June 9th, 2012 | 364 Entries

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364 Entries for “nest”

  1. a home. aplace for birds, but also not just birds. it is a place where i am safe and so are my secrets. my own private where the birds can come and sing to me. no one knows about it but me and the birds because no one has ever cared to ask.

    By Sabrina on 06.09.2012

  2. Simply the egg fell into the nest. It was a gentle and soft landing, as if that one life to be as the first snowflake of winter. And as it lay still in the sunshine, all the potential lay still as well. Waiting for its chance to break free.

    By Maggie on 06.09.2012

  3. bird nest is full of tiny eggs lovely chicks see them in farms and you can hold them aw so cute. nest lik e helena bonham carters hair is like amy winehouse so big loike a bowl was shoved up there o my gosh wonder if it defies gravity why am i talking about this seriously onl

    By hattie on 06.09.2012

  4. a place where birds live.
    made of twigs and things birds find.
    where birds lay their eggs.
    is in a tree or a safe place.

    By Audrey on 06.09.2012

  5. I don’t want to be held captive any longer, the way the tiny baby birds are by their mother, kept cooped up in the nest while the rest of the world goes on outside. They can’t fly – they can’t unhide themselves, take pride in themselves on the wing just yet. Their mother has cast her net and kept them close, by forbidding freedom, and inhibiting the reaching of their hearts and minds. Don’t look to far away – you’ve got to keep yourself in, stay, stay – they hear her whisper every day.

    By Thirteen URL on 06.09.2012

  6. There is an empty nest next to his home. He has fallen in love with a bird who will never come back. She used to sit by the window and preen while he slept. Now he pines in a way he never thought possible. She left and he leaves his heart in her nest- every morning.

    By FlimsyWhimsy on 06.09.2012

  7. Carefully i set down my egg. Ha. Why did I decide to call it that just now? I don’t know. I guess you could call it an egg. I watch over it. I keep it safe. But it will never hatch, and I will never be it’s mother.
    “Sara!” Carson calls.
    Gently I brush leaves over its soft oval edges. “Yeah”

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 06.09.2012

  8. Inside mother yolk-
    breath of new awaits,
    flesh and bone basking in
    the warmth of Spring.

    Their oval world-
    blue as sky, nurtures
    until broken shell
    reveals fragile feathered wings.


    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 06.09.2012

  9. I nest in my blankets as try to fall asleep. Oh sweet sleep, where are you?! Why are you leaving me NOW?! I have so much to escape and so much to hide from and so much to dream away in this nest of my blankets.

    By Ireland on 06.09.2012

  10. it’s a place where we rest. lay eggs and sleep at night. we make it with warm blankets and the dog always gets in first. a real pile is all you ever wanted but it is a bit crowded in real life.

    By oweno on 06.09.2012

  11. birds live in them. they are cozy to them its their home. they lat their eggs there. its safe. birds feed their babies in them. they love it is their home. it takes patience to biud it. birds can do it easily they care for their family having a safe place to live.

    By isabel on 06.09.2012

  12. a nest is a place where birds go to create life. and in a way thats what people do too. women “nest” when they’re pregnant or expecting. simply put; a nest is a place to feel safe, feel secure, be warm, comfortable. its quite simple really.
    a nest can also be scary, it can hold secrets that you dont want to unleash upon the world.

    By a lost soul on 06.09.2012

  13. A nest is supposed to mean love, but right now it means hate. The twigs, the branches, they scar me, they make my skin scream. My feet are cold, cold and so are my hands. This place has nothing left. I can’t wait to leave, I think as I stare at the stars. When do I leave?

    By foaltz on 06.09.2012

  14. My brother has one of those bird houses that you can stick up aginst a window and it has a clear back so that you cansee inside. Also, Russian nesting dolls-or ma-trah-shka (spelling?) dolls. We have 2 from when my parents went to Russia to get Nickolai (aka my brother).

    By Katarina URL on 06.09.2012

  15. this is the instinct of the expecting mother. now instead of climbing a career ladder or some such, it’s all about the softness of the baby blanket, the rockiness of the rocking chair, proper temperature control, nice smells emanating from the kitchen…

    By Heather Bentley URL on 06.09.2012

  16. blah
    love pattern

    By sarah URL on 06.09.2012

  17. This is a place where birds live. Momma birds raise their baby birds. Some days my hair looks like a bird’s nest. When i see the word nest, i also think of Nestle, which reminds me of hot chocolate on snowy days. The word snow reminds me of Snow White and the Huntsmen, which is a terrible movie.

    By Abbie on 06.09.2012

  18. little birds
    must fly one day
    so out they go
    pushed by their mother
    into freedom
    so sweet and pure
    flying so high
    into the sky
    far away from
    the baby bird home
    their nest is left
    far behind
    in a world unknown

    By Rebecca on 06.09.2012

  19. Lost deep and cozy, met into each other’s embrace. The small and the wriggling, the eager and hopeful. The well fed and the malnourished. They reach a crescendo and find themselves forever part of each other. One cuts short, the other to thrive in the gifted love or the other met in the nest, the home, the soul and the deepest places, lost to consciousness.

    By Yanamar on 06.09.2012

  20. We lay in the bed for what seemed like hours. our bodies entangled in the sheets like birds in a nest. waiting for our mother to come home. Only, she never would. We lay there quietly. Neither of us talking, asking if the other was okay, or disturbing the silence.

