March 19th, 2010 | 161 Entries

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161 Entries for “neck”

  1. Around her neck was draped a simple strand of pearls. It was the perfect finish to an otherwise imperfect silhouette. Her figure was no longer the perfect hour glass, her hair had touches of gray.

    By Ella on 03.20.2010

  2. His neck was stretched to the limits, and he still couldn’t get a glimpse of her.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.20.2010

  3. my neck has always been longer than other peoples’. the apostrophe after peoples’ gave me trouble for a second. i never rememember just where to put it, or the silly rule. try saying how i spelled remember. tis fun.

    By erin gallagher on 03.20.2010

  4. coffee brown delicious fantastic stimulant . I love coffee so much it hurts. I would one day like to marry a woman made entirely out of coffee. I would love her for ever. I take mine with one cream it is delicious. sugar in coffee is gross.

    By Dane Hansen on 03.20.2010

  5. I wish my neck were long and thin and graceful. Instead it is almost nonexistent giving me a toad like apparence.

    By Phyllis Lovell on 03.20.2010

  6. testing

    By p on 03.20.2010

  7. a thing that holds your head up. some can be long and attractive, but also short and not. animals have necks, especially a giraffe whose neck is long. so legit. also a word for getting your kiss on.

    By Michael on 03.20.2010

  8. is the epidemy of a woman! as the man is the head and the woman moves the man anywhere she wants

    By James on 03.20.2010

  9. what you stick out when you’re in fear of the decision or sure of your position

    holds up your head

    By John on 03.20.2010

  10. Encircled with a rope of pearls, attached to a head… aw screw it this is hard talking about someone’s neck without sounding creepy. Seriously, a neck? Face or even a toe would be wayyy easier than this. And usually I’m better at writing than this =P

    By Sarah on 03.20.2010

  11. Neck and neck, they raced down the speedway, sweat pouring down their faces. The engines roared, but the crowd was louder, drowning out any breath that the racers might have heard in their own ears.

    “I can’t believe it! They’re so close!”

    “I know, it might be a tie.”

    “I can’t blink!”

    By Leah on 03.20.2010

  12. i see not one neck but a few of many people. each stretching out in a sort of offering, i don’t know how to take it, what to do with it.

    By grimm on 03.20.2010

  13. above the head

    By alex on 03.20.2010

  14. she had a long slim neck and around it there were some stairs that would go up to her eyes in which there were a pair of mirrors that reflected the moon.

    By Ivy URL on 03.20.2010

  15. my neck is like no other it exceeds and surpasses everyone who obtains. it holds my huge head from falling to the ground and rolling away. I Love my neck for this reason and do not take it for granted.

    By francisco martinez on 03.20.2010

  16. i am gay


    By p on 03.20.2010

  17. I like necks they are good and without them my head would be falling over the shop. So in conclusion I am happy for my neck.

    By jamie on 03.20.2010

  18. I just wanted to hit him as he snatched the neck of the bottle away from me. I knew though I would get him back as he hadn’t realised I had actually filled it with soapy water. I think its time to walk away.

    By Liam on 03.20.2010

  19. He wished he had a neck. Other people have necks, but he didn’t have one. He wasn’t a fat man. It was just a twist of fate that his normal sized head sat on his shoulders, with no neck support.

    By vladdytrout on 03.20.2010

  20. My neck is so stiff and twitchy. I wish there was a way I could hold my head up without having to use my muscles. I can never relax. My neck hurts. My ex boyfriend held my neck up for me once.

    By Signe URL on 03.20.2010

  21. it hurts, its long. if only it didnt look like a saggy vagina. i hate it. i feel as if i am a 50 year old woman who cant wear anything but a turtle neck.
    Turtle neck, why must you hold my skin so tight?
    i cant breath. it hurts.
    oh neck.

    By you on 03.20.2010

  22. this is the subtle yet divine place to rest ones lips when disclosing to a lover your trust and lust for them. Nothing is so comforting to an equal partner.

