ciò che c’è là fuori, pensi. Ma è grazie a loro se sai chi sei. Sono dentro di te. Sono te.

    By Andrea on 12.25.2016

  5. The others were sitting in the living room by the Christmas tree, but I was standing on the back porch with a glass of red wine, staring up at the stars and braving myself against the chill. Standing next to me was Celeste, a friend of mine since high school, and the way she nestled her body against mine was another indicator of how inseparable we had become. We had celebrated many Christmases together, ever since her family disowned her; and while the others watched TV and cleaned up wrapping paper, there we were, keeping each other warm.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.25.2016

  6. How do we actually help others? Are we helping ourselves more than we are helping them? Who do we do it for? Does it matter? Is there a right way to help others or should we let them by?

    By courtneyvint on 12.25.2016

  7. Others. What a relatable time. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been taught that giving is better than receiving. We should always help the homeless. My life is centered around helping others. I love to volunteer at races and helping other people receive the same opportunities as offered me. Always put yourself behind others. Be last. It’ll make everything feel better, I promise.

    By Justin Du on 12.25.2016

  8. Others. Christmas is all about others. Not yourself. What is it they say? To get joy, you should think of Jesus first, then others, then yourself. J, O, Y. Joy.

    By Ophelia on 12.25.2016

  9. others are happy
    others are in love
    others have money
    others have homes
    others are popular
    others go places
    others are healthy
    others don’t cry
    others are okay
    me? i’m not.

    By stranger on 12.25.2016

  10. The ones who are defined by what they aren’t. The ones that are unknown, and fill the dystopian novels with odd, strange people to make it dystopian and frightening. Or perhaps they are the ones that look like us, pretend to be us but whom we know aren’t us, and never will be. We think they’ll never be they’re the others. But really, it’s because there’s no us in the first place.

    By nytrist URL on 12.25.2016

  11. others will break you, tear you down, make you cry
    but no one said you have to take into account what others say
    because others opinions dont matter at all in the big scheme of things
    never be influenced by the words of others
    only listen to yours

    By Susan Jones on 12.25.2016

  12. In the distance, she could see the groups of people, huddling, trying to stay warm. She pushed her hands deeper into her pockets and kept walking.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.25.2016

  13. my family and friends are others that surround me. I need to share my light with others more often. I can learn from others – if I listen and pay attention.

    By Lu on 12.25.2016

  14. Other are the ones that will bring you down or bring you up. It is up to chose who these others in our lives. They are not necessarily family or friends, but they do impact some parts of your life. Be mindful of who these others are.

    By Winston on 12.25.2016

  15. i don’t like playing with others unfriendly!

    By babysun on 12.25.2016

  16. There are others out there, people who could potentially be a part of your life should you so choose to extend them a hand. But there’s always a risk in forging bonds. Some connections are flimsy. Others only stay strong until a need is met.

    By Ashi URL on 12.25.2016

  17. Other people are very interesting,people are all around us and vary in different sizes,colors.. I think a lot about how others feel, do others think about me ?

    By simplyme on 12.25.2016

  18. I was taught at a young age that you should do unto others as you’d want them to do unto you. I’ve carried that with me through life, and still think of it often. It’s a great value I’ll impart onto my children, as well.

    By Warrior Princess 25 on 12.25.2016

  19. others have seen many different sides of me and I often wonder how many other sides I’ve seen of them. how many of us are displaying one personality while thinking about another one. we are all others.

    By Megan on 12.25.2016

  20. She looked at the others inside of the grey building, through the huge store window. She was supposed to walk inside, but she had no clue how to start a conversation with these people, at least not the kind of conversation they were looking for. Three months ago she got the email that fucked her life up once again, her mom finally decided she was ready for joined therapy, after 2 years of avoiding any type of contact. It wasn’t fair, after years and years of neglect, she finally picked herself up again and she was able to build a life for herself and somewhat normal relationships. But now, she needed to go inside and talk about problems that were ignored for such a long time. She had to cancel school to come here, something that she normally wouldn’t have complained about, but in this moment she would’ve rather sat through a boring physics course than talk about the past and future. She made eye contact with the woman she hadn’t seen in months and took a first step into the building.

    By Giulia on 12.26.2016

  21. I feel separated and isolated from the others. i want to be a part of the others, but i am also glad I’m not a part of the others. Others have a place that philosophers define as being degraded, but from this place things can bloom.

