December 24th, 2016 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “almost”

  1. She strained her arm. It was just out of reach. She hated being short. She imagined herself with svelt, lanky legs, shiny, beautiful. She tried one more time to reach before she called for help. “Stephen?”
    “Can you come get something out of the top cupboard for me?”

    By Bridget Grace on 12.24.2016

  2. It’s almost time! The clock in the hallway ticks over the sound of the singers outside. The smell of the cookies wafts into the room, mingling with the smoke and embers flying out of the fire. The family surrounds, wrapped in blankets and nursing mugs of hot chocolate. It’s dark, despite how early it is. We are tired. Bed soon, because it’s almost time.

    By Daisy Leason on 12.24.2016

  3. almost, a word that is not a clear subject. i almost want to click this site away because i dont know what almost means. is almost always almost, or is almost always never in the end. i wont make it.

    By Giulia on 12.24.2016

  4. She always knew, people always told her. ”You’re almost enough. Almost, but never quite there.” She knew, but he also knew. He knew that she was, in fact, almost and too much and everything in between. She was perfect to him and he was almost able to tell her.

    By Giulia on 12.24.2016

  5. I was almost at the finish line. Almost. But, like my parents used to tell me, “Almost only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes.”

    By Cooper on 12.24.2016

  6. I almost gave up. Good thing, God sent me angels to help me with my fulfill dreams. He made dreams become a reality and made me believe that I had everything I need to be successful. Thank you, God.

    By Gabs Talavera on 12.24.2016

  7. It was almost too much, the way they looked at each other.

    Every time they locked eyes, the unspoken words died in their lips, it was unleashed flames and suppressed things.

    All of them.

    It was almost not enough.

    By Haganoa on 12.24.2016

  8. It was almost Christmas, and the children were all gathered in the living room, dressed head to toe in reds and greens, their hands shivering beneath large books of carols and hymns. I, their well-dressed conductor, was ready to take them out into the chilly night, so that they could comfort their equally chilly neighbors with beautiful holiday songs and jingles. I pulled on my fur cap, cleared my throat, and beckoned the group toward the door.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.24.2016

  9. The rain drop-drips. Random coins clink into a cup: money on the slip. Cars roll through the night. Islands wrapped in light. One thumps past all static with the bass: sss-thud, sss-thud, sss-thud. Gravel and glass both crunch underfoot. On the breeze streams paper and soot. Steam hisses off the vents. Look at me look at you: did I almost have it yet?

    By Cracked on 12.24.2016

  10. I almost left yesterday but something compelled me to stay its been three mounths sence I came back but I feel ive overstayed my welcome. Yet theirs no reason to look back on decisions we didnt make or should have made the first time. So here I am again stuck on this perpeutal merry go round of memories and regrets with you.

    By hi on 12.24.2016

  11. year after year
    playing a season
    or playing at playing at a season
    most of the time so far
    but several years
    so close
    just enough to tease hope
    try again
    start over
    maybe this will be the year.

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 12.24.2016

  12. “There isn’t a word for this kinda attachment.”

    “Forgiveness doesn’t suit you.”

    “Don’t project on me.”

    “Forgiveness looks new on you.”

    “I’m glad you’re noticing the difference.”

    “Still wary as ever I see.”

    “I know it’s a dangerous tell. I’m working on my mask of guileless gullibility.”

    “Or don’t.”

    By The Lens URL on 12.24.2016

  13. Almost there. Almost ashore. The next wave will carry her in. It won’t matter there are no lifeguards. Almost safe. Can she stand yet? No. In another minute. The next wave will do it. And all the time, inexorably, no almost about it, the rip tide is carrying her further and further out.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.24.2016

  14. almost

    I don’t think I ever “almost” anything. I really don’t. I think I’m very Yoda-ish in that way. There is no try. There is do or not do. I do or I do not do. I succeed or I fail. Or I’m still working on something and not there yet. But I don’t think I’ve ever “almost”-ed anything. Or at least I don’t think that way. I either succeeded, or didn’t.

    By NQ on 12.24.2016

  15. Flashing lights, cheers, and trophies. The resounding sense of victory and the cries of teammates as they celebrate the impossible. They’ve won. They’ve really done it.

    I watch it all from afar. Knowing that if that one kick had gone the other way, it would have been me there, the center of attention, the crown star of a celebration. But not this time — not today. I watch with my teammates from the sidelines in a dazed sort of mind, still attempting to process that this time it wasn’t us.

    By terradi on 12.24.2016

  16. “oh God.”

    It was a small prayer. A pleading voice to power she didn’t believe in.

    She had tried so hard.

    She looks at her hand, disbelieving. The red gouged marks in her palms evidence of a life trying to hold on, to live.

    But she hadn’t been able to hold on.

    “OH GOD”

    By Jaggarte on 12.24.2016

  17. “I almost” that would be the story of my life. I can not count the times I have used said “I almost”. why should I just stop at almost, I need to “FINISH”, not “ALMOST”

    By Winston on 12.24.2016

  18. It is almost, not enough and not completely there. Only almost. It was nothing close to satisfaction or enough, it was almost enough. It was almost there. It was almost satisfying. Almost.

    By Ashley on 12.25.2016

  19. They had almost made it to the bank of the river. That was until the others had caught up, breathless and terrified.

    By Ken on 12.25.2016

  20. there are all the almosts that keep me up at night. the almost you who almost touched me. the almost you who almost felt me. almost seen. almost known. and before all of the almosts can come true i am lost lost lost lost. almost there. almost here. almost came true.

    By at sea again on 12.25.2016

  21. Almost perfect
    Almost there
    Almost done

    I can only think of completion. We are a work in progress and it never ends; it’s continuous work.

    By Carmen Jimenez on 12.25.2016

  22. I almost forget my homework teacher zhang assigned yesterday。

    By Perrus on 12.25.2016

  23. Don’t think you belong?
    not accepted in the world
    I’ve got news for you!

    Success and failure
    one action separates them
    the one done ALMOST

    got killed or got rich
    got love or a great career
    many have almost

    anyone can join Almost
    chances are, you’re a member
    welcome to the club!

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.25.2016

  24. The word almost is used too much in life. “I almost made the shot”. Okay so you almost made it, you were almost famous, Why not try again and keep going for it.

    By TA on 12.25.2016

  25. I almost had you-
    Things couldn’t have been more perfect
    then you had to go and FUCK it up
    I told you not to
    I can’t force you to want me
    and I am going to have to get over you.
    it’ll take time
    because I am so bitter towards you.
    because you chose someone else over me
    which makes me feel inferior
    and small
    and unworthy
    and upset
    my spirit broke
    even though we spent a short time together.
    I thought it was worth a million lifetimes.
    Happy holidays you sack of shit.
    I hope you enjoy it with the one you care about
    I know it won’t make any difference to you that you hurt me.
    you’ll still be smiling, laughing, kissing, loving
    don’t worry, you’ll see the mistake you made eventually-
    because I AM worth it
    all those fuckers that broke my heart will see the mistake they made
    when they’re 10 years down the road as miserable as anything.
    realizing that they could’ve had it all.
    I don’t deserve heartache, no one does.
    cheers, douchebags.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 12.25.2016

  26. there is a special place
    hidden in the space
    your fingers
    and the stars
    you didn’t

    By anothershadowbox on 12.25.2016

  27. i almost threw up not reall ybut tho why is it always almnost wtf is tis witchcraft hahaha i dont believe in witches actually they were herbal mthers or smth hahhahahahhahš’pasjaipdaipehf

    By asfas URL on 12.25.2016