November 9th, 2014 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “farmers”

  1. With cracked, thick, aged hands they moved soil and rock. The contrast between hands that looked like squared boulders was striking as they lovingly gave birth to seeds in the ground, a tender sprinkling of human stewarded reproduction. Gentle. Firm. Steady.

    By Beth on 11.10.2014

  2. They are the most essential partners of an economic system. Since the beginning of time they have ensured that te masses get fed for no other reason than the goodness of their heart. The pay is low, the work is hard and every year the support for these warriors is lessened.

    They spend the entire year monitoring crops, fighting off diseases and pests and ensuring the bountiful crop is harvested efficiently and effectively and often with a very rigid timeline to follow.

    By Richard on 11.10.2014

  3. He wore coveralls, but they were stained not with mud but with streaks of neon paint. That didn’t stop the girls waiting behind him at the grocery line from saying (within his hearing), “Are there farms around here?” Lips curled inside her voice.

    Yes, he thought. I’m growing and raising things. But my crops are art.

    By Yona on 11.10.2014

  4. They do not require the reward of humble givings known by all, only that of being mothers to our species, mothers to our motion and our growth.
    They are the witting members of a falling race, devoured by convenience and efficiency.
    They are the herders of baseline happiness, consumed by our greedy taste.

    By Kirsten on 11.10.2014

  5. farmers grow food. farmers also raise animals. I like to eat food from farms where farmers work. Eggs come from the farmers farm. I love farmers! farming is an inspiration. razmeyer is a farmer. he has a farm near my village.

    By NiquefrumDahTrapp on 11.10.2014

  6. Dirty overalls. Sounds of sicada. Rusty tractors. Cows mooing. Sweat. Tears. Hard days work. Healthy food

    By d on 11.10.2014

  7. farmers are cool because they help us get ice cream like chocolate I love chocolate heheheheheheheeeeee CHOCOLATE tacos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Andrea on 11.10.2014

  8. Ohara sat in the front office of the station, trying to listen to the snippets of information coming over the police radio, but the static, and the background babble of the station house left him with very few morsels of information. Not that any of it would help him, he was here to complain about nothing happening. Court orders, summonses and other papers delivered to the address now known to be the residence of Michiko Tahara Doyle were being delivered, but ignored.

    Nana cycled passed the fields towards the river, past the farmers, bent double, planting seeds in neat rows, preserving a tradition that had been eradicated decades ago by machines in other parts of Japan. But not here, where making rice for Sake was a holy craft. She sat on the river bank for an hour or so every evening, trying to avoid going home. Not because she didn’t want to be there, but because she knew that being there would make her want to talk to her mother, to convince her to change her mind, and that would only lead to an argument, and she didn’t want to be shouting at her mother, or have shouting back, when she was so gravely ill.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.10.2014

  9. “You lousy farmers don’t know anything about politics what do you think your doing you not allowed to be here” “Fine!” “but how exactly do you know what know and do not know??” “we may be smarter then you think! you don’t know!!”

    By Isabella on 11.10.2014

  10. Jed and his uncles never left the dirt roads of Kinski, Iowa. It was a plain fact of life for them: their purpose was to reap the fruits of the soil until their bodies grew frail from old age. But even by the time they reached that point, the dirt wouldn’t wash away from their hands.

    By asavas on 11.10.2014

  11. once upon a time there was a farmer he had all different types of animals pigs, sheep’s, cows, chickens, ducks, goats and they lived a happily over after.

    By Elizabeth on 11.10.2014

  12. Farmers are fairly extraordinary people, in my eyes anyway. They are driven men and woman who are independent and at the same time helpful to others. They care about their environment, not only do they care, but they have incredible intel that many of us ordinary modernized workers lack.

    By Alexa Luker on 11.10.2014

  13. Electric fences on the lawn
    Big red barn
    A suspicion of the NSA
    Keep the commies at bay

    By Nils Fain on 11.10.2014

  14. farmers all work on farms they can be found with animals and crops. their work is hard and long but they keep trying. They dont give up on their work so they get far. If you want to become a farmer you need to work with good quality.

    By Isabella URL on 11.10.2014

  15. farmers are people who live on farms and grow food called crops.They give their food to grocery stores.Then people buy the food and eat it.

    By Dylan.G on 11.10.2014

  16. farmers are people who grow thing.they grow plants ,crops ,and fruits.farmer are very helpful.some farmer grow stuff in dry places.other farmers grow stuff in wet places.

    By asnah on 11.10.2014

  17. farmers our great planters.They have lots of animals.A dog usually controls the sheep.Cows usually produce milk or goats.Horse are useful for getting from place to place.pigs they produce bacon for a meal.Done.

    By Alex on 11.10.2014

  18. are very important to the country they help grow crops and breed animals and send food to the united states

    By Elijah URL on 11.10.2014

  19. grow crops,sheep,cows,works hard. Has dogs that help with the work that is hard.He has a lot of horses. The best part is that they love their jobs.

    By Briana URL on 11.10.2014

  20. Farmers grow lots crops.They have animals such as pigs,chickens,and much more. Farmers are cool and interesting. They do a lot of good things for people because people eat crops such as corn carrots and cows for milk.Farmers are very friendly to their animals.They treat them with care like it’s a also enjoy eating crops they grow. Its a big seggsuess for them to grow lot of crops and their reward is eating them and sharing them.THew have a lot of fun bonding with them.

    by Lillie Hill

    By Lillie Hill URL on 11.10.2014

  21. The dust and the cats on the front porch. Always that front porch tripe. But I tried to be in love with a farmer, once. He was small yet mighty, or so he grandma told me. He wanted to leave all of that, except for the old car and the guns and the freedom. I half understood.

    By dianne on 11.10.2014

  22. I like to watch the one in the red shirt the best. I lean out of the window and stare at them, wondering why they never look up. If I was a farmer, I’d look up all the time. Don’t they get it? Don’t they get that they are under this beautiful blue sky, and they are all beautiful, and they should take a moment to accept how beautiful everything is?

    But I’m also glad that they don’t. The one in the red shirt doesn’t, at least, so I can keep looking down and wondering how he gets his blond hair to curl so perfectly. If only I knew what his face looked like.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 11.10.2014

  23. First, you put the seed in the ground. Then you water it. Then the sun will shine on it. Then in a few weeks you will be a farmer, young man. Thanks for telling me Daddy.

    By Hope Strubs on 11.10.2014