December 25th, 2018 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “ornament”

  1. I carefully placed the ornament on the large oak table. Despite my caution, the ornament skid across the varnished surface. It spun violently and quickly and slowly. Then it reached the edge of the glossy field and reached it’s obvious fate. Spinning like a carousal, it fell to it’s death. Little, colourful specs flew across the room.

    By Simran Gill on 12.25.2018

  2. She bent down and picked up the hood ornament. It was bent beyond repair. Hopeless. Just like the rest of the shit he left her. Just like her life: broken off, laying in a pile of pavement bits, frost heaved and hazardous.

    She chucked it into the trees and heard it smack against a rock. After a few seconds, though, she felt so bad, she went looking for it. Trying not to slip on the snow, her leather heeled boots getting scuffed. Halfway down the embankment, her hands were freezing, scraped and bleeding from trying to ease her way to the bottom, getting cut with sticks and sharp rocks.

    She just stopped there, then; sat down and finally, she cried.

    By absolutelynthng on 12.25.2018

  3. His chest was heaving hard and I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do. Mom was supposed to be home by now. But she wasn’t. Where was she?

    Looking through the bars of the staircase, I could see the living room in full view: a circle of broken ornaments with my father at the center–talking to himself, sipping from his whiskey glass. Roxy edged out from underneath the couch, terrified, and he grabbed for her but missed–running towards the kitchen.

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this anymore. Where did he even find that whiskey glass? We threw them all away before he came back from the hospital in June but–here he was. I couldn’t make sense of it. Mom promised me, said everything was okay now.

    He pulled something out of his pocket–slowly, tenderly–starkly contrasted against the harshness of a few seconds before. He began untangling and reached up near the top of three and hung it there–a small bird ornament–yellow, faded, dangling from a pink ribbon.

    He had stopped talking to himself by then and I watched him lower his body down to the hardwood floor. He crawled under the tree a little and lied down in the shape of a ‘c,’ hugging the tree stand. Using the white fluffy skirt as a pillow, he fell asleep right there–snoring, dead to the world and dead to us, too.

    By absolutelynthng on 12.25.2018

  4. Blythe only wore jewelry as a mere ornamentation to her already polished persona, yet something about the shimmer of her diamond ring drew everyone’s gaze to her. She was lovely enough without it, a bright and shiny young thing, but that ring made people ask questions.

    By Anne Rinaldi on 12.25.2018

  5. I got an ornament for Christmas this year, but I never bought a Christmas tree. My mother bought me new socks and a shirt, which I appreciated it, of course. My father didn’t show up until after we had eaten dinner, and he was totally baked, of course, and my two brothers got into a shouting match with him because their “good Christian souls” were negatively impacted by his love for weed. And I just dangled my new ornament in front of our obese tabby cat so he could swat at it while the “good will toward men” raged on by the front door.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.25.2018

  6. Ornament is a type of picture that you can see on different objects.
    It’s a type of decorations. you can find them on buildings, clothes, dishes.

    By Ксения Филиппова on 12.25.2018

  7. Ornaments of gold shimmered on her, taking one’s attention away from her tear stained eyes. She had become the new queen, after her mother. Her duties would begin whether she was ready for them or not, she would have no time to mourn.

    By Shalini URL on 12.25.2018

  8. Oh! All the ornaments she would make of them. Leela held the pearls from the foreign land tightly in her fist.

    By Shalini URL on 12.25.2018

  9. The new woman in our social circle is an ornament unto herself. Her face is round and rosy, her hair is a blur of blonde, her body is long and lithe. She could be a runner, or swimmer, or a hiker of mountains. Mainly she stays quiet and laughs her quiet laugh and draws in the men, all of them. It’s like she’s still nineteen but she must be at least 50. She has two children in their twenties. She has two baby grandchildren. She’s the cat who eats the cream; the glowing, glittering, glamorous ornament at the top of the Christmas tree. I look at her and think, Just wait, honey, just wait. Eventually you will fall from the tree and shatter into a million warped pieces and be kicked by someone so all of you is far under the bottom branches and can hardly be seen. But I don’t believe it. I believe she has magic that will guard her from falling into the trap of redundancy. I wish her a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.26.2018

  10. the peach colored pear ornaments glistened with fake snowflakes attached
    they represented unattainable expensive things
    and she craved them with the same passion hugh jackman had for singing and dancing

    By chantemcb on 12.26.2018

  11. This can be decorative. Sometimes it is fragile. Usually art. I like ornaments.

    By Wendy on 12.26.2018

  12. Ornaments can be very sentimental. It turns into a very sweet tradition for couples with children. Each year more mementos are accumulated, and since they are only taken out once a year, each time can be a special time for reminiscing. Family Christmas Trees can put on display the things most special and important to a family. You might find baby picture ornaments, homemade ornaments from school, ornaments purchased on family vacations, ornaments that have been passed down through the generations. Christmas is such a special time for families.

