December 2nd, 2012 | 349 Entries

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349 Entries for “object”

  1. i was bored to death in my messy room. I started staring at this one particular object. unfortunately i could not remember the name of this fucking useless object that my dad had’t used since the late 70’s. It made me wonder how this shit piece of plastic ended up in my room.

    By hugues thomas on 12.02.2012

  2. Objects are special. Without objects this planet would be nothing. We need objects for everything. Such as, reading, drinking, eating, drawing and so much more. objects complete this world.

    By Jules on 12.02.2012

  3. I Object! She shouted across the court room. She didnt know if she was out of place, but didn’t they know it was not her fault! He had stolen the boat not her. She just happened to be on board. Her mum shook her head. She had told Cassadee this guy was bad news from the beginning.

    By therogueaussie on 12.02.2012

  4. you are
    the object of my affection
    so we got married
    and there were flowers and a rustic Italian feast
    but there was an objection
    but we didn’t care because you love me
    sadly you don’t exist
    you’re not real, you’re myself
    i’m actually a narcissict

    By mila on 12.02.2012

  5. The object of my heart has left. He left without a word. He left me so lost I knew not where to turn. He left me in woods so dense and dark I fear I’ll never find my way out. I knew we could not be forever. But to leave me so lost was a terrible thing

    By Jane on 12.02.2012

  6. I wonder what you’d think of my inner most thoughts regarding you. My most evil of fantasies that eat me up everytime I think about them. Being a mere object in your life, easily replaced by one of those lovely girls who you call beautiful behind my back. So, where do I stand?

    By Paige Noel URL on 12.02.2012

  7. Objects describe everything and only our world has them.

    By Caterina on 12.02.2012

  8. i am not an object
    im not a stress ball
    im not a mop
    nor am you vibrator
    or flesh light
    i am human
    and alive

    By D France on 12.02.2012

  9. the object of this is to think. the object of my affection does not reply. the object of the game is to win. an object can be used in many different ways. i object to this. i object to sexism. i object to being made to feel like i do not matter, or like i am not valuable. i object

    By Marisa Looney on 12.02.2012

  10. subjective object reflection of our life. do we write about trite fights about nothing? do we think it’s worthwhile to be reconciled? or is it best of we stress out stressing in and out? are we never or is it forever? i look in your eyes and objectively don’t know.

    By Matty M. on 12.02.2012

  11. This little object could change her life. It wasn’t to be an object really, but rather a human. Her human. The one that she had full responsibility over. She felt that she couldn’t do it alone. She was too young, to inexperienced. She knew the unhappiness a baby could cause a single mother, but even still, she knew the sheer joy it would bring to her as well.

    By Lil' Miss 24601 on 12.02.2012

  12. I am not an object
    You may speak as if I am one
    But I am no object
    I breathe
    I speak
    I think
    I feel
    I love
    I hurt
    I am no object
    I am alive
    I am a being
    I have spirit and energy
    Yes I am no object

    By Constance on 12.02.2012

  13. everything

    By mitch on 12.02.2012

  14. “NO!” He objected. “I VOLUNTEER MYSELF!”
    The crowd gasped. A volunteer? That’s never happened, never in history.

    By Neta Shikoba on 12.02.2012

  15. This seemingly simple concept
    Takes on a whole new meaning
    When applied to a human,
    Particularly oneself.
    We can craft ourselves,
    Shape ourselves into a
    Pleasurable form that
    Satisfies ourselves and the ones
    We try so desperately to please.

    By Genevieve on 12.02.2012

  16. it is something that you play with or use to move forward in life. hmm i’m trying to decide if i like this website. like it’s a really cool idea but the words that they choose are kinda dumb. if it said like “heartthrob” like that would be such a cool word to write about! uh oh times almost out dun dunnn dunn

    By Paige on 12.02.2012

  17. A thing. Not agreeing with a statement. Not people. Just stuff. Material goods.

    By Casey on 12.02.2012

  18. Don’t treat her like an object. Someone people treat her like an oxi clean ad. -The woman object is the best item a man can get himself. Use it for cleaning, cooking, sex, decoration, housework, caring for the kids, it will do everything. We’ve sold millions for a diamond ring but if you call now we will throw in a mop for the object to use.

    By sturmzie on 12.02.2012

  19. objects are meaningless, people over materialize objects that mean nothing. people never really have an understanding untill they have no objects, and they have to live without them. Though some objects can surpress people through their lives no matter what is happening.

    By Ashpee on 12.02.2012

  20. The object of her affections had no idea.

    She was young, but smart enough not to get in a relationship when that wasn’t what she wanted.

    But she had all these feelings. And nowhere, no one to put the into. It’s not easy being young and feeling amorous.

    She wanted him. But she wasn’t stupid enough to tell him.

    By Me on 12.02.2012

  21. Don’t treat her like an object. Some people treat her like an oxi clean ad. -The woman object is the best item a man can get himself. Use it for cleaning, cooking, sex, decoration, housework, caring for the kids, it will do everything. We’ve sold millions for a diamond ring but if you call now we will throw in a mop for the object to use

    By sturmzie on 12.02.2012

  22. Alana collected object d’art like kids collected marbles. Shiney and lovely and totally under the table.

    She toyed with another shabti and wondered when her black market supplier would be in town. She wondered what he would have, and if, this time, it would be enough to make her happy, enough to make her the person she wanted to be.

