April 25th, 2016 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “noticed”

  1. As one lays their eyes upon another’s form, it is a term that we now know as being “noticed”. A lot of other cultures have extended upon this form, such as the Japanese one, which has used “notice me senpai” as a frequent phrase of theirs. Other countries, such as Germany and France, also use this term, as well as Canada, the United States, and many more. Surprisingly, this is more commonly used within the English-speaking countries, as this term is, in fact, spoken in English rather than Japanese, its original birthplace. It is quite surprising, as a Japanese phrase should be more prevalent in, well, Japan.

    By Heather Ptolemy on 04.25.2016

  2. He notado que fuera de mi, todo luce diferente. Nada se parece a nada. Todo es distinto de todo. He notado que ya no me agrada estar aquí. He notado, que ya no soy lo que una vez fui. He notado que todo llega a su fin.

    By Nicolak on 04.25.2016

  3. “I swear, if I hear one more teenage girl squeal, ‘Senpai noticed me!’ I’m going to throw myself into a trash bin.”

    Mallory giggled, which was meant by one of my groans as I sunk into a chair. “Hey, you’re a cute teacher, and you teach the history of Japan. You’re bound to get some weeaboos in your class.”

    “I teach freshmen, Mallory! They should not think I’m ‘cute!'”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.25.2016

  4. I noticed a small brown envelope on the dining table. I rushed over to open it. As it be? I quickly tore open the crisp brown paper and glanced down at the messy scrawl. As my eyes

    By Bronwyn Conlogue on 04.25.2016

  5. I noticed that you didn’t call today. I noticed that you didn’t like my outfit. I noticed that you invited her to your birthday party, but not me. Everything in our society is so that you can be noticed by others. By your boyfriend or by the popular group. We are built on the basic human need to belong. The need to be noticed and appreciated by others around you. Our strange and stifling society is cultivating, growing and feeding the plant inside each and every precious individual. Every young girl and every young boy is born, fed and cultured in the delicate desire to belong. The need to be be a lady or a man. The need to fit in with the sporty kids or the braniacs. Why must we all be noticed, when simple acts of kindness and compassion far outweigh the need to wear your hair in a certain style? The backwards notion of being noticed still continues to baffle me.

    By Teeny Duckie on 04.25.2016

  6. I was so captivated by him that I barely noticed the red flags, the warning signs that have been there from the start. I was so focused in making the relationship work that I completely swallowed my pride, letting him dictate what he needs me to be. I suppose what they say is true, when you’re looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, you fail to see the roaring fire in front of you.

    By Zoe Jen on 04.25.2016

  7. I am always going unnoticed. Is it because I don’t feel the need to be loud? I don’t see the need to always be heard. Because even if I became loud, even if I was always heard, will there always be someone listening?

    By Emily URL on 04.25.2016

  8. I noticed when I barricade into my happiness;
    turn any door knob that stands in the way of
    that beatuous blonde hair, and streaky, wavy,
    that I’m fulfilled
    at the mere chase, that,
    I relentlessly pursue
    its when im not chasing
    my bank account’s next oppositional uprsing,
    is when I’ve noticed, that I’m not on the moving cloud in heaven that I should be on!

    Vivacious, fulfillment is!

    oh, youll notice.

    By Milad URL on 04.25.2016

  9. I wondered if he would see me. I looked shyly across the dance floor. He was busy with his friends, laughing and joking around as they listened to the music. It was a fast song now, but I knew a romantic slow song was coming.

    Finally, he looked over. His eyes met mine as the music slowed.

    By Erin on 04.25.2016

  10. I have always felt the desire to be noticed. Whether it be friends, significant others, parents, or just strangers on the street. Being noticed gives me a sense of validation.

    By ronniepxo on 04.25.2016

  11. She noticed me. I noticed her. Why was I afraid to talk? I had too many unresolved issues…that must be it. Or maybe I lost feeling. Maybe I lost my connection with humanity. Is that possible…I mean being a human? Can I really lose my own humanity?

    By Tim on 04.25.2016

  12. It is nice to be noticed , although I suppose it depends upon the circumstances. To be oticed for positive reasons can bring a powerful sence of worth. However, to be noticed for the wrong, ornegative resons can be embarrassing at best and painful t worst

    By Terry on 04.25.2016

  13. As I walked along the busy street, I noticed the glow from a distance, as I continued, I saw him and the golden aura surrounding him.

    By Shona on 04.26.2016

  14. I have noticed you and your friends.

    By Simmies on 04.26.2016

  15. He’s got a great beard, the best the everyone has ever seen; long and red, looks like vikings; he had a long blond hair, dark eyes, like his charm, that deeply shocked the soul of the people that he met

    By alessandro on 04.26.2016

  16. I noticed that her hair was split at the ends almost as if she had been rolling around in the grass with a complete stranger. I asked her why she looked so untidy – she failed to answer me. It was then that I became worried that she may not love me anymore.

    By Laurence on 04.26.2016

  17. I noticed the creatures in the dark water. They looked as though they were coming near to me. AS they were about to drag me into the depths of the sea I woke in my bed surrounded by water.

    By Zach on 04.26.2016

  18. When I first noticed the mole, I thought it was funny that I hadn’t noticed it before. It grew. I couldn’t laugh any longer. The scar is still there and now it is more than just a mole gone wrong.

