August 27th, 2010 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “moon”

  1. today I looked up and saw beauty. I saw my soul. I saw my mind. Up in the sky staring down. Sometimes full. Sometimes gone. It beautiful. Its life.

    By Red Bear URL on 08.28.2010

  2. The moon was shining.The city was crowded.Lovers were every where.We could hear the music every where.

    By Azita on 08.28.2010

  3. Over the moon. Moons over my hammy. Blue moon on Monday. Moon unit. Mooning, obviously. How did this one piece of rock turn into so many other things… Peaceful and serene, always watching – into a ham sandwich?

    By J URL on 08.28.2010

  4. Luna sat in the surf and trailed her fingers through the sand. The moon hung large and heavy, silver overhead. She curled her toes, wet sand sticking, and huffed a laugh.

    By astridfire URL on 08.28.2010

  5. The bright moonlight soaked the girl’s skin until she felt as bright as the moon itself. She was distracted, and she lit up a cigarette and watched her cat chase a large spider.

    By Encendre URL on 08.28.2010

  6. The moon had just risen in the sky, adding a new nuance of atmosphere to the field of mechanical parts. There was a melancholy feeling about the place. If D9 had shivering programed into him he would’ve used it about now. And so he entered

    By lucky URL on 08.28.2010

  7. The moon had just risen in the sky, adding a new nuance of atmosphere to the field of mechanical parts. There was a melancholy feeling about the place. If D9 had shivering programed into him he would’ve used it about now. And so he entered

    By lucky URL on 08.28.2010

  8. the moon and i are always in sync. when it waxes and wanes, my battery levels sway along with it. whenever i stare at it, i feel like i am greeting an old friend. i take comfort in the glow, as if it is just trying to tell me that everything will be alright.

    By starcrosser URL on 08.28.2010

  9. the moon is the white serving dish for our little main course planet. it hangs above, displayed and clean, yet showing the hairline cracks of 1203 uses. Yet we aren’t using it at the moment.

    By Andrew Chapman on 08.28.2010

  10. Up up up up over the moon. The cow jumped oooover the moon. oooooover the moon. His lips rounded as he repeated after me. Ooooooover the moon. Oooooover the moon. Then the cow landed in an abattoir and was cut up into neat little steaks.

    By rtperson URL on 08.28.2010

  11. My love, tt is never too soon
    to fly me to the moon
    finding you was a boon
    I never thought this would happen so soon.

    By Shail URL on 08.28.2010

  12. Always a runner-up in contention to be the biggest and bright, the moon once again lost to the sun’s overpowering light.

    By gino on 08.28.2010

  13. wow moon this is very big.. i like to go on moon… waiting for the space ship

    By fdsa URL on 08.28.2010

  14. The moon shone brightly over Shadow Lake. Night animals had stilled and silenced as the two young women approached the shore. “Do you really think it’s okay to be here without the priestess,” Maricka asked anxiously as she vainly tried to keep her blue student’s robes clean. “Shh,” Sharnon replied. “The only way to learn the secrets of the Lake is to seek her teachings and that’s what we’re going to do.”

    By Izolda on 08.28.2010

  15. Hippie bullshit. Just a rock, but more than that… Not a god. Made of cheese? Certainly not French cheese… American Cheese! Duh! Mmm…

    By Raven Martin on 08.28.2010

  16. The tiny white crescents on her palms shone beneath the weak moonlight. She had gotten much too angry again. Some of the tiny arcs in her flesh were already pooling with blood.

    By miatetangco URL on 08.28.2010

  17. You purify and break my heart. A childhood friend that watches from a distance, unapproachable. Your pedestal is too high for my love to reach.

    By Jesse URL on 08.28.2010

  18. “It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” – Bruce Lee

    By Edson URL on 08.28.2010

  19. I have to write about the word moon. Who knows what to say – I don’t even know what the point of this website is. Is this a scam? Why do people like this enough to put this on Stumbleupon? I guess I should say something about the moon. It’s big. Really big.
    And this is where I have a second go at it. I’m a fast typist, but not a freak. I got a stupid error message and they restarted my time. I really got up to saying the moon is big. I should say something else. It is round.

    By Aaron on 08.28.2010

  20. My phone blinked.
    I reached out for it, half expecting a reply from my close friend. To my surprise, it was a message from someone random, prodding me to look at the moon.
    And I did.
    The 15th of the month, the fullest, yellowest moon I’ve ever seen.

    By sandaye on 08.28.2010

  21. it appears on night, its a substantive but if you say moony its an adjective and i dont know what im saying here its all bