April 12th, 2021 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “nutrients”

  1. There are nutrients lacking.. in everyone. Everything. Being systematically drained. How does it feel? How do you want to feel? Think about what you need, is it near?

    By anya correa on 04.12.2021

  2. nutrients are awesome i love my protein an thy hekp with my body amd]nd kept me healthy without them it wouldon b weird to try and fuction id gave so many defihcies u wouldnt make it tgrough tge day so hefbiefbfbfl fidf bufbuf so tya nutrients are aweomse so is the office its a fun show im writing it now my cat is also wakking on my keyboard now she is sitting on my foogt nut shes a little distractung tbh sk haif/nfbbfjefd

    By tyler lane on 04.12.2021

  3. They sustain us. Mom says get your nutrients, eat your veggies, eat your greens. Kids complaining, all the time, though they really don’t mind the taste. Brussel sprouts wouldn’t taste so bad if they weren’t being forced down your throat. I think its the nagging we don’t like more than the actuality.

    By Lillian on 04.13.2021

  4. Trisha told me not to buy the salad because, according to her, it had even less nutrients than the sandwich did. It made sense: the sandwich had greens and peppers and onions, and the salad was mostly romaine with some croutons, walnuts, and dressing on it. So I took her advice, and we both sat down to eat in the quietest part of the park.

    “How’s the sandwich?” asked Trisha.

    “Nutritious,” I teased in reply.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.13.2021