February 6th, 2012 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “orbit”

  1. That’s possibly one of the best descriptions. I’m in the orbit, going around my life, my aim without even knowing what it is all about and where it will take me. See you in ten years, i guess that’s how long it’ll take me to go around one more time.

    By Fredda URL on 02.07.2012

  2. “The catastrophe you are referring to, the epic catastrophe, was caused not by nuclear weapons, but by a small asteroid that got caught in earth’s orbit,” he explained.

    “Asteroid?” Jensen asked.

    “Well, that’s what the government is calling it. Personally, I have my doubts as do millions of others. Some say that they saw strange things in the sky,” he continued.

    Jensen sat with his head down.

    By chole URL on 02.07.2012

  3. The moon orbits the earth, looking jealously at her ever-changing expression, white mists dancing over greens and blues. Alas, no one would orbit him, barren and full of craters.

    By Holden URL on 02.07.2012

  4. The world span beneath me and I felt an enormous sense of clam rush through me. Below people worried about their make-up, dithered over which film to watch and got lost in the mundanity of everyday life. Up here I could finally see that none of it mattered but at the same time it was all essential.

    By The Wint URL on 02.07.2012

  5. i like to go out side in the summer time. becaise the sun is shining and the trees are geen, all the kids are on the playgtoune lanughing and havinf fun/ my kids like to play in the splash pad and i like to sit and enjoy thhhhe the time i have to play with them . it so cool and we all have a great time because we get to ride out bikes ib the path and have a piicnic, summer time is great ice cream is aldo a great treat for a day full iffunn and time in the sun. i also

    By dainya on 02.07.2012

  6. circling around in a space without light. far away from earth with everything so small and tiny below me is my spaceship steaming away and nearing the big and unknown out there. beeping next to me is the small device measuring my air supply.

    By Yvonne on 02.07.2012

  7. Like a satalite orbiting the earth so we can watch tv.And its like the moon orbiting
    the earth…..i think.And the planets orbit the sun.

    By harhodes on 02.07.2012

  8. Like a planet orbiting the sun, she darted gracefully in circles, her body rising and falling in an undulating motion. Her copper coloured leotard completed the vision exquisitely.

    By Antonia on 02.07.2012

  9. “What variables affect a planet’s orbit?” my science teacher asked today.

    No joke. He seriously did.

    But it’s all just an hour long lecture, and no one really pays attention anyway.

    By s160814 URL on 02.07.2012

  10. And slowly, ever so quietly, I began to involuntarily and habitually devote my time and energy to you. It wasn’t so much an obsession (although it may have seemed that way), so much as I was magnetized you in a way I could not explain. I was a planet in orbit circling the sun- you. I was so focused on my purpose and blinded by your burning glow, that it took me a long time to realize I wasn’t the only planet that circled your being. I had to share you among many others. You had captivated and bewitched us all. You had become the centre in all of our minds, but you never let us close enough to touch or share the light you so greedily held.
    And like all great stars, we all secretly knew that one day you would implode, and take us down with you.

    By Taylor K URL on 02.07.2012

  11. She was chewing gum. I couldn’t help but notice this, as she was one of those gum chewers that were just excessively obnoxious. Like she put the gum in her mouth with the single intent to drive everyone in the vicinity absolutely crazy with the sound of her lips smacking together. She noticed me noticing her gum chewing and flashed me a smile – I guess she had a pretty nice smile. She handed me the pack – it was the Orbitz brand stuff, never been my favorite. “Want some?”

    By hannah URL on 02.07.2012

  12. My brain orbits around me and whispers insidious things into my ear. It whines and buzzes and makes me feel faint running along the ends of my room, and I am starting to pant even though its only a few feet across. Stop it I’m tired. So tired.

    By Ina URL on 02.07.2012

  13. It went into orbit. I don’t actually know what that means but I definitely went there. Does it mean I was spinning around a large land mass feeling my insides pulled around? If so then that really is what happened.

    By zebra URL on 02.07.2012

  14. Far beyond your reach. I’m the dream you keep telling yourself can’t be real. I tried to be that. Real to you, real with you, really good to you. You couldn’t handle it. Say it was too good to be true. So I’m out here, looking for my next moon.

    By Soft URL on 02.07.2012

  15. i am in orbit. i am orbiting out of control outer limits out of self out of my mind. out.
    i need to find a new place space person to orbit in with … oh yeah and then there is the gum.. dammed advertising!

    By aly on 02.07.2012

  16. Orbit. Moving and dancing around another body. Compelled to be there, yet unable to to escape however much it wishes to try. Held balancing between attraction and repulsion. Revolving.

