March 12th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “nuclear”

  1. war. threats anger sad ugh its all a mess. i know, it can be fixed but there is no point in trying some days, im loosing hope
    loosing touch
    someone will save us one day
    not me though. Not me. you do it

    By classified on 03.13.2010

  2. Nuclear wars. Ahh. That’s frightening. Who knows if another potential nuclear war will end up like the Cold War. We could all end up dead because of a single instance of miscommunication between nuclear powers. In an instant. Just like that.

    By Karmina on 03.13.2010

  3. dangerous and destruction, nuclear warfare harms many people. i also think of middle school science class

    By Claire Bulloch on 03.13.2010

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    By hortensia on 03.13.2010

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    By hortensia on 03.13.2010

  6. Nuclear is what i think took place in recent days here in Singapore as once more, news of a celebrity’s affair takes centre stage. I mean the whole country just couldn’t stop talking about what Jack did. It was nothing short of a nuclear effect I’m telling you!

    By Kelbungy on 03.13.2010

  7. dangerous, will kill. People go mad, worlds go mad. Hiroshima, Nagasaki. James Cameron. Not Avatar. Heroes, how to stop an exploding man. New York being blown up.

    By Gina on 03.13.2010

  8. I was there with them when I saw the flash. The screams, the agony. When would this end? Why did they not care about humanity. I held his hand and watched him burn while a tear ran down my face.

    By Ashley on 03.13.2010

  9. the wars and the world today has been destroyed by the very word. Fear instilled and people dying. Terror and fright. Tears and nothing else. What we though was useful is nothing but bad.

    By Hiba on 03.13.2010

  10. Nuclear war. The end of the earth. A manmade Armageddon that seems to loom as if the backdrop of our convoluted world politics.

    By Liv on 03.13.2010

  11. Nuclear concepts…
    power, registered
    in some small space
    Do protons get claustrophobic?
    and, would they, take their
    slight superior edge
    over the others to
    force them to the outside?
    All our models would be green I guess.

    By Rory on 03.13.2010

  12. The fallout was astonishing. Uncle Jack’s revelation had profound ramifications. Auntie Doris choked on a prawn and cousin Ralph stabbed himself in the palm with his steak knife, such was his surprise. The bomb had been dropped.

    By T-Bug on 03.13.2010

  13. It wasn’t long before the rods melted in to small mercurial puddles, oozing along the floor between the half hazard boards and swirling along between the steel toes of my boots. It wasn’t long before I felt the burning sensation in my lungs, before my eyes expanded to twice their normal size. What did I see? I saw the apocalypse.

    By Michelle on 03.13.2010

  14. “he is going to go nuclear.” She murmured.
    “What?” he paused. “I don’t think that’s the correct usage of that term.”
    She shrugged. “You knew what I meant right?”

    By Trebez on 03.13.2010

  15. Nuclear, reminds me of Jimmy Neutron. You remember him? And his friend, Carl, who loves llamas, and Sheen, who liked Ultra Lord. And Jimmy Neutron liked science, and had those brain blasts all the time. Yeah, that shit was cool.

    By Jane Matthews URL on 03.13.2010

  16. when the nuclear bomb detonated, it wiped out all of the life in a 100 mile radius. but slowly, life is coming back.

    By EmpressQueenB on 03.13.2010

  17. the nuclear meds filled her body, made her radioactive. after a length of time, they faded and her children came back home to live, wondering where they could sit and protect her future grandchildren.

    she assured them there was no problem, she’d found an old blanket and sat on it, later throwing it away.

    the son looked at her beaming face.

    “a blanket, mom? you sat on a blanket to stop radiation?”

    “yes!” she said, voice full of pride.

    “wow. good idea. shame the people of hiroshima didn’t think of blankets.”

    she stood, surrounded by their loving laughter.

    By quin browne URL on 03.13.2010

  18. It is core to many
    from that within smallest atom
    to the heart of the largest sun
    It’s not a type of-
    It IS energy
    Innately life spawning
    Potential for ultimate destruction
    At once a source of greatest fear
    and a most useful tool is NUCLEAR

    It powers our sun,
    a NUCLEAR force, and when gone
    mankind will be done

    Powered by plant or by sun
    NNUCLEAR energy

    By The-Apotheosis on 03.13.2010