January 5th, 2009 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “only”

  1. Only if I can, and only if I will, will I be able to be the person I want to be. Only then will I know who I am.

    By Tom on 01.06.2009

  2. only you could ever know me.

    By nadia on 01.06.2009

  3. Only I can see that you are crazier than you look. Only one of us will make the light and hopefully it will be you. Only way to see the fireworks is from my roof. I only want to be there when you need me to be. I was only 5 when you left and we only have 3 years after I turned 30 to know each other.

    By Dana on 01.06.2009

  4. this is the only place in my life that i want to be as of now, for the better or the worse i am glad that i am here and only her in this world. From here it’s the starting point to the only other place which is everywhere so be glad to be only here.

    By Edgar on 01.06.2009

  5. One. Only one. The only Tigger. How sad that must be when you are the only one. The only cookie, meant to be shared. The only tree surrounded by flowers. The only one. It only takes a moment to realize the importance of just one. The only one.

    By Cassidy on 01.06.2009

  6. only you
    can make my heart beat in such a wounderfull way
    only you can hold me like you do
    you are the only one for me
    the only one i want to be with
    the only one i wish to see every morning when i wake up
    only you can put this smile on my face
    i love
    only you

    By samantha on 01.06.2009

  7. a word associated with lost time.when we wish that we could go back in time and change things.make it go other than the way it went.

    By Syed Talal on 01.06.2009

  8. I only wish that i could be better because the world needs it.
    It needs a kind hand every once in a while to help.

    By lalalalal on 01.06.2009

  9. only the world could stop her from accomplishing everything and anything she could think of to be of an value. it was everything and anything that was stopping her from doing anything and everything. or was it nothing? only she knows how far reaching her laziness was. too lazy to get up, too lazy to reach, too lazy to create.

    By amber on 01.06.2009