January 7th, 2013 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “must”

  1. You must do this,
    you must do that.
    Who says?
    All my life,
    I’ve been fighting the musts.
    This behavior has gained me much
    and also hurt me at times but I want
    to be a free spirit. Change the musts, I say.
    But be careful not to replace them with new
    tyrannical musts of your own.

    By Robin on 01.08.2013

  2. I MUST work on my story today. It’s been way too lng since I’ve done it since I’m working on other stuff that I’m writing so it’s like 5 or 6 things I’m working on at once and I’m getting really lost. It’s so tiring and I have no idea which to do since everythingseems so important. HELP!

    By Roiden on 01.08.2013

  3. I must not say anything. What I say can and will kill more than just a few people but an entire population. I have a secret pounding at my head, crying to get out. I can’t let you suffer like me. If you know what I know the secret will eat you alive.

    By alexis on 01.08.2013

  4. Must? Really? Must I? But, I don’t know if I can do it. I fear. I have doubts. My confidence really isn’t all that great. But… I suppose I must. I have to eventually, anyway. Might as well do it now, so I can at least get it done. But, then why do I keep stalling? Why do I keep putting it off? Why must I doubt myself? Why must I anyway? Must…

    By SareyZ on 01.08.2013

  5. Must i leave for work in 6 minutes?
    I hope i dont have to smell someones must today.
    I must find a way to make a lot of money and live how i want to.

    By M@ on 01.08.2013

  6. “I must keep my heart locked up in a box at all times. That way, I’ll never get hurt. Love them and leave them.”

    This philosophy not only hurt her, but it hurt the one she loved. She never thought she’d hurt him but she did. She loved him and then she left him. She must.

    By Pond on 01.08.2013

  7. i must have all that I want otherwise I will go insane. this is something that I can not say about anybody else. Now it’s time.

    By corpuri on 01.08.2013

  8. I can’t just sit back and let things happen. It’s a must for me to get out and do things.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.08.2013

  9. There is a must of being happy, feeling happy, isn’t it? But then go ahead and ask yourself: Why? Or dig even deeper: How? And if you get the how (and this might be goals like making a family, being healthy, achieving some major lifegoals) then you might understand the why: Because the must of being happy givey you hope and that drives the motivation to achieve something.

    By Fredda URL on 01.08.2013

  10. Must us a strong word. One must not always do something for it is very hrd to gain complete control without crumbling under the pressure. A must is to strong of a word. Not everyone can do it.

    By Grace URL on 01.08.2013

  11. must is not a have to
    we should not must do things
    we have to do stuff by our selves
    if we ‘must’ then we won’t do good
    ‘must’ is an obligation
    we don’t like obligations

    By khouloudxxX on 01.08.2013

  12. The desire of drive. The compulsion to own. But also that feeling you’re never doing enough. I must do this, I must do that. The house, the wife, the kids. The mortgage. The debt.

    Whatever happened to – I must find what makes me happy today? Even if it’s just for today?

    By Michael Bowring URL on 01.08.2013

  13. I must do this and must do this, I do not know det meaning of not knowing when to must. Why must I not do that, why must I do this? It is a sociaty made word and they controle us by it, what can we do? NOTHING, because we are nothing without the higher power and therefore useless with nothing to do.

    By Life on 01.08.2013

  14. the puppy must be the cutest thing i have ever seen
    i must be really high
    must reminds me of musty
    you must watch and learn Rachel
    sarah you must quit laughing youre geeked
    this must be a joke because nickelback sucks
    kendra must be a loser because shes singing nickel back
    this must almost be over

    By Matthew Ray on 01.08.2013

  15. I must pass my classes. I must do well, not for others but for myself. There is nothing stopping me but myself. Goodness this is so strange to write about but ’tis my train of thought for the day.

    By neen1794 on 01.08.2013

  16. I must think more often, people say you must do more, and I must, I have so much plans and ideas but never any outcomes its a problem, its a resolution I need to make I must be better.

    By Eoin O'Brien on 01.08.2013

  17. sometimes people say that you MUST do something, and sometimes you don’t want to do it. But because you MUST do it, you just have to get on and do it. When you MUST do something it means that you don’t have a choice or option other than to do that thing.

    By Bex on 01.08.2013

  18. you not say that my freind, must you stay with the dolphin who looks like a whale? must you really spit on your laptop screen…? must you be a weirdo? you must eat NOW!

    By C on 01.08.2013

  19. We must, we must, we must increase our bust, the tighter the sweater , the bigger the better, we must increase our bust.

    By marylee on 01.08.2013

  20. We must keep trying. We must always keep trying. Staying stationary is not an option. No artist is ever complete or satisfied. This is a must. You know the quote. Im sure a teacher has quoted it at you. You must not stop trying.

    By Melinda on 01.08.2013

  21. I must perceiver. I must push forward; crawl if I must. For I am strong and I am worthy of occupying the space that’s given to me. The home that I inhabit, the people that i’ve encountered, and the actions i’ve taken. I must.

    By Sarah Carranza URL on 01.08.2013

  22. i drilled holes into the closet,
    packed food and water there.
    stepped inside, and waited,
    until i can breathe in a world
    that will tolerate who i am.

    By isa on 01.08.2013

  23. There must be a reason for her lust, it’s not his body.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.08.2013

  24. Must. Must is such a horrible word. It’s like you MUST do it, like you have to do it. Crazy right? You shouldn’t ever be told that you must do something. That shit sucks. Hard core. Like, c’mon. I must do good in track, no I must not. I SHOULD do good in track.

    By Lilly URL on 01.08.2013

  25. Either you ‘must’ do something, or you can smell musty. Yeah, it has been a long day.

    By Jakers on 01.08.2013

  26. I must study lot of English because I have four exams next week in my academy so I’m too streesed.

    By Carmen on 01.08.2013

  27. I must be better…I must get over him…I must move on….I must be crazy to be so hurt by such a loser guy such as mark…He must be crazy to not wnat me….wait there must be something wrong with me…

    By jenna on 01.08.2013

  28. I have lived my life based on the word “must”. I must do this and I must do that and for some reason the word must was always attached to something related to work. My whole life has been about working and serving others needs. What about my needs? How has my life come to this? All work and no play…now I must use this word to serve my highest purpose…to have some joy! So now I must go…because I must write the screen play that I have put off forever!

    By Paulie Aragon on 01.08.2013

  29. you must continue to persue what you want to persue. you must not give up one what it is that you want to do.

    It is a must that you do not regret not going for exactly what you want to go for

    you must not be full of regrets.

    By harry on 01.08.2013

  30. I must breath.
    I must remember to keep my head above the water.
    I must run from trouble.
    I must fight to defend.

    And as much as it pains me to say this, my darling
    We all must die.
    As the tide must fall we all must die.

    But I know that I must love you.
    I must, because I do.
    I love you the way the rain loves the storm from which it comes,
    and the stars love the moon.

    And if I must, I will die.
    But I will love you even after.

    By Madeleine A.S. on 01.08.2013