November 10th, 2014 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “moonshine”

  1. The moonshine from the hills of Cape breton is sweet and smooth as the dew that beads the barley on a June morning. And the breath blow sweet on the wind over the fields

    By SN on 11.10.2014

  2. the moonshine on the river reflected deep into the cat’s eyes as she stalked a fish that surfaced within visual range of the shuttle. Strem sat on its wing.

    By Arin on 11.10.2014

  3. Just like sunshine, when its up it shines to make you smile and feel better. Go go moonshine !! We love you . Tonight I’m up just to watch it and enjoy it . Just like love, moon shines, we have loveshine , sunshine, moonshine. All three are amazing.

    By Anastasija Vukcevic URL on 11.10.2014

  4. Last time my uncle drank moonshine, he went blind. Now he kept drinking moonshine, hoping he’d go deaf, too. The dog he owned didn’t have any more vision than he did, slumped at his feet and whining for another sliver of something to eat. When I visited, I was happy to give the poor pooch the leftovers of what I cooked for dinner. When it came to my uncle, I didn’t exactly like to reward him much.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.10.2014

  5. Drunk in love
    Lost in the moon’s shine
    Drunk off moonshine
    Lost in love.

    By Nils Fain on 11.10.2014

  6. I look at the bottle of moonshine, I reminds me of us.
    – Hazel.

    By simone on 11.10.2014

  7. The howls pierce the night. Jadon struggles to keep from screaming aloud…the moon glares at him with white fury and his heart thuds in his chest, threatening to burst from his ribs. The world spins as teeth sing into his back, and the moon fades from his sight.

    By Melancholic on 11.10.2014

  8. It’s worth the burn, she’d tell me. Henry’s older sister didn’t show her face often, but when she did it was all but guaranteed that we’d learn something that would make our parents’ hair stand on end.

    By asavas on 11.10.2014

  9. What a marvelous discovery moonshine must have been. A bunch of men out in the woods, cold, bored, likely violent. And like a gift from the lunar goddess herself, alcohol! From plain old grains and heat. But imagine the first time a still exploded… Suddenly our hillbilly comedy turns tragedy :( But hey, good to drink.

    By Joren on 11.10.2014

  10. I sat under the moonshine and gripped the arms of my sweater, tugging it closer. I couldn’t believe the moment was finally here, I had a chance to kiss my love and tell her how much she means to me.

    By Kailey on 11.10.2014

  11. a swig o’ moonshine’ll put stars in ya eyes, like some spaghetti western cowboy pistol blaze like fireflies, a sure shooter, dirty dishwater and chew- hock, ptui! staring down the barrel eyes wild like wolves feral, reach for the sky! *bullseye* “the only thing i get from killin a man is the recoil of my rifle”

    By lgrey on 11.10.2014

  12. They say it is like dreaming.
    the moonshine
    A bottle night that makes the stars
    appear as Van Gogh
    must of seen them
    In swirls and halos
    Or perhaps
    It will make each person
    into an Adonis
    Or the drinker
    nothing more than Summer’s Fool
    Sloppy behind the hay stacks

    By Steph on 11.10.2014

  13. Sat stooped beneath the willow tree, ol’ Angus thumped his jug, smacked it to his lips, filthy syrup trickling down, dripping from his jowls as he drank away. Only his home remedy could get rid of the agony but they inevitably caused more, losing himself in the undergrowth.

    By Brenton on 11.10.2014

  14. Drink deep of my light
    sweet sunshine of the night
    caress the inner plight and
    remove the omen of the darkness
    and give me vision
    seared by whiteness
    spark the juice of revival

    By Protean on 11.10.2014

  15. One minute to write about moonshine. The word is a lovely word, even though it has a history that is less than lovely. I’ve read about moonshine before. It was a dangerous thing. People risked their lives for a short lived high.

    By B on 11.10.2014

  16. There wasn’t moonshine that was required for fighting in the hills, but there was an axe or two lying around, and it wasn’t long before the bottles were put down and the weapons lifted up. They were swung around like an empty container of liquor with anger, and fury.

    By Rmund on 11.10.2014

  17. I read about moonshine once. The word is beautiful in itself, but the meaning is desperation. It was a dangerous thing, if not made correctly, safely, it could kill. To some, it was worth the risk. It was worth the opportunity to exist outside the everday.

    By B on 11.10.2014

  18. I read about moonshine once.
    The word is beautiful in itself,
    but the meaning is desperation.

    It was a dangerous thing,
    if not made correctly,
    it could kill.

    To some, it was worth the risk.
    It was worth the opportunity to exist
    outside the everyday.

    By B on 11.10.2014

  19. it gives a lot of happy to people who live night time also. It is night sun for giving a pleasure light.
    it is very bright to

    By LeelaPavanKumar on 11.10.2014

  20. The lake was dark and silent. No breeze stirred the trees surrounding it. Mary crouched in the blackness near the water, and blew gently across the moon’s reflection.

    By Lati_Da on 11.10.2014

  21. The moonshine was bright and shiny. It was also an acrid taste in his throat. Ah, it felt good. He’d made it himself and was sharing with friends. They were a rowdy bunch, but he sat back and quietly watched their antics. It made him happy.