    By Kristina on 06.09.2012

  21. Her own little nest to tend to. Each day was the same, a plan of mercilessly tending to her children and cleaning the little messes they made. Once they left home, well, her own nest was her little project. Mindless working each and every day with the same things in the same place each time.
    It was no wonder that one day she would go crazy and the police would find her house in shambles, the once glistening trophy of a housewife’s ego.

    By Locke and Demosthenes on 06.09.2012

  22. Castor and Pollux, I heard they’re both names for glowing plasma in the night, St. Elmo’s Fire or does it go by corposant, or torch, or a place where things come up sunny, or bright? Oh, fateful night, then. That which doesn’t breed discontent. Winter’s moon, I know her tune. A nest in a barren tree, lined with down, while silver beams drip upon the town. I know this trail all too well, forgive me if I should travel ’round it. My sight, all sight, is directed on the narrow. Hunting predator, seeking after prey who pray to the weakest gods to do their thinking for them. When a nest or garden of ideas should over flow the confines of such limiting lies and barriers.

    By HelenGrant URL on 06.09.2012

  23. The little birds peeped out in fear when they didn’t see their mother. Three baby oriels filled a nest to capacity. Their mother returned with food for her young.

    By Dani Romig on 06.09.2012

  24. She entered the cave with trepidation. The walls appeared to be sweating, moving. She knew she had entered the nest. The breeding ground .

    By mattg76 URL on 06.09.2012

  25. There is a little baby bird, he lives in a nest. his mommy left him. now he’s all alone. he’s sad. but he’ll be brave. he must learn to eat and fly on his own. he misses his momy. so once he’s old enough he’ll go and find her.

    By Layn on 06.09.2012

  26. We were fishing on the dock. It was late at night. Probably around midnight about now. And for those days, way past my curfew. Over under the abandoned restaurant he found it, a tiny nest with one small baby bird egg. A hidden treasure. What small little precious gift of nature is waiting in there? Waiting to spread his wings and take to the skies. I envied the little bird. He had the chance to start over anew.

    By Kytuhn on 06.09.2012

  27. The bird was in the tree nesting her little chicks. I looked out the window and thought about how I wished when I went home my mom would nest me, but instead I walk home and find her on the couch drunk, I lift her and put her to bed, kiss her on the head, and do the nesting.

    By Espy on 06.09.2012

  28. It was the darkest of all whites. The smallest egg of them all. A brilliant shine. And one tiny little beak chipping it’s way into the freedom of his new world.

    By Kytuhn on 06.09.2012

  29. Climbing up the cliff making sure that I don’t slip I peak my head over to my right where there is a nest of Oh crap snakes!

    By Lois Lightweight on 06.09.2012

  30. I thought of a nest that a bird makes. A mother collects straw, uses her spit and/or whatever ingenious methods, and assembles what she hopes is a stable home for her chicks. Half of the nests I see are those that have fallen and lay destroyed on paved sidewalks. Maybe she should come of with a better device to secure the nest to the tree perhaps?

    By Simone on 06.09.2012

  31. A nest is where a bird lives. They have to make their own nest because no one will make it for them. Sometimes, bird couple will make a nest together. A nest is also the place where the birds will lay their eggs. Sometimes the eggs fall out, then everyone is sad.

    By Olivia on 06.09.2012

  32. i was good at nesting, i guess. always. but not building a home. is it time to build a home? i mean not in a physical sense. i was always looking for home, and now, i’d like to work toward building one, with someone else, other people.

    By kaorita on 06.09.2012

  33. She had gathered all the branches and twigs that her book-bag would carry, and piled them meticulously in her backyard. The birds are bound to come back, she told herself. They’ll come back, she kept convincing herself.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.09.2012

  34. The nest was empty and her heart was hurting. It wasn’t that her children set out to cause her pain. Letting go so they could grow brought a loss she was not prepared to face. She felt as if she was letting herself down as she let them each fly freely for a while. It wasn’t time yet for the final release but touch and go, practicing and repeating for the final day when the real deal would be happeing.

    By Crisnole URL on 06.09.2012

  35. A nest.
    Made of leaves.
    Kids are birds now.
    Fly around the nest!
    Yes, you have wings.
    I forgot all about imagination,
    until kids with wings,
    flew around a leafy nest.

    By cosmic on 06.09.2012

  36. The warmth of the fire, the radio on low, and the paper rustling at my finger-tips; they brighten my eyes and send shivers down my back. The comfort and love of home on this winter evening reminds me, as it has so many times before, that birds aren’t the only ones who nest.

    By N. Hart on 06.09.2012

  37. the tiny bird with its blue feathers just beginning to strengthen and it’s beak just learning to open and it’s throat just learning to sing, was to be pushed over the edge of the nest. It would fly as high as it has always watched its mother do when she returned to it with food

    By Hannah on 06.09.2012

  38. A nest is a safe haven, training wheels. You’re so used to the warmth and protection of your mother, but one day, you’ll have to leave. You’ll be nudged out, forced to fly or fall, but whatever happens is up to you..

    By Meghan URL on 06.09.2012

  39. I’m think about the day I’ll leave the nest. Whenever it crosses my mind I can feel some paralyzing fear in my stomach but I can feel the anticipatory excitement in my heart. I can’t wait to spread my wings and fly away from here.

    By sera on 06.09.2012

  40. my hair is a nest and i love it. ive always wanted to live in a big nest full of creatures. sticks and feathers and lovely things. nests are so wonderful and cumfy. love nests love nests!!! happy wonderful nests. birds they get to create them and cuddle eachother in them. It is just so grand. nests nesty nest nests

    By rhaya URL on 06.09.2012