    By Kristine Laco URL on 04.26.2016

  19. I noticed the plants at the end of the hall. Have they noticed me? Why would it even matter that the doors leading off of the hallway were closed? I doubt that it would; noticing the plants has nothing to do with doors either ajar or shut tightly. What a ridiculous idea.

    By Jason on 04.26.2016

  20. I noticed her hand was behind her back, “What ya got there?” I asked. “Nothing.” she replied walking backwards, away from me. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled it out of her hand, “Really? You took my candy?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

    By Em on 04.26.2016

  21. She noticed something moving in the corner, so she went to check it out. It was a GIANT, FURRY……………………….Guinea pig!

    By Katy on 04.26.2016

  22. “I wasn’t getting any better. It was not what I wanted to do with my life anymore.”

    “You gave up.” he said, looking at me with a stern expression.

    “Maybe I did.”

    “You regret it?”

    “No. It may sound like a lie, but I am happy. With my average life, average income and average friends. I’ve imagined the extraordinary, the impossible for so long, that this- this feels really good. Because it’s…”

    “Easy.” he finished for me. “You promised. You promised you’d never stop trying.”

    “But I did. And you know what, even if you don’t believe my excuses, I do. I am happy and that is enough. I can’t chase after the impossible. I will never be happy that way.I am not that naive anymore. Time passes, things change. Get over it. I am not the person you knew and we are not friends anymore. You have no right to critisie my life. You are no longer a part of it.”

    “I noticed.”

    By orangefish2 on 04.26.2016

  23. The glass was thick with a sheen of dew, rare even for the dry desert mornings she was still becoming accustomed to. The figure moved out of view, staying long enough for Sarah to question whether moving out west was a wise move.

    By Mike on 04.26.2016

  24. I noticed that you looked at me differently. I saw you in the corner of my eye looking puzzled or something of the sort, surprised perhaps even. “So how are you” i asked

    By Henriette on 04.26.2016

  25. noticed. I noticed him from across the way. I noticed his voice. his eyes. his demeanor. How could he ever go unnoticed? does he notice me? lord. I hope not. I think I may love him.

    By Ema Nekaf on 04.26.2016

  26. I have already posted a notice today..but I was not yet a member. I noticed it is lost from my profile never to be recovered. Or maybe I can retrieve it? Who will notice I need help?

    By Nekaf_the.real_Ema on 04.26.2016

  27. I noticed a man sitting on the bench in front of the lake feeding ducks, he seemed quite content with himself. It was a beautiful day

    By Amanda Benson on 04.26.2016

  28. Noticing is neither listening nor observing. It is printing. It is bookmarking the last term you used to describe the phenomenon. Or at least this is what I have noticed so far.

    By Snufkin on 04.26.2016

  29. Its good to have noticed that you noticed my presence.
    But what.
    You’re just cute.
    Look at me talking cute.
    You’re nothing but cute.

    By Sameeka on 04.26.2016

  30. i noticed the beads of sweat running down his neck when it was time for him to kiss the lead actor in the play but they soon stopped when he had her in his arms

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.26.2016

  31. I noticed my reflection in a store window this morning. Maybe it was the dark cloudy backdrop from the storm that passed over last night, but the warped reflection brought me back to a time before I knew how much I mattered to those I love.

    By Gabriel Dahlke on 04.26.2016

  32. I had been
    feeding the weaving stable cats
    everything oozing rainwater
    the colours draining west
    and you
    eyes like a fawn
    stood at a rosebush

    ‘taste it’

    your tongue there
    in a burst crimson rosebud
    words floating
    over calendula
    and straw

    and your wild stillness
    your rose kisses
    swept me away
    held me
    falling deeper
    in the garden
    enveloped in cool darkness
    two lovers kneel
    drinking roses

    By david URL on 04.26.2016

  33. I looked up.
    After so long. All this time waiting, scratching the surface of what could’ve been.
    It was paying off at last.
    I watched as their hand slowly lifted. Their eyes caught mine and a friendly smile curved.
    Their fingers lifted.
    Senpai had finally noticed me.

    By The Wanderer on 04.26.2016

  34. I never noticed the crevice in my sofa until now. It had always seemed like two solid, long, pizza-stained cushion things. This time, however, there was definitely a crack that was extending along the middle of the backrest. And it was bleeding. I probably should have mentioned that first.

    By Chris URL on 04.26.2016

  35. I noticed that my dog was sick again today. She is always so happy and today she’s just not herself. I also noticed that my boyfriend hasn’t been around since she’s been feeling down. I wonder if he did something to Lady. He knows that dog is my pride and joy and I don’t know what I would do without her. I noticed his strange beh

    By deondreze johnson on 04.26.2016

  36. It wasn’t the first time that Jonathan noticed Alexander’s proficiency in German. Alexander stood behind him, babbling away in that strange guttural language… to some woman they had saved earlier from being mauled to death by Those. Jonathan wasn’t sure if he liked the sound of Alexander having something to say that he couldn’t understand.

    By Margsa on 04.26.2016

  37. I noticed him watching me. I was engrossed in my book, but he was always there. Watching. I averted my eyes.

    By Nadia on 04.26.2016