November 8th, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “nightlight”

  1. ´Highlights of the day are when the nightlight has a decent portrait ´, said the curator

    ´What do you mean?´, asked the viewer.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.09.2018

  2. The edge of the bed in my room shone brightly. I had no room to act before it suddenly sparked. My mind was on edge. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t move.

    By Jyl Strycker on 11.09.2018

  3. I stood in the room, the nightlight outside shining brightly.
    I then quickly continued to search for my stuff, carefully opening the closet, upturning the bed.
    But it the end, I never found it in the room.

    By echuaco URL on 11.09.2018

  4. I can’t sleep with a nightlight, it needs to be totally dark, the comforter pulled over my head. I wonder about you, whether you sleep at all, or just drink coffee from ten pm to three am and then find yourself too close to going into the office. Come stay with me so I can see.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 11.09.2018

  5. The nightlight kept me up all night. Although I slept a bit. I woke up every now and then.
    The night light helped me sleep at night. I’m used to waking up during the night but the nightlight allowed me to see her face every time I woke up. The nightlight kept me at ease. Her face keeps me at ease.

    By Margarita Rios on 11.09.2018

  6. A tiny little fire crystal that glows at night when you stick it into the wall. Some people say it’s an electrical charge into a low-watt light bulb in a socket in the wall. Call it what you like.

    By David M. on 11.09.2018

  7. painting pictures of shadows on your walls. they laugh and move in the dark moments. moving closer and closer, cornering their pray on the bed. your foot that you had dangling off the bed has been mangled with scratches. you hear them murmuring like mosquito’s .”Behind you”, one of them says, and your eyes peel open. only to see black eyes staring back into your soul.

    By AshleighSiegel on 11.09.2018

  8. Nightlight, bar life, sloshed lightning bugs leave their stools cocked at angles – aim for blurred taillights speeding across the windows – keep tapping into the glass – which way is out? – bartender traps them in a bottle, sets them on the top shelf – Say, Joe, pour me some o’them nightlights cuz I wanna get lit!

    By crap2cream on 11.09.2018

  9. I never needed a nightlight as a child. I had my mom and dad. But now, in this world of school shootings and gangs and sexual misconduct and rampant and unapologetic inequality, I feel like I need a nightlight more than ever. Maybe even a daylight.

    By St. Nick on 11.09.2018

  10. She clicked off the overhead light and used the small nightlight in the corner to guide her steps back to the bed. “Is that nightlight going to bother you?”
    “I hope not,” Paul shifted in the bed to make room for her, “I’m hoping I will be distracted by other things.”

    By Bridget Grace on 11.09.2018

  11. I like people that are nightlights. No matter how lost you may feel sometimes, or how much the unknown can scare you, they will always be there, quietly burning. The right person can be a light to guide you when the sun is away and you’re left alone with your thoughts.

    By Jordan C. on 11.09.2018

  12. My mind has been filled with her. Love is unexplainable – I’ve been trying to reason out why I like her, but I just can’t form the words.

    It’s been so long since I’ve liked her, but I can’t tell her anything because it will ruin everything. It’s always been my dream to bring someone I love out in the midnight, sitting by the beach under the night sky, with the faint nightlight shining on us. It’s cold in the breeze, but we have a candle in between us and each other to keep us warm. Holding our hands tight, we cuddled.

    But tonight,
    I want to tell myself that it’s enough.
    Stop liking a person who doesn’t like you the same way
    Stop doing everything for the sake of her
    Stop neglecting yourself
    Stop thinking about her.
    Leave that energy for someone else, and at the meantime embrace the people who are showering me with love.
    And don’t forget to love yourself

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 11.09.2018

  13. Samantha didn’t need the nightlight on after she turned nine years old, but somehow, I always think she was somewhat afraid of the dark. She didn’t leave her room much when the sun had set, even when she was a teenager. If she hung out with friends, it was in the afternoon or inside, where the lamps were bright and the whole house hummed with glowing activity.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.09.2018

  14. I am laying in a room of darkness, shadows filling my brain. I sense monsters lurking at the beak of my head. they thrive on my fears. I lay there feeling nothing. But in the distance, a glimmer of hope. A nightlight. It fills my heart with strength and optimism. I go to sleep.