    By okayfine on 12.26.2018

  13. There were ornaments of fairies suspended from the antlers of the stag head mounted to the wall. Fairies that cast little spells in your middle-of-the-desert writer’s room, cast spells to flood it. I hope I haven’t seen the last of you.

    By Ella Emma Em on 12.26.2018

  14. Ornament’s can have so many meanings, usually the word describes a little bauble or statue that is used in decoration. Other times however it can be used to describe clothing and even people.

    By Sandra.mands on 12.26.2018

  15. Ornament’s can have so many meanings, usually the word describes a little bauble or statue that is used in decoration. Other times however it can be used to describe clothing and even people. It can be a play on our societys view on certain people and that does not say good things about our society.

    By Sandra.mands on 12.26.2018

  16. It issomething,pretty you seealot at Christmas time. It maymhave specialmeaning to you or and ypour family. It may remknd youof some thing special.

    By Mom R URL on 12.26.2018

  17. ting a ling
    drip drop
    ornamental ornaments
    dangling from above
    a click clack jangly
    earrings on a tree
    sit quietly for all to see

    By matt m on 12.26.2018

  18. decorative, beautiful, symbolic, adornment for something of value and brings attention and meaning.

    By Jennie on 12.26.2018

  19. Do you like me better without ornament? In my array of little black dresses, you look away from me, you won’t talk to me. In the dressed-down versions, you’ll call my name when you get distracted by my cleavage, as if to snap yourself out of a reverie.

    By whatever_artemesia on 12.26.2018

  20. A solitary ornament was all her downcast face adorned, as she trekked across the border to meet her long-lost son, whom she somehow hoped to meet. That too in an absolute foreign country, which she was travelling to for the first time ever.

    By bamoo on 12.26.2018

  21. I made that ornament when I was a child… and I guess that’s why I focused on it so singularly…. I could recognize it even as it was scattered and shattered into pieces…. I stared at it while they moved over and into and around me. I didn’t see anything but those shattered pieces because they felt like me.

    By Lee on 12.26.2018

  22. They snap, shatter.

    “Got you.”

    I step out from behind the couch, avoiding the shards of colored glass and the man swearing under his breath as he picks them out of his ludicrously expensive shoes.

    He though that money could buy me. I will defend myself from him as I have from every other vulture after my treasures: with anything at hand, even my grandmother’s Christmas ornaments.

    By Sparklespirit on 12.27.2018

  23. My favorite Christmas memories are all of the ornaments my mom gives to me. This is the one thing I look forward to each year. I can’t remember gifts from my childhood, but I can remember helping decorate our tree and pulling out all the ornaments we’ve collected.

    By Michelle on 12.27.2018

  24. The ornament dropped out of her hand. Fell to the ground with no time to try to catch it. Tripping over all the wrapping paper, an obstacle of some kind that caused her to lose her balance. This particuar ornament had been passed down from one family member to the next for the last three decades. Now, where does she go from here? A broken ornament, a broken promise, and broken past. Was it just a sign that everything was coming to an end. The shattering open of the glass ornament felt like the shattering going on inside her heart and soul. Last year at this time they were referred to as a couple, Mr. and Mrs. a family. Now she is not sure what to call herself. She despised the word x, a life that is how you erase and forget. My ex-wife my ex-husband, it seems cold and distant. Even though they were no longer a couple they still shared history, children, and a company that they built together from the ground up. So even though legal they were considered X so and so, she knew in her heart of hearts that their connection was still strong, just on a different level

    By GmaCis on 12.27.2018

  25. I have a hood ornament and a snake ornament and some Christmas ornaments.

    By Jesse Mowry URL on 12.27.2018

  26. I have a hood ornament and a snake ornament and some Christmas ornaments so yeah have ornaments for your car and tree and for your snakes but not for you go somewhere else for those you retard.

    By Jesse Mowry URL on 12.27.2018

  27. snow balls and crosses
    old and new
    memories shared and made
    packed away to return

    By Karla Duff on 12.27.2018

  28. The cherished gifts my children made every year when they were in grade school. The creativity, love and time they put into them. I loved receiving them every year.

    By Cristi on 12.27.2018

  29. Christmas, fake, seasonal. It’s ornamental and not genuine.

    By Michelle on 12.27.2018