December 24th, 2018 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “locker”

  1. find me a secure locker
    somewhere at the bottom of the sea
    somewhere no one can find out
    what you did to me
    somewhere I can hide the hurt
    a place darker than dark
    that will swallow the truth
    and give me a new start

    By Rae on 12.24.2018

  2. I found a Christmas card in my locker after finishing my last final, which had been a grueling two hours of algebraic equations and sad attempts at understanding the fundamentals of trigonometry. I half expected to open the envelope and dump glitter out, given that my friend Chuck was prone to silly pranks and tricks to make me laugh for the first time in an entire week. Instead, the card was simple, yet sentimental – a beautiful hand drawn Yule tree on the front, with simple, “Best wishes,” on the inside. But no name.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.24.2018

  3. Junior high, a confusing, messy time when we figure out our place in the hierarchy of life, are we taller or shorter, more popular or less, pretty or not, smart or not, OK or not, maybe, maybe not, one day we are, one day not.

    By Ellen URL on 12.25.2018

  4. the close minded marathons march in my mind
    the endless days of never-ending same
    the darkened synapses of simplicity
    last locked locker
    throw away the key
    call me towards this

    By matt m on 12.25.2018

  5. there is no thing more secret than heart locker; every one has its own story its own thinking

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 12.25.2018

  6. Sabrina opened her locker and frowned as the note fell out. Slowly, she opened the note to see Miss Wardwell’s handwriting, and leaned against her locker as she read the contents.

    “Sabrina, your aunt is not speaking to me. Could you please talk to her for me?”

    By otterbeme URL on 12.25.2018

  7. Megan didn’t mean to put so many pictures of girls in her locker. She just admired them, it wasn’t like she was gay or anything. So this whole suspicion from her parents was stupid. Didn’t everyone have the thoughts she did?

    By otterbeme URL on 12.25.2018

  8. Today’s word is locker. The last time I thought about a locker was in high school. I don’t think they’re associated with anything but school. .And I heard they don’t even use them anymore. Go know.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 12.25.2018