September 17th, 2019 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “charging”

  1. His fingers tremble slightly as they hover over the keys, and I know it has nothing to do with cold or fear. It’s the anticipation. I know it well. I can see the outline of a thousand minuscule gears whir rapidly inside his skull, and watch as his fingertips tap idly at nothing. Practicing with the air. Warming up. Waiting for that buzz of energy to surge to his wrists, to create audible colours with black and white keys, to turn his thoughts into sound and fill the room with them. In this brief preceding silence I swear I can hear how fast his heart is going, and, in this moment, mine matches; I’m just as eager to hear.

    By magnets on 09.18.2019

  2. “Are you charging me with a crime?” I ask. Silence is the reply. The gate guard will not remove his grip on my forearm. “No? Then why won’t you let me go?”

    Falling tree blossoms catch on the wind, float to the ground in twists and spirals, and are crushed beneath the gate guard’s dirty boots as he leads me in the direction of his office. A quick glance at the dock tells me the ferry is gone for the night. What a mess. You said I should have stayed one more night and left in the morning. But for the life of me I’d scheduled that meeting so early. And here I am, neither on my way there nor with snuggled up with you, rather I’ve been detained, delayed, and confused.

    The gate guard’s bland expression melts off with the rest of his face once he sits me down on the other side of his office desk. This is a surprise if ever there was one! His gleaming skull grins, “No more meetings for you, you’re dead and drowned. Your boat never made it. But don’t worry you were number 37 of 108. Now, we shall process your paperwork and onto the next life you go.”

    By March Dantz URL on 09.19.2019

  3. Charging towards my dreams with the speed of light, and the escape velocity of the earth.

    By Shalini URL on 09.19.2019

  4. Phone charger plugged into the wall pumping energy into my brick. It is renewing my car or scooter. I am sleeping.

    By Sarah on 09.19.2019

  5. I like it when I am charging my phone. Charging makes my phone less slow and makes it faster and I really enjoy it.

    By Shawn URL on 09.19.2019

  6. chargiding

    By Camila mila URL on 09.19.2019

  7. I was on the African savanna and a herd of wildebeest came charging at me, I started running then I noted the lions behind the wildebeest.

    By lemonjello on 09.19.2019

  8. i charge my phone because the battery was low

    By matthias Yarashus URL on 09.19.2019

  9. I feel like I’ve dug my own grave. In a car, on a highway to hell, charging, faster and faster until the only thing visible is my own hands, frozen on the steering wheel, terrified at the course I’m taking. How can I get out? Who will help me? A quiet voice whispers, “no one but you.”

    By Jonas on 09.19.2019

  10. When we go to sleep are body is pretty much charging and giving us energy for the next day so the less sleep we get the less energy we have.

    By Kaelyn URL on 09.19.2019

  11. Charging could mean you charge someone for something they bought.

    By dylon jenkins on 09.19.2019

  12. Charging is when something is running at you fast or when your computer is restoring power.

    By Devon Jenkins on 09.19.2019

  13. The charging phone buzzed and vibrated as a incoming text arrived. I waited till it was done charging to check it though.

    By Kaitlyn on 09.19.2019

  14. They come towards me, charging.

    The horns gleam, and I see the shine of polished bone, in the last seconds of my pain-free life.

    The Running Of The Bulls really should have been the last thing on my bucket list- The Kicking of The Bucket.

    By Sparklespirit on 09.19.2019

  15. charging is a way to charge a phone, an iPad a computer, headphones,

    By Angie on 09.19.2019

  16. Charging through the street
    no time to take a breath
    thoughts racing
    through my head
    which way was right?

    By Sophia on 09.19.2019

  17. recharging my charge
    an exhaustion of the exhausted
    a momentary lapse of season
    the endless pining for unending reason
    my mind adrift on superstitions
    charging stations and new addictions

    By matt m on 09.19.2019