    By miki on 11.09.2018

  15. She loved the moon. Her favorite nightlight. All others, even the nightlights in fancy shapes sold by fancy stories with fancy prices, they were a pale imitation of the moon. She looked for the moon every evening, adored its varying faces. She wondered how some people could not see the man in the moon once it was partially full. He was her man, who wouldn’t want a man shining down on you, flooding you with light, loving your arms flung out, your face raised and bathed with radiance? Last night she saw the new moon, that thin crescent when it was still light out, starting the two week cycle that would bring her man back to her.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.09.2018

  16. The nightlight from my headlamp was fading fast. We were only an hour into our 3-hour escape, but I was falling behind. I didn’t bring my batteries or anyone else’s. So, we were doomed, from the start. With only a stringent passion to fly away. But it was dark.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.09.2018

  17. I was camping at sproatlake with my cousin and I met this girl who was older than me but she was really cute but it made me sad because she liked my cousin. anyways everynight we would sit at the dock and watch the stars

    By ivan bork URL on 11.09.2018

  18. It’s the most wonderful sight in the world. When the sun goes to sleep, the sky becomes ablaze with nightlights. Not even the NYE fireworks can outdo these natural beauties. Goes to show that nothing is more awe-inspiring than mother nature.

    By Conundrum on 11.09.2018

  19. The lights of the nightclub pulsed, the bodies under them writhing, necks bared and hips rolling.

    By ethel on 11.09.2018

  20. You think I sleep with a nightlight and I don’t wear anything but white just because I didn’t turn my head to kiss you when you wanted me to. You will never know the truth.

    By Ella Emma Em on 11.09.2018

  21. Your hair is perfect these days, darker than the night, falling in loose waves. Even though I don’t lust after you anymore, I find myself wanting to knot my fingers in it still. I told you a secret tonight, though it’s not the biggest secret I have, and you were my nightlight. You blew smoke into the smoky shadows and promised to protect me with your eyes.

    By whatever_artemesia on 11.09.2018

  22. We are big fans of the nightlight. It seems a little hokey but it’s comforting to wake up in the middle of the night and see that ray of light. When we have guests, we have two nightlights in play. It’s our way of staving off the darkness.

    By Robin Stein on 11.10.2018

  23. George looked at his nightlight. Suddenly, it went out. The monsters devoured him. George is gone now. We miss him.

    By SevenEmerald on 11.10.2018

  24. The stars are a natural nightlight that come over the black tarp of sky. I wish I knew more about them, every individual speck of light just gets overshadowed by the ones that have names. Orion’s Belt — do those stars have names or are they only recognized in the group of three? I guess I sort of feel sad for them after all.

    By Ian on 11.10.2018

  25. The red and white Japanese lantern served as the nightlight for her dreams.
    As she swam to sleep, she’d see the faint light illuminate her imagination…

    By chantemcb on 11.10.2018

  26. The citizens of New York shuffled along with their day, not noticing little Calvin. The sky was lit by the full moon. Calvin’s little hands clutched his favorite nightlight as he looked at the sky. It was his only refuge in the darkness of the night.

    By Will on 11.10.2018

  27. It was a little after 1am and Rusty should not be up, absolutely should not have been but he was wandering the halls of Venture Tower anyway. Brock was… somewhere, he didn’t know where, but once he rounded the corner and got to the bottom of the stairs he saw just where. The man was there on the couch, scrolling on his jPad, the TV the only light in the whole room. Rusty paused just behind him, almost holding his breath, unsure of what to say to the man before him. It was late. He should just go up to bed.

    By Crizzy on 11.10.2018