    By Lita on 11.10.2014

  22. the moon hit the rooftop of the building. it’s cold outside. staring at the stars and trying to make out a pattern, some kind of heavenly set-up in my life, i am lying down on the grass. but where are they? i see a couple of them but the rest is unclear. i wonder where is the end.

    By frankie on 11.10.2014

  23. Nana was thankful that her room had a skylight. The moonlight lit up her room just enough to camouflage the light of her phone. Her old room had had one too. Her father would always sing her a little lullaby he had made up about the prince of the moon coming to whisk her away to live in his lunar kingdom. That was how she knew the message was from her father. It had to be.
    “Will you be my moonshine?” She responded by saying she was too young to have a boyfriend, but they should start out by being friends. That way they could talk without her mother getting suspicious.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.10.2014

  24. The moon shone brightly, lightening up the room. Kairi couldn’t sleep, and she wasn’t entirely sure whether it was the moon’s fault or her own, whether the emotions built up in her too much, or was she just too tired for restful sleep. Moonshine was everything there was.

    By K on 11.11.2014

  25. Her hair, through the strands and onto face. I sit and stare and watch her talk. Shines through her, into me. Love for moonshine, her shine.

    By NPCarter on 11.11.2014

  26. sunshine play sand ocean stars beautiful magnificent lovely couple walking beach echo love dog

    By Irena on 11.11.2014

  27. Instead of one shot glass, there were three. She squinted to adjust her vision, but they moved in circles like haunted props on a horror movie set. Fear bubbled up along with her dinner as she realized she could no longer feel her lips. Her knees buckled and she fell into her own sick, swearing to herself she’d never drink that stuff again.

    By Soft URL on 11.11.2014

  28. Tipsy with knees wobblin’, having gathered all your “medicine for heartache,” if you’re not careful, soon your head’s throbbin’ too.

    By Intuition on 11.11.2014

  29. Are you serious? This is what you want me to write about today?
    Okay, without invoking painful memories, I’m just going to go ahead and talk about Sudhanshu, my dance instructor. His name literally means “a drop of moonshine”, there you go, I even modified the vision for you.

    By Abhineeta on 11.11.2014

  30. As the moonshine has begun in my head to the greatness of my life, I am again awed by my reluctancy to accept it…until now.

    By trkstr67 on 11.11.2014

  31. Momma breaks the bottle and sends a smell like dying cats through the room. I know what dying cats smell like, cause last year, Violet dragged a dead cat in. Probably it had been killed a half hour ago, cause its fur was still warm and she wouldn’t stop hugging it. I begged her to throw it away, or at least take it outside, but by that point Momma had gotten into the moonshine again and she was yelling. Violet started crying something bad and I had to let her keep it or she’d have another breakdown. She kept it for four months.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 11.11.2014

  32. “This is disgusting”

    Coryn grinned as his lover spit out the blueberry flavored moonshine. Kydrena’s face twisted into a grimace as she shook her head in a failed attempt to ride herself of the awful flavor.

    “C’mon dear, you said you could finish it before me, and I’m already halfway done.” Coryn said, raising an eyebrow at the angered woman as he took another swig of his drink. Kydrena narrowed her eyes and opened her wings in a menacing way.

    “Fuck you, I’m gonna kick your ass.” she hissed as she gripped her jar of moonshine and proceeded to chug the remaining two thirds of her drink. Coryn cringed as Kydrena slammed the glass on the table, locking her crimson eyes with his blue as she cracked a satisfied grin. Her grin shortly turned to a look of regret as she vomited all over the table. Coryn sighed and shook his head.

    “This is why you don’t challenge me to drinking games.” Coryn said as he pulled the dazed woman to her feet.

    “Fuck yourself.” she said, flipping him off as she slumped into his arms, falling into a deep sleep. Coryn chuckled and carried his lover off to their room for some well needed sleep.

    By broomballkraken on 11.11.2014

  33. Stop giving me fucking moonshine

    By bread on 11.11.2014

  34. Carl and Vera were not comfortable in the rental car, but even worse was the knowledge that in the backseat was a dead body. It made the air unsurprisingly stale and coppery, but they continued to sip from their thermos, passing it back and forth as they waited.

    By Brittani on 11.11.2014

  35. The old man sat against the tree and lifted his jug of moonshine to his lips taking a big gulp. Afterward he closed his eyes and enjoyed the peaceful stillness of the day.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.11.2014

  36. First thing that comes to mind is liquor. But then I think of the moon at night and how it lights up the sky and everyone under it. I love the still night when the moon is bright and the stars are out. The moons reflection over water is pure beauty.

    By Sandy on 11.11.2014

  37. Oh boy oh, moonshine. Whether is be the whiskey or the light of the moon on the water, it’s a beautiful thing either way. It truly truly is, and not a soul can tell me other wise!

    By Cat on 11.11.2014

  38. In the moonshine standing
    seeing the silver glow shine over the landscape
    thinking of you
    the world and how its suposed to be
    never me

    By flusmiles on 11.11.2014

  39. i like the moonshine it looks nice and its pretty. I also like the stars

    By Andrea on 11.11.2014

  40. late last night I sat a my porch with my cat and looked at the beautiful moonshine and the stars then I fell asleep.

    By Elizabeth on 11.11.2014