April 11th, 2021 | 3 Entries

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3 Entries for “cone”

  1. It shouldn’t ahve been that strange a day, and yet there it was. A traffic cone moving across the road all by itself…
    Conner didn’t believe it at first, it must have been teh wind causing it, but when four other cones jumped, yes, jumped off the curb and followed the first across, he couldn’t help it. The back side of the brake pedal slammed to the floor of his car, and the 3 o’clock traffic jam could have been blamed entirely on Conner and his mysterious traffic cone

    By Myrin1234 on 04.11.2021

  2. Dahlia got an ice cream cone, Richard got an ice cream sandwich, and Wanda got a frozen yogurt. Howie didn’t get anything because he’s lactose intolerant, but he didn’t mind. He just liked hanging out with his friends, and he was sure to warn Dahlia when her treat got a little too precariously close to tumbling from its crunchy waffle vessel.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.11.2021

  3. there’s 2 types of cones there’s ice cream cones and the pylon cone, cones can be used as an object or food. when i see the word cone i instantly think of it as an ice cream cone of any kind.

    By Becky Bueckert on 04.12.2021