September 11th, 2019 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “nose”

  1. His nose was so long. It looked out of place on his small bald head. His eyebrows were thick, black, and bushy.

    By Chris URL on 09.11.2019

  2. the nose of the guy wasa short stubby the nose
    se of my dog sniffs but the nose of my lizard cant smell the nose on the doll broke off

    By jonathan on 09.11.2019

  3. the nose of the guy wasa short stubby the nose
    se of my dog sniffs but the nose of my lizard cant smell the nose on the doll broke off ok good luck

    By jonathan on 09.11.2019

  4. you can smell and can smell danger sometimes like if there is a fire, and your nose is a body part that is easy to break or fta

    By maddy URL on 09.11.2019

  5. It was thin, a little longer than most. Her nose gave her an almost foreign look, and made her face more austere. Still though, her eyes were her most defining feature, a piercing blue.

    By s on 09.11.2019

  6. A nose is something on your face that helps you detect smell.

    By emma URL on 09.11.2019

  7. I have a big nose like Squidward in Spongebob.

    By Mateo on 09.11.2019

  8. sniff sniff I smell chocolate where is that coming from ?

    By hannah URL on 09.11.2019

  9. Nearly everyone has a nose. Different creatures have different noses that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. In artistic styles some people choose to just leave a nose as a little red triangle on the face. It’s lazy, but gets the point across, and comes off as cute.

    By erin chavi URL on 09.11.2019

  10. haha, noses are kinda funny things, but they are helpful. they help you smell yummy things, and not so yummy things. noses can be different sizes and shapes which makes then unique!

    By Jennifer Roberts on 09.11.2019

  11. The nose is a strange thing. When I look at mine up close I see giant pores, like craters on the moon. I see rivers of grease and sebum flowing through me. With one sweep of the absorbing wipe, however, my oil fields are soaked up and my skin is refreshed.

    By reliay on 09.11.2019

  12. prose those clothes gnome nome hose prose cactus firehose horse compose rose close porous

    By sudevi on 09.11.2019

  13. Caitlin had piercings in her ears, hoops in her eyebrows, studs in her nose, a glistening ruby on her tongue – and I wanted to kiss every single one of them. The combination of sterling silver and stainless steel against soft dark skin and full pink lips made me excited every time I came to the parlor. Every time she inked me – a new portrait, a new signature, a new controversy – it was like she was the painter, and I was the overly eager canvas.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.11.2019

  14. Smell. Not used enough. Noses are becoming obsolete except for the perfume industry. But new knowledge is making noses more relevant because scientists are discovering how to sell more using sense of smell. It is an interesting area to follow the nose

    By Nilooka Dissanayake URL on 09.11.2019

  15. Stepped out of the bar believing you’d already gone, and then there you were, walking up the street like a lanky shadow of the moon, arms in the air, calling out, “Fuck this! I’m out of here!” I laughed, knowing you were joking about my inner monologue. It wasn’t until later that I realized my friends were smoking around the streetlamp a little ways behind me, and they must’ve seen us reunite on the sidewalk, since you were being louder than you ever are. Maybe they watched our conversation and wondered what we said. What our relationship was. I said we debriefed about work, and that was partially true. The part that stuck with me, besides your beer-stained breath wafting beneath my nose, was our goodbye. “Good to see you,” you said, as you always say. “How are you?” I asked, giving myself away. “I’m in a fog,” you said. Then, you spread your arms wide, and said, “I’m in a fog, but you have to pick a direction.” And then you walked away from me, back to the patio of the bar where the other men who looked just like you waited for you to join them.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 09.11.2019

  16. Nose reminds me of something Patrick from SpongeBob squarepants said ”no nose knows”.

    By dylon jenkins on 09.12.2019

  17. Here lie’s the nose of Patrick Star. R.I.P.

    By Devon Jenkins on 09.12.2019

  18. the nose is something on your face to help you n]breathe and smell

    By Nathan Yan on 09.12.2019

  19. The word nose means a part of your face with two nostrils where they hold disgusting gunk. Also it can help you breathe.

    By Elliot Nish URL on 09.12.2019

  20. I have a nose that is one of my 5 sences smell. It’s another way to see the world through scent.

    By Coumba Ndiaye URL on 09.12.2019

  21. Nose is a body part used for detecting smell and smelling things like smoke.

    By Mateo on 09.12.2019

  22. Noses can be itchy. Noses make boogers.

    By Alex Petrangelo URL on 09.12.2019

  23. at the middle of your face. the thing you use to smell. the pointy part of your face

    By isabel URL on 09.12.2019

  24. A nose is a thing living beings use to smell with and it helps you figure out if foods are ok to eat.

    By James Healey on 09.12.2019

  25. A nose is part of your five senses. Your nose is what you use to smell, like when you bake delicious cookies!

    By Kaitlyn on 09.12.2019

  26. Your nose is apart of you face places right above your mouth and in the middle of your face.

    By Kaelyn URL on 09.12.2019

  27. i like my nose i don’t box because i would brake my nose

    By matthias Yarashus URL on 09.12.2019

  28. I have a nose, you have a nose, she has a nose, he has a nose, we all have a nose. Big and small, brown and white.

    By Ghost Jalen URL on 09.12.2019

  29. She sniffed, trying to keep the tears from rolling down the bridge of her nose. She pulled the pillow closer to her, squeezing it as if it was a branch on a tree.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.12.2019

  30. a rabbit had a big nose, he could smell for miles. one day a bunch of an

    By Logan on 09.12.2019

  31. my oldest son have a lot of nose bleeds.

    By Zanedra latoya Martin on 09.12.2019

  32. I have a nose on the front of my face. It is not too big or small. Animals have noses too. Noses are useful for helping us smell flowers, and food and they also influence what we think food tastes like. Elephants have big noses.

    By EM on 09.12.2019

  33. The man had a big nose. The kid had a small

    By jonathan on 09.12.2019

  34. I have a nose. it has boogers and snot. it is mentioned in the song heads shoulders nees and toes. So yeah i like my nose.

    By Zara Beth Reeves URL on 09.12.2019

  35. I like to smell flowers and rose peddles all day long, and I like to smell my moms cooking when she makes dinner and I like to smell the grilled steak when we have a bbq

    By maddy URL on 09.12.2019

  36. Your walking down a park and you see some ducks sitting in a pond and you start to wonder what life would be like as a duck. It would mostly be floating and getting fed by people and getting chased by children and dogs but then you trip over a rock and your out of the world of your thoughts and back into reality as you’re picking yourself up onto your feet.

    By David Erickson on 09.12.2019

  37. I wonder what life is like as a nose. You bleed, smell things. Some smell horrible and some things smell nicely. sometimes you just stop working and then get yelled at by the thing you’re attached to.

    I didn’t see the word at the top for the last story I wrote. I am smal brain.

    By David Erickson on 09.12.2019

  38. Holes on your face so you can smell and breath.

    By caleb on 09.12.2019

  39. Everyone has a different nose. Some are pointy and long, others are short and stumpy. Everyone uses their noses to smell except when the

    By Sophie on 09.12.2019

  40. Noses are great for sniffing things like flowers. they also are very important for breathing. I love noses since they are very useful great things to have. There for noses are great.

    By lh URL on 09.12.2019