August 27th, 2010 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “moon”

  1. The fire lit up the earth that night. The drugs were wild in our blood as we danced around the campfire. All of us; Crazy teenagers parading around naked under the young moon.

    By Alexis Babini URL on 08.28.2010

  2. She kissed me deep and I felt it in my bones. Her half crescent necklace cutting into my skin as she embraced.

    By Alexis Babini URL on 08.28.2010

  3. The moon rose high into the sky as the wolf howled. The boy screamed as he ran but no one opened their doors, they just glared through the screens at him as they watched the wolf devour his flesh.

    By katie on 08.28.2010

  4. It was strange, with no moon in the sky. The night seemed empty without it. Dark. The stars couldn’t pick up the slack, too far away to shine any brighter, for their light to reach us any more. It was strange.

    By poprika URL on 08.28.2010

  5. The mood so white and pure, it looks larger than it has ever been. How could I have not noticed it before? How could I not known its beauty.

    By Jodie URL on 08.28.2010

  6. Reach for the moon. I’ve heard that saying before. Haven’t you? Yet every time I actually tried to aim for it gravity stops me; that’s when I wonder, will I ever touch it?

    By Xelee URL on 08.28.2010

  7. the moon lit the way like it was day and from the backs of horses the outlaws drove the busted posse on foot, their spurs and boot chains glinting and clinking with their dusty shuffles. the smell of weak bones for lack of water rose up from the cooling ground and set the coyotes to calling their packs together. when the posse began to drop all desperate for dying, the outlaws stripped them clean and rode off wearing their wool frock coats and badges.

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.28.2010

  8. I think of werewolves which is horrible i hate twilight and all that jazz but anyway. I also thought of cheese cause people believed the moon was made of cheese but then they also thought that the moon made people crazy and i think that made the word lunatic orginating from the word luna

    By Nickie on 08.28.2010

  9. Would the planet be possible without the moon? What would happen without the gravitational pull of the moon to our seas, to birds which navigate by night, to animals that hunt by its light?

    By Marty Schoenleber URL on 08.28.2010

  10. when the sky hides behind the sun and finds enough time to cover itself in stars…
    there’s always a watchful sentry.
    here’s to you my lady.
    the moon.

    By David on 08.28.2010

  11. As she looked and glanced and reveled and danced in the light, she wondered what she was missing; what could she be missing in the light of the moon.
    So she turned and looked back, and it followed her; what could she be missing in the light of the moon.
    She asked; and it replied “nothing.”

    By emilyincolor URL on 08.28.2010

  12. the moon was shining its light on her hair and he was staring transfixed. she was beautiful and the moon’s glow cast a spell on him and his senses. he was in love. she was his undoing since the monent he met her. the moon revealed the truth.

    By amorfati on 08.28.2010

  13. The moon is so big. We orbit it. Just how we orbit other things in our life. Oribiting. It’s so fucking dependent. I don’t want to be dependent anymore. I want to float.

    By Raquel on 08.28.2010

  14. last night I saw you underneath the moon light, and i honestly must say, you haven’t ever looked more beautiful!

    By Biscuit URL on 08.28.2010

  15. the light of the moon
    illuminates your pale face
    in the empty wood

    By Ty URL on 08.28.2010

  16. “Are you okay?” asked Johnny.

    “No, I’m not okay, you idiot. The freaking moon fell on top of me.” Catherine threw the celestial giant off her chest with ease. She flipped herself upright and glared at the other god. “You didn’t have to throw that asteroid directly at it. The tides are probably going crazy down there.” She jerked a thumb towards earth.

    “We were playing baseball. How was I supposed to know it would hit it straight on?”

    By sporadicgirl URL on 08.28.2010

  17. high in the sky. Very Beautifull :)

    By Christine URL on 08.28.2010

  18. high in the sky, the first thing we see at nightfall. I want to go there, I would capture it for you.

    By Michael on 08.28.2010

  19. I’ll match your bars like burning steel. I got those mad shocking lyrics like electric eels. Talkin bout the moon, it ain’t no thing. Stand on my money, headbutt Yao Ming.

    By Get at me on 08.28.2010

  20. Moonshine
    The alcoholic beverage created by old men who will do anything for that cure
    Probably as a result of prohibition
    So strong you won’t know what hit you

    By Amiee URL on 08.28.2010

  21. I saw the full moon’s light as it played through her hair. Her body was calling to me. I wanted to taste her so much more then I had wanted anything before.

    By Tony V URL on 08.28.2010