    By p on 03.20.2010

  23. I miss when we’d lie in my bed together, your chest to my back, one arm draped over my waist and the other tangled in my hair. You’d press your nose to my neck and sniff loudly. I’d laugh cuz your breath was tickling me and ask what you were doing.

    “Nothing,” you’d say. “Just drinking you in.”

    By Melper on 03.20.2010

  24. on my neck there is a love bite. on my neck there is a necklace. do it up for me? god my neck is stiff – i hate working and it makes me sad. what do you like about me? my neck is like an ostrich’s – long and gangly.

    By Sarah Morris on 03.20.2010

  25. Neck’s can be long, lean and beautiful. Or chunky, stumps leading to a blob of a body. A commonly over looked body part, they can share much about an individual.

    By Alaina on 03.20.2010

  26. katie has a strange mark on her neck. she keeps trying to convince me that it is a rash, but we all know that it is a hickey. she is a liar. but maybe she sleepwalks to the frat houses and hooks up and doesn’t realize it the next day. that would be awful. what a mystery.

    By Ashley on 03.20.2010

  27. I have a rash on my neck right now. So mine isn’t so beautiful. But they can be so elegant. They say more about an individual than you’d think.

    By Katie Gordon on 03.20.2010

  28. I hate my neck. It creaks and never feels comfortable. Ever. In fact, I twist and turn it so often, attempting to relieve the air pockets between my vertebrae, that I look like Voldemort in Harry Potter when he does HIS neck cracky thing.

    By Emma on 03.20.2010

  29. I think necks are pretty fascinating. Attractive. Especially the collar bone, if you counts as a part of the neck, which I do. Sometimes my neck hurts a lot though, due to an injury a few years ago. It doesn’t hurt right now. Right now my head hurts, though. Necks must be pretty strong: they hold up the head, and they also carry serious blood supply.

    By Stacy on 03.20.2010

  30. the foot of my head, the snake I gulp the food, nothing else

    By ststs on 03.20.2010

  31. Neck.

    By Stanford on 03.20.2010

  32. My friend has a neck which is exceptionally strange: it is mostly dark and smooth, with occasional missed wiry hairs and a large cord of a vein,

    By ana on 03.20.2010

  33. His eyes fled from her neck as she glanced up at him, golden curls falling nicely in front of her face. Averting his eyes, he pretended to be fiddling with the clasp of his watch.

    By john on 03.20.2010

  34. A neck is an interesting thing. It can be long or short. It can be skinny or fat. It can be like a lollypop stick or like an elephant leg. the problem is, you never have any choice in the matter. I would much prefer to have a popcicle stick neck, yet i was born with about a thigh-size kneck. not like fat thighs, just like the thighs of a skinny girl.

    By stcrx on 03.20.2010

  35. neck is great for separating the head and body.

    By odinn on 03.20.2010

  36. Sally rubs her hand up the nape of her neck again. It’s there, that little lump protruding agressively. She was sure that it hadn’t been there yesterday. Her heart beats faster for a second as she thinks of what it could mean for her.

    By melanie on 03.20.2010

  37. Her neck was long and thin. Slender, like the blade of a knife. Not a very strange comparison to make, given the situation: she had a knife at her throat, he had a knife in his hand, pressed against the slight bulge of her Adam’s apple. She deserved it, that was for certain. He had justice on his side, goddamnit.

    By grovestrolls on 03.20.2010

  38. she always loved being bit there. i hated it. it made me feel like a vampire and i’m not a big fan of vampires. i loved making her happy though. she loved it. so i did it. just to see her smile. that smile could drive me to do some crazy things. and it did.

    By Mallora on 03.20.2010

  39. giraffe. they use it to get what they want on the trees. it’s their most useful tool!

    By Murielle on 03.20.2010

  40. He kissed my neck. All at once I felt so at home, I was sure having found the one and only love of my life. And he still kisses my neck. It’s really him!

    By Katarina URL on 03.20.2010