    Maybe he should bring her an anchor so she could finally stay in one place.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.02.2012

  23. I held this glass ball, thinking, how in the world, would this snow fall, without you? See, this was our world, you and me, you are my world, so I let it be. The sun would not shine, nor the snow fall, without my love.

    By Katelin Woods on 12.02.2012

  24. The object of my desire, the heart of Iimyr lit and sparkling before the end of the times of days and the destruction of our land beyond any redemption from old waiting gods, the very notion of human intuition leading them to a guiding light of victory over the flawless skies above was a daunting one, like an ant looking to the end of days as a boot smashes its body.

    By Jon on 12.02.2012

  25. I held my breath
    I could not find it
    I could not find my heart
    I have buried it
    this object of affection
    far to long
    I lost you
    so I thought I could
    find another
    Then I found him.

    By Katelin Woods on 12.02.2012

  26. “…and I do, most vehemently, your honor!” The court room remained bleakly silent. The jurors rustled anxiously, waiting for the speech to continue. “In light of all evidence, in lieu of any hint of dignity on behalf of this court, with all saints and angels behind me, I must abso-lutely object to peanuts in ice cream. I mean, come on.”

    By mattlock URL on 12.02.2012

  27. I don’t object
    to all the choices you’ve made
    that have struck like matches against my life
    or rather, glanced off like cold wet sparklers
    to flame
    I don’t have a problem with you
    I just don’t like it

    By Saudade on 12.02.2012

  28. an object of affection – that locket’s owner. to me… is that it? he said. “no” i wanted to say but the word couldn’t flow out of my lips at that instant. all i could do was stare at him wordlessly in surprise that he didn’t already know the answer.

    By Lunais on 12.02.2012

  29. The object is small. Not to small though. It is round and has special meaning to one particular kid. It has been passed down in his generations of family and now it’s his. His. That round object, is his.

    By Caitie on 12.02.2012

  30. the object behind the windowpane
    you cannot see it,
    and it cannot see you.
    it does not see
    it does not feel.
    it puts pain before pleasure.
    it kicks with its heel,
    and falls on its toes.

    i cannot imagine where i would be today
    without it.
    without you, though,
    i feel just fine.
    rather content.

    By Barebriar on 12.02.2012

  31. why do we object what ppl tell us to do? is there a reason? is it necessary? why? maybe it is a primordial instinct we still have from when we were cavemen…just maybe…whoever is to read this..ponder over this food for thought. explore the idea and spread the question.

    By jvak on 12.02.2012

  32. object like the verb
    or object
    like a thing
    a noun i guess
    well i can tell you i object
    to having you in my dreams again
    it’s been 2 years nearly
    are you still here
    i’m trying to function
    trying to breathe and while the rest of my life seems to be
    a big pile of nothing
    you’re a fucking penny
    glued to the motherfucking ground
    and it’s so irritating
    to see you there
    so shiny and clean

    By ana c.p. URL on 12.02.2012

  33. There is an object sitting in the room. Not too big, not to small, sitting still. It does not move. It does not shine or sparkle, light up the room with dancing light. It sits still. It is not bright or bold, it just is.

    By Sam on 12.02.2012

  34. I have an object in my hand and it starts with the letter H. I have not a clue how it came to be in my hand, but as I understand it I have many uses for it. It has only one purpose, but I can’t use it for that reason.

    By Anne on 12.02.2012

  35. Bones are the structures to sentences that swing, swim, run and fly out of blowing pages of sky and volumes of earth and sea — the greatest story ever told. ( the book of life had to have been bind by magic.)

    By drew URL on 12.02.2012

  36. I object your honor. He did not murder, he committed no crime.
    I object your honor. Under state law he is perfectly allowed to do just as he did.
    I object your honor. Who is to say you are always right and I am always wrong.
    I object your honor, I object.

    By sam on 12.02.2012

  37. The only object I treat as a human being, a friend, and a lover. The only thing that will hear me out when I have problems, and cheer me up when I’m down. The only companion who will be there for and with me forever, I would never feel alone anymore. I couldn’t live without this living instrument.

    This is to my piano, thank you so much for being my other half for so many years.
    You never failed me, not even once.

    By Abigail Rae on 12.02.2012

  38. Consumerism is what motivated me to get my first job, and I was hired today, but when I think about it, I don’t really want anything. I will get the money and have it and spend it because I had it and then it will be gone and then I will work at the job I hate so I can have more of it so I can buy more things. Money and the idea of owning objects is so cyclical is makes me dizzy, and so seemingly pointless that it makes me very, very cynical.

    By Rachel on 12.02.2012

  39. keep going, objects in space, as the do. an architect of daises, turns water into grass… keep floating, keep going.

    By Joey on 12.02.2012

  40. objects have an aura
    objects are alive with a piece of our soul

    women objectify men
    men objectify women

    we dare to objectify things

    I can’t be objectified
    I am an indivisible soul

    By Moises Gonzalez on 12.02.2012