    By Frank on 12.26.2016

  22. The others, who walk in swing-step on the promenade, promenading, if you will. Whose stark-white smiles flash in unison, or in ripples along their ranks, arm-in-arm, as they skip (or goose-step in the masturbatory fantasy of a degenerate) to the shining shores of oft-promised future. They flicker like lightning in far away clouds on farther awayer horizons and we think, “If only I could flicker so,” like the real truth of the projector and it’s many concentrated attendants.

    By mattlock URL on 12.26.2016

  23. There was always someone in the next room. I try to concentrate on drinking my coffee. The aroma of it pushing into my eyes, the insistent steaming.

    By at sea again on 12.26.2016

  24. He stopped at his reached the edge of the party. There were party streamers and bright lights, and gaily decorated tables with candles on them, near the water’s edge. He had been preparing himself for attending this party, but when he approached the bar, he realized he didn’t know any of the people standing there. He looked around, for others in his group, any familiar face. He caught the eye of one woman and she glared at him; he realized that he had been staring and then moved away from the lights and returned to his room.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.26.2016

  25. put them first
    they are so strange
    be kind to our fellow man
    they are different avoid them
    we are our brother’s keeper
    go back to where you came from
    always drawing, dividing
    there are no others
    just us

    By poetwarrior on 12.26.2016

  26. When I think about others I can not help but think about myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about being selfish, it’s just that I can not help to , sometimes, compare myself with others.

    By Betzi on 12.26.2016

  27. Love others, forgive others, help others, feed others, care for others, hug others, be there for others, it’s all about others.

    By Catherine Brown on 12.26.2016

  28. The others stare at us blankly.
    I love them, but that’s all they’ll ever be: others.
    It’s only about us two, you and me, darling, staring at each other like we want to kill each. Is that homicidal intent behind your beautiful, beautiful eyes? I can’t tell, and I’m fairly certain I never will.

    By Sara on 12.26.2016

  29. I crossed my arms and stared at the people at the Other table. They were always huddled together, murmuring and looking skeptical and afraid. The idea had been to integrate them into our society, but it didn’t seem like that was ever going to happen. Nobody had ever tried to befriend them before….and yet, the red-head girl was always catching my eye. I had almost talked to her yesterday. What would happen if I did? I turned away when I realized my staring had become gawking, and tried to think about something besides the Others.

    By Alicia on 12.26.2016

  30. We were always the ones that were there. But it’s like we were never really there. Always right in front of their faces but never being seen. We were the ones that got invited out as an afterthought, the ones who were missing from the group texts. We were the others.

    By Daisy Leason on 12.26.2016

  31. In all honesty, we were all different. I came from a different country to the girl on my left, and she had a different hair colour to the guy on her left. Yet we all had the same motive; we all wanted to live and that, in some strange way, made us all the same.

    By undeveloped on 12.26.2016

  32. Others will try to define you, capture you. Others will create a bigger story for yourself than you ever dreamed. The problem with others, they arn’t you, they’ve never felt that pain, they’ve never felt that struggle. You give a definitions to others, not let the others define you.

    By Allysa Hill on 12.26.2016

  33. The Others in the back of the room had always confused me. Whilst I talked about the previous night’s party with the rest of the class, they would sit there in silence. Voices echoed against the wall and whenever someone were to rush past them, they would send gusts of wind blowing against their faces. However, that never seemed to bother them as their intent gazes never left their books. They looked at those printed letters the same way I looked at the guy I fancied; with intrigue and passion and undeniable curiosity as they just couldn’t peel their eyes away from it.

    So I sat there and stared. And stared some more. And some more. I stared at their concentrated faces and could only imagine how the world seemed from their point of view at that very moment. I thought about the characters they were picturing and the emotions that were stirring in their stomachs.

    I later found myself at the library checking out a dusty novel hidden on the bottom shelf of the third aisle.

    The next day I found myself sat with the Others. Opening the pages, I began reading and felt myself get swept up in a life that was so unlike my own that it became addictive. I read, and read some more, and felt as if there was a thousand miles between myself and the girl next to me. The journey that the protagonist took me on was one that I both loved and was envious of and had no intention of leaving anytime soon. I lived a life that I could otherwise never even dream of.

    That’s what being part of the Others did to you. It left you at the mercy of every single author on top of every word they wrote. The pages are holy between your fingers and you can barely stop your eyes from flying across the sentences as the eagerness nearly becomes too much. And God, that feeling that you get when you finally read the last line of that book you’ve been loving recently, well, let’s just say that the buzz of alcohol pales in comparison to it.

    By undeveloped on 12.26.2016

  34. Others? Other people, other places, other things. Other dimensions, other existences, other galaxies. Other species, other versions, other other other. I don’t know what to write about others. Always be kind to others.

    By Brittany on 12.26.2016