December 22nd, 2016 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “moving”

  1. I didn’t want to tell her the news. Not yet, anyway. Not while we were sitting together on her father’s beaten-down, once-black-now-gray couch, her head nestled against my collar, eyes glued to the TV. I didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere, or kill her mood. Not yet. Not now.

    My parents had told me that we would be moving next month. Work-related, they said. Now all I could do was cuddle with my girlfriend and keep the sadness swelling in my gut like rising bread.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.22.2016

  2. Moving to a new place can be overwhelming. The insecurities, new friends, new people. New atmosphere. Trick is to always have a sense of home inside. A familiar feeling to bring you back to familiar when you’ve moved too far.

    By Korrie Burila on 12.22.2016

  3. I decided that I am moving. I am out of here. I can’t stand the cold ever since my little toe fell off due to exposure. I wanted to wear flip flops; I needed to wear flip flops, I didn’t want to wear snow boots any longer. I rebelled against mother nature and lost.

    By Sully Anderson URL on 12.22.2016

  4. I am moving. We are moving. The earth is moving, too. Absolute zero is when things stop moving because particles are always in motion. Movement is the marriage of time and space. God is outside of time and space, but still God moves. He moves people to do his will. I don’t know how, but he does.

    By Estelle on 12.22.2016

  5. Change is in the air.
    Pushing us away
    Tearing us apart
    Bringing us together
    In circles our tail challenges us
    As an arrow we pierce the heart
    Moving on

    By smattc URL on 12.22.2016

  6. I was moving around and attempting to get as many places as I could and I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be writing about but Nick is moving around right now and my fingers are moving pretty quickly and theres this blue bar underneath this space moving and counting the time and I just don’t really understand if this is more of a quantity versus quality thing and I am almost out of time.

    By arleen on 12.22.2016

  7. Faster, faster, faster. With every passing second the craft raced forward, blurring stars and dragging them out across the windows. I let out the breath I’d been holding. This was it…

    By bannedbookreader on 12.22.2016

  8. “It’s moving!”, shouted one of the men.

    The crowd ran over.

    It was a remarkable sight to behold.

    The coming to life of a creature that was once thought to be extinct.

    By DF on 12.22.2016

  9. It’s moving day.
    I’m finally moving to my new house. These movers are helping me out,
    I’m not doing anything, but I wish I could do them.

    By ugh on 12.22.2016

  10. i was moving toward it. toward or away i cant remember but the motion gave me meaning and that meaning gave me life. a life i thought i didnt have. wow existance is great. i kept moving. and doing. and moving and being.

    By Jonah Bresely on 12.22.2016

  11. It was a bright sunny day. Jon tried to lift the sofa. “Mary,” He tried again. “Mary, a little help here?”
    “Oh, sorry!” She rushed over and they lifted it together.

    By Aishah on 12.22.2016

  12. She moves at a snail’s pace. Each step and she looks down and around in every direction. Once she stops to pick up a small rock. She hefts it in her hands, smiles, puts it down carefully where she found it. Then she stumbles over a small dip in the sidewalk. She doesn’t fall. Someone is urging her on, “Come on, come over here, let’s see if you can make it to the corner.” She does it. She walks to the corner. Then she turns back, returns to the small dip in the sidewalk, looks at it carefully with her head cocked first to one side and then to the other. She steps over the dip, straightens her shoulders, smiles, and moves forward again. She is a three-year-old girl and she’s as smart as a whip.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.22.2016

  13. emotions
    to move
    be moved
    but it all starts in the mind
    all can be ignored
    concepts denied
    still we may remain
    our choice

    By poetwarrior on 12.22.2016

  14. Moving. Moving On. I want to move on. But I can’t get myself to do so. I feel like I’m obligated to stay where I am. Chained. To please others. Everyone but myself. I don’t know how to get out of this situation. I don’t like how I feel right now.

    By Poornima on 12.22.2016

  15. The boxes were all packed up, the reminders of their lives tucked away beneath the brown cardboard, and as they had put the remaining items out of sight into the last box, they began to feel that awful transition that comes with moving; the feeling of home being nowhere, as it is uprooted and having to be transplanted elsewhere, with the added worry of if it could continue to grow and flourish in a new environment.

    By Ken on 12.23.2016

  16. Great time for this word
    I’m seeking a new place now
    moving is a chore

    It should be easy
    but owners are too greedy
    properties aren’t cheap

    apartment finding
    websites with conflicting “facts”
    frustrate to the max

    waiting… for a place
    nice and at a price better
    or honest seller

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 12.23.2016

  17. I think about moving almost every single day. Where we will move to. If we’ll be okay. What life will be like once we’ve moved. But then I think that once I’ve moved, I will look back and wonder why I couldn’t think a little more about this time I had to be still and wonder why I filled all these peaceful hours with thoughts of moving. I think I will miss the stillness.

    By Angel Gage on 12.23.2016

  18. That does it. I’m incensed by this p.c. crap.
    I’ve decided.
    I’m moving back to the time when the world had balls and didn’t worry about stupid stuff.
    I’m bringing back those balls to the present.
    so, from now on, I’m saying it–

    Merry Christmas!!

    It’s fine folks to acknowledge Christmas, because that is what most in the USA
    celebrate, whether secular version, or true and religious customs.
    If the term offends you then go spend time in some part of the world where you’ll have real problems and suffering, THEN
    you may make your case if you still feel the same.

    I saw two younger kids, a Jew and non-Jew, trade a merry Christmas
    for happy Hanuka with smiles and no problems, because the INTENT
    was all good and clearly well wishing. Learn from these lads,

    Booyah Jim Cramer, your cool too, Cowherd, and anyone in media with balls.
    If done with cheer, no one should jeer

    So to all,
    wish you a…

    …MERRY CHRISTMAS… or CHRIST MASS (ol’skool on that one) & New Year

    and it’s a Christmas tree, stop fearing to call things what they are!
    btw the original santa claus, Sint Nikolas, etc. was skinny until those Nast drawings, and the real guy was from a Turkish area, hail Aziz Nicolas.

    observe traditions all or none, no half-assed. Go whole-assed like Ron Swanson.

    By Chris Myers Smart on 12.23.2016

  19. The moving truck swayed back and forth across the suspension bridge. Radamant was at the other end holding a sword over the rope to cut after the truck had passed. The Skeleton King flipped him the bird as he careful drove forward, but the old friends would be reunited soon. Someone had to get the booty moved before the Pirates arrived.

    By Rover on 12.23.2016

  20. Moving on
    Everything’s moving on
    They will even move on without you
    why not
    why not drop the 500 tons
    You have been carrying on
    For SO long
    Move on
    Move on

    By Sameeka on 12.23.2016

  21. You moved here and he never could he will never leave texas he will be swirling around the flat highways on his bicycle and i will be walking through midtown in a tight black coat timelines and lots of lines turned and erased and decided i think it was never going to happen

    By jenna URL on 12.23.2016

  22. She let the hubbub die around her, everyone settling into their patterns, the world slowing into peace. She smiled, content with the world.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.23.2016

  23. keep moving, don’t stop. moving is good for you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and financially. moving is really quite beneficial for progress in life.

    By Lola on 12.23.2016

  24. The Christmas tree was packed away deep in storage. Piled under ornaments, the pie pans were in the box on top. The tree had rusted apart and fallen to pieces. The ornaments were shattered but that’s not what Christmas is really about. Glory be to the newborn King!

    By Ginger-Girl on 12.23.2016

  25. Always moving. Life is always moving, and it hurts to stop, to push back against the current that threatens to drown me. I mean, we had a perfectly good relationship going. It was nice. I never had a relationship before the one I had with you. But now you’ve moved on, told me it was just to be friends. Life is moving too fast. You’re leaving me too fast. Life is always moving on.

    By Isabelle on 12.23.2016

  26. I already moved yesterday. Yet I’m feeling the urge. Should I buy a very cheap condo, aka hellhole, and move? Should I move back to the Mainland and hope for the best? Where will I be safe from our next president? Should I move to Ecuador? Chilly, high altitude, I’m sure the cost-of-living won’t be as cheap as they say it will be, and I don’t speak Spanish. And, much more to the point, do you take yourself with you when you move? If I’m any example, yes, you do, and your self remains obdurate about things like moving.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.23.2016

  27. Lurching, the train straggles on, rocking its occupants gently back and forth as it continues to cross between city to city. The young child sitting next to her mother begins to nod then falls asleep to the lullaby of the train’s motion and sound.

    By terradi on 12.23.2016

  28. the moving walls of the dormant mind
    never can get around to grind
    down and
    dig for a passion that lies
    heavily in moving soul tonight
    magnanimity is the veracious veracity
    for a love in any city
    even that high power seat throne
    is nothing stronger than a broken bone
    make some broth
    gazette like a mamall eating a sloth.

    By Milad URL on 12.23.2016

  29. I wasn’t moving.
    I wasn’t thinking.
    I wasn’t loving.
    I wasn’t caring.
    I don’t think anything else of significance happened anywhere on the planet in that sixty seconds that I watched him die.
    I couldn’t move.

    By Abby on 12.23.2016

  30. The bar underneath this empty gray space is slowly but ever so quickly moving across the screen, eating up my time but I’m not stressed, I’m not panicking at all about the time constraint, not at all, no. Because I’m writing something, right? I’m writing something worth posting. Well, I don’t know if it’s worth posting, But I’m posting it anyway so haha sucks for the haters here if there are any. Time’s almost up ~

    By Isabelle on 12.23.2016

  31. they sit up
    “all right, you. We’ve got to get going.”

    I smile. They can horrible,
    but they can be kind, thoughtful

    “Come on, idiot. Let’s get moving.”

    By Pandyfish on 12.23.2016

  32. I lifted the box with great concentration, trying to ignore the fact that Ethan was staring at me from behind. With my eyes on the ground, I set my box in my trunk and went to retrieve another. Ethan’s feet were planted firmly on the grass in front of my boxes, obviously waiting for some kind of explanation. I finally lifted my head an reluctantly met his eyes, my expression going instantly soft. I didn’t know what to say.
    “Good luck out there,” Ethan finally said, pulling a small smile onto his face.

    By Alicia on 12.23.2016

  33. “What a moving speech,” Kelsey feigned a swoon, putting the back of her hand to her forehead. She dropped her hand. “Too bad I honestly just don’t care.” Kelsey grinned brightly and dragged the scythe quickly across my neck. “I simply do not care.”

    By Paige B on 12.23.2016

  34. V = U + at.

    By Danna Cruz on 12.23.2016

  35. I kept moving. There was nothing else to do. He was coming, and if I was still here when he got here…

    I didn’t want to think about it.

    So, I kept moving.

    I was running. My legs were growing tired. Got to keep moving, I told myself.

    By Tiyana Marie URL on 12.23.2016

  36. The movement of the wind entranced her. The sway of the leaves, their dance erratic and free. It was beauty. It was nature. It was her world. The movements of nature left her awed.

    By Akela URL on 12.23.2016

  37. Move. Run. Flee.
    Fear beat and beat and beat.
    She was nothing but prey.
    But eventually everything dies.

    By Akela URL on 12.23.2016

  38. Moving is a pain. Especially for immigrants. My parents came from Asia, and it was a rough transition. You have to learn another language, learn the new customs, and try to maintain your old customs at the same time. Moving is bad, especially when it’s sudden. However, there’s always a reason for everything. Don’t get too knocked down if you have to move.

    By Justin Du on 12.23.2016

  39. I always want to move to London. Now I have got a 1000 day plan to make my move to London. I will be starting my new job and within 3 years I will be in London in a bigger role.

    By Ridwan on 12.24.2016

  40. snail

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 12.24.2016