    By Ian on 02.07.2012

  17. orbit gum,yummmm!!!!chewy,flavorful,orbit gum!!!!

    By loulou88888 URL on 02.07.2012

  18. Orbit…what does orbit mean???
    The Earth orbits around the sun…

    By poseidon619 URL on 02.07.2012

  19. to go around, the earth orbits the sun the moon orbits the earth.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 02.07.2012

  20. I orbit around my thoughts my thoughts zoom faster thatn i can catch them i do not need to catch all of them i watch them and I watch all of the silly things that they do they havce a gtood time orbiting around and i have a good time watching the the people of jewel osco orbit around me becuase i am love and i am god yes i and m amazing my friends

    By ajloopy URL on 02.07.2012

  21. the moon orbits around earth. moons orbit around there plants. what else orbits????

    By heaf13 URL on 02.07.2012

  22. the apple orbits the fat kid
    the moon orbits around earth and earth orbits around the sun with all the other planets

    By cougars8 URL on 02.07.2012

  23. Orbit is a planet or a bunch of them together in outer space orbiting around the sun.

    By kymay URL on 02.07.2012

  24. When I think of orbit, I think of all the satellites floating around the earth. We as humans don’t seem to be happy with just trashing the earth itself, we have to trash outside the planet as well. And, I guess because I watch too much TV, I also think of gum. hahahaha

    By Kim URL on 02.07.2012

  25. orbit reminds me of our moon and our solar system our moon orbits the earth and the earth and all of our other planets orbit the sun

    By Amaryllis URL on 02.07.2012

  26. Stars twinkling ahead, the moon high in its arc, Star at Dawn sighed and looked out into the trees. She knew that the God above who placed the moon on its orbit was watching out for her, that He knew all the stars by name, but sometimes, she just couldn’t seem to sense Him near.

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.07.2012

  27. I am not quite sure what orbit means. But i think it as something to do with space.

    By Ivy URL on 02.07.2012

  28. orbit means to move around something.

    By butter URL on 02.07.2012

  29. Orbit is like the earth is orbiting around the sun and its making a circular motion and all the planets that we know of right now are orbiting around the sun. The planets are moving constantly and Earth is constantly turning and thats why we have a day and night.

    By Mario URL on 02.07.2012

  30. I don’t exactly know what orbit means but i know it is something relating to space.

    By shayna URL on 02.07.2012

  31. i dont know what orbit means

    By rainbow URL on 02.07.2012

  32. wonderful orbit gum

    By marcella.machado on 02.07.2012

  33. His heart lept into orbit when she looked at him.

    He was sitting at a red light, thinking about work, about time, about life, when he heard the familiar gurgling of an old vw bug next to him. He loved those cars and glanced over to see her. Curly hair, smiling mouth, eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

    By laurapacker URL on 02.07.2012

  34. Life’s too short to care about what other people think of you, he thought as he free-floated in the airless void outside of the space station.

    Here he was, alone with the universe in the truest sense. He could see the stars; bright beads of light, like pearls, amid the sea of infinite blackness that was space.

    We are here one moment, he mused, then the stars blink… and we’re gone.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 02.07.2012

  35. Life’s too short to care about what other people think of you, he thought as he free-floated in the airless void outside of the space station.

    Here he was orbiting earth; alone with the universe in the truest sense, separated only by the thin walls of his suit. He could see the stars; bright beads of light, like pearls, amid the sea of infinite blackness that was space.

    We are here one moment, he mused, then the stars blink… and we’re gone.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 02.07.2012

  36. Umm, Orbits, yeah. I don’t really know what to say, we all need an orbit, we all can use an orbit, to lead us to where we want, yaik I sound so deep.

    By Jean Pierre URL on 02.07.2012

  37. I’m lost.
    Floating aimlessly-
    my equilibrium nonexistent.

    There is no air.
    Just a cold, unchanging feeling.

    All my demons, they follow me,
    orbiting me in a perfect, chaotic balance.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 02.07.2012

  38. We walked about the desk in a suspecting orbit – not wanting to touch the air around it, lest we damage the scene and incriminate ourselves. We knew the filthy evidence was inside one of the drawers.

    By Maxie URL on 02.07.2012

  39. Circles. Going round aimlessly. No beginning, no end. Where do we go from here? Should we end the beginning, or begin the end? Round and round and round. Not until love is found.

    By Joel URL on 02.07.2012

  40. the earth orbits around the sun. it means it revolves around an object. not many things come to my mind when i hear orbit. I get off topic and start thinking about the world when I hear that word. I don’t know what else to say about the word orbit.

    By Kane URL on 02.07.2012