February 7th, 2012 | 426 Entries

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426 Entries for “walls”

  1. Is the things that are all around you when you are in a building.

    By subzero URL on 02.08.2012

  2. Walls are things that keep us apart.They block strangers from coming in.

    By iconic girl URL on 02.08.2012

  3. wall are wall that separate rooms so you can have privacy in your room so that u can do what ever you want………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    By Cody URL on 02.08.2012

  4. why is my favorite color blue? because its on my wall. walls give you privacy. i like privacy.

    By S-man URL on 02.08.2012

  5. Walls will hurt you run into it.Brick walls hurt way more.

    By kelley URL on 02.08.2012

  6. Walls, walls, walls, walls, I JUST WANT TO BRAKE THE WALLS!!!!!!!! :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By fancy girl URL on 02.08.2012

  7. again?
    we’re coming up against this block?
    how many times we tried to tare this
    old, decrepit wall down.
    audre lorde, wise wise woman, knew,
    “the master’s tools will never
    the master’s house.”
    truth as deep as

    By rachael maddox on 02.08.2012

  8. Walls are in buildings. Most people, including me, don’t have strong feelings about walls. They are just there. But everyone would notice if they were gone. The roof would collapse on our heads and we wouldn’t be happy.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.08.2012

  9. I stare at the blank walls and am intimated by the emptiness of them. A large blank canvas should be inspiring, yet I am totally paralyzed with fear.

    By jeanelaine URL on 02.08.2012

  10. home, boundaries, isolation, security, home sweet home, love, solitude, sad, cozy warmth

    By Genevieve URL on 02.08.2012

  11. Walls bouncing off of walls. Walls of sound, walls of love, walls of fear. Why do we have walls? Why do we think our human experience is so unique? Why do we think no one else is exactly what we are? Why do we know, without a doubt, that we “are?”

    By Danielle URL on 02.08.2012

  12. These walls
    keep me squeezed
    These walls
    keep me separated
    These walls
    are my beginning
    my end
    my hopes
    my dreams
    my fears
    These walls
    keep me focused

    Beyond these walls
    a dream
    a reality
    a destination

    These walls…won’t make me
    …break me
    These walls
    are nothing more
    than a

    Walls are not my definition and can no longer be my safety

    I am more than these Walls

    By Nadirah Van Beverhoudt on 02.08.2012

  13. The walls were plain grey. It felt as if they were closing in on me. When could I leave? Would I ever be allowed to leave? Questions plagued my mind and I could scarcely breathe. Why did I feel lightheaded all of a sudden? Why did the room keep spinning? I groaned and rested my head between my knees. It had little effect.

    By Tsemsie on 02.08.2012

  14. threlkhtkjshdkjrhjq swlkfj;lwefr;lksw f

    By k on 02.08.2012

  15. There are walls in my house. There are walls in my school. I like walls. Walls are awesome because they are like a wall. :)

    By Q on 02.08.2012

  16. There are all different types of walls.
    Building walls, garden walls, city walls, emotional walls.
    Walls surround us all the time and prevent us from reaching places. Sometimes there’s an obvious way past it, be it under, over or any other way. But sometimes we are required to think a bit more to bring the walls crashing down.
    People will always put up walls to keep you from what you want, sometimes they’re physical, sometimes they’re metaphorical.

    By Ellie URL on 02.08.2012

  17. one
    four walls
    white and white is all i see
    they are begging me to
    help them
    colour is what they need
    but i can’t seem
    to move
    it’s like a prison because i can’t
    get out
    i think they are closing
    in on me
    for standing here like this
    somebody, help

    By Iffath URL on 02.08.2012

  18. I’ve put up walls around us
    made it into a maze
    and dropped you in the middle
    Now I’m trying to make it
    back to you
    and struggling
    please forgive me
    you know I’m missing you

    By mere URL on 02.08.2012

  19. Virtual walls keep me trapped inside my reality. I’d like to break them down with a wrecking ball, but find myself armed only with a small hammer. Guess I need to look for cracks so I can chip away and make my escape.

    By Andie on 02.08.2012

  20. you promised me
    that this summer we would
    wake up before the sun
    and paint the
    walls in this room
    paint them blue like the sky
    and blue like the ocean,
    that we would stay up all night
    to do it,
    you promised me that we would be happy
    but here i sit,
    surrounded by nothing.
    a broken mess

    By Iffath URL on 02.08.2012

  21. I pushed my hand up against the wall, solid and unforgiving. Another three walls just the same on the other sides. I was trapped. How had this happened? There was no door, so someone had built this wall around me while I slept. Who had built these walls and what was on the other side?

    By The Wint URL on 02.08.2012

  22. i live behind walls. unless i decide to go through the door. There can be brick,wood,cement and many more different types of walls. Walls can keep people in cells and walls can keep people safe from storms and many different dangerous things.

    By Mak on 02.08.2012

  23. Oh, I am surrounded by walls of brick and mortar and fear. I can climb to the top of my tower where I feel the breeze, or lurk on the bottom with the musty dark, but I cannot escape.

    My hair trails behind me from floor to floor and all I can do is wait for the old woman to come visit, my only comfort and company.

    By laurapacker URL on 02.08.2012

  24. There are walls everywhere you look. You cannot escape walls, no matter where you go, how far you travel, you will always run into another wall. How do you get past these walls? You can’t. The only thing you can do is find a door.

    By Taren McBride on 02.08.2012

  25. What color are your walls? Are they read so you and your lover have more passionate sex? Are they yellow, so you can feel calm. Blue? So you can feel like a bird. Mine are green, so I can feel like I’m in the outdoors.

    By Taren on 02.08.2012

  26. I don’t know what I had expected to find once I had scaled those stone walls and reached the other side. My mother had never given me any indication of what had existed over there, only that it was not a place where either she, I, nor anyone else in the town belonged. Perhaps in the back of my subconscious I had thought or even longed for it to be wonderful. Something that so few people knew about, let alone shared, had to be a place too good to have its secret rendered to just anyone.
    So yes, maybe I had had high expectations. Or maybe, I just hadn’t expected to be shot at the moment I peered my head over the ledge.

    By Taylor K URL on 02.08.2012