May 28th, 2013 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “oblique”

  1. The oblique object in the middle of empty field stunned me.

    By June on 05.28.2013

  2. I think this might be a part of your leg, but I don’t really know. I feel like it’s by your hip maybe? I know I heard people talking about this when I did track last year. Eh…wo knows

    By Anna on 05.28.2013

  3. Her oblique gaze gave little away as she confronted the man across the table. His questions would not receive any answers or at least not the answers that he wanted. Her secrets would remain her own and no one would pry them from her mind.

    By Sarah on 05.28.2013

  4. The oblique object in the middle of the field peeked my curosity.

    By June on 05.28.2013

  5. I walked across the empty field to study the Oblique object. What was it doing here, once
    more who put it there?

    By June on 05.28.2013

  6. The oblique shape of the dog’s snout was too much to bear. I was so shocked by the awkwardness of it, it baffles me that a dog can look like that. I almost cried when I saw the mangled beast.

    By Carolina N. on 05.28.2013

  7. Solid. Quiche. Rain. Silk. Death. Acquitted.


    By Wll on 05.28.2013

  8. Oblique is a word I don’t really know much about. But I’m going to assume it’s an adjective. “That’s an oblique thing to say.” I don’t know, that’s probably the wrong context.

    By Keshia on 05.28.2013

  9. my oblique hurts after i pound out an arbitrary number of sit ups everyday. its okay though because once i am chiseled to look like a greek god, all the babes will be on me.

    By Jordan on 05.28.2013

  10. i had to google this word
    another reminder to study vocab for SATs
    the definition had the words angle
    and parallel
    another reminder to study for the math subject test
    i want to break free from the junior year lifestyle for a little whileee

    By GraceDessen on 05.28.2013

  11. We speak at each other with the most pleasant smiles, but I know he hates me, and the feeling is mutual. What I fail to understand is how we got arranged to seat next to each other. Did the my ambassadors muck up? Did they simply show him to the wrong seat? Or was it my sister with her meddling ways again? I made pretty sure to double check the seating arrangements before this dinner, but I suppose now that it was all in vain. So Daren and I spent the night seated beside each other, putting on facades of niceness and exchanging oblique insults.

    By YEsomebody on 05.28.2013

  12. what in the world is oblique? It reminds of a feeling recieved when one is reaching their peak, headed to the top where you cant hear a squeak from the weak.

    By charles URL on 05.28.2013

  13. She sat on the rooftop, her feet dangling in the chill November air, whilst she puffed away on her clove cigarette. Below her, the pod family that claimed her jettisoned an object rumored to be made from the hide of a former swine. They hooted and yelled and made her want to vomit. Her life. Was so. Oblique.

    Honestly, she wasn’t sure what it meant precisely. But she was fairly certain that it fit.

    By Ama Marie URL on 05.28.2013

  14. It reminds me of a person who dances around a question, who doesn’t want to give the answer straightforward, therefore giving little hints you have to decipher in order to understand what they are trying to state.

    By Lauren Black on 05.28.2013

  15. I have no idea what oblique is. How leh?

    By MaryChua on 05.28.2013

  16. I remember oblique triangles–they were some special angle, oh no, maybe that was
    obtuse angles. In any case, does oblique mean on an angle, somewhat weird, different or unattainable?

    By Robin on 05.28.2013

  17. “Why are you so oblique? I have to explain everything to you like you’re a baby. It drives me crazy.”
    “If you would just tell me what you mean from the beginning and not assume I can read your mind, I wouldn’t have to ask you over and over to get a straight answer.”

    By nedra URL on 05.28.2013

  18. i have no idea what this word means it sounds futuristic an blank i hate writing i probl wont even finish this sentence before t

    By michael kenny on 05.28.2013

  19. the word oblique sounds really confusing…but i basically think of a square block trying to fit into a circle cutout. or vice versa. something out of the ordinary? something that relates to exercise equipment?

    By Ally URL on 05.28.2013

  20. The rich dark deep red velvet curtains opened, jingling some bells hung on golden thread among the folds. I was loathe to enter the antechamber, realizing that if this woman, against all odds, is a true seer, she would know what I was hiding so carefully. I was not ready for that world to be opened again. It will be a slippery oblique road, one I feared I had to face sometime, I prayed that it was just not this night.

    By Minette Tonoli on 05.28.2013

  21. oblique sounds really confusing when i first look at it. basically, i think of a square block trying to fit into a circular mold. or vice versa. something that stands out. something different. or something related to exercise equipment? it seems like something unique. not quite sure.

    By Ally Thomassian on 05.28.2013

  22. Ab day means working out the upper abs the lower abs, and the obliques. An easy day for him, seeing as how some of his training sessions could easily run over 4 hours.

    Being an “idol” wasn’t easy but this part was almost bearable. At least no one would hit him here for messing up a dance step.

    By ~ on 05.28.2013

  23. I don’t have to have a clear cut plan of action,
    got it

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 05.28.2013

  24. She stared, mouth agape, as peach-colored sunlight staggered through the window and toppled viciously over her knees. Steam spurred from the kettle with the chipped paint and she waited for everything to align again, only it didn’t.

    By mary on 05.28.2013

  25. Oblique motion, oblique lines. I remember so little about whatever his name is told us in art class. All i felt was sadness, crushing me, crushing through the work I tried to put on the page, the things I saw that came out twisted, forms obscured by my sadness. Oblique lines, used to measure the size of the person’s head. They were never in the right place. I was always wrong, always lost, always broken.

    By Cleo on 05.28.2013

  26. My mind
    Light, airy
    But which direction
    Shadows misguide
    The aching body that once could house my soul
    And I
    Setting the faces of those
    Who had left long before
    our land
    My heart reaching torestore

    By Naya on 05.28.2013

  27. The little girl sat beside the grave stone; oblique in nature and disposition, it seemed like quite a juxtaposition to see such youth beside the dead. Dead flowers lay in her hands, and I couldn’t help but wonder how long she’d been sitting there; how long did it take for the flowers to die?

    By Nicole on 05.28.2013

  28. Oblique. Flowers with oblique leaves- uneven, unequal. Almost a cruel advantage to one side, and those left petals grow larger and larger. They’ll become trees someday, big and strong, while the remaining leaves and the poor petals wilt away and die. You took up all the sunshine. You stole their sunlight. Oblique.

    By Rose on 05.28.2013

  29. My uncle brought up a term called oblique correction at the dinner table one gloomy April night, and to this day, I still don’t know what it means. All I know is that he was a particle physicist, beginning his work pretty early compared to other scientists in his field. The truth was, after that night, he never really talked about physics or scatter processes or anything of that nature anymore. He just talked about fish.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.28.2013

  30. “I’m afraid I don’t actually know the meaning of oblique, Charlie,” I said, pushing my eyeglasses back up onto my nose. His eyes sparkled at me, glinting with untold mirth.

    By Finn on 05.28.2013

  31. the shiny, lake black, oblique stone shimmered in his tender hands. When he looked closely he could see stars and endless space. There was something hiding behind dark shadows inside.

    By Ben on 05.28.2013

  32. A crazy strange place where there’s nothing. Nothing but emptiness and where truths seem nothing but true. A strange feeling of obviousness that cannot be shaken. How weird it must be to be oblique. A feeling of nothingness.

    By Lisa on 05.28.2013

  33. As I stared into her eyes, I realized how oblique our friendship had truly been and how ready I was to start anew.

    By Emily on 05.28.2013

  34. Oblique triangles are fat and bossy. With their wide hips and pointy tops, they think they rule the world. Higher class obliques have mustaches and drink earl grey tea- only the best for the most refined.

    By Kate on 05.28.2013

  35. oblique is a colour but not really the word makes me think i can see through things, like a transparent window, the word just seems so round, the o, b ,q and e its like oblique is a word that should be written in a circle.

    By sarah on 05.28.2013

  36. Why are you so oblique, the way you act. The way you look at me. I don’t understand why cant you just be straight forward with me, it would make my life a lot easier. Please it is all i ask for

    By Danielle on 05.28.2013

  37. There are many types of oblique. Like in geometry, leaf base, an album, linguistic, music, an aircraft design and many more. My favorite is music and linguistics cause i can express myself in it. Especially music.

    By Anne on 05.28.2013

  38. Steve didn’t know what the word oblique meant. He couldn’t figure out if it was a muscle group or a word that meant impossible, because as he sat with his hands folded over the table he realized this was going to stump him until Tony slapped a dictionary in front of him and told him to look it up.

    No, oblique was not a word he enjoyed. Oblique would get him every, single, time.

    By Lexxandria on 05.28.2013

  39. His eyes seemed oblique and squished. But the squinty, crooked feature gave him that look of a naïve child. And in that moment, I felt my heart melt in pity for the beautifully deformed boy.

    By Juliet on 05.28.2013

  40. jaw clenched. Oblique tightened. Muscles tense. Time stands still. Breath slowly creeps through your nose. Exhale. The troubles, worries, inhibitions– gone with that breath. Inhale. Purity. Optimism.

    By veronica on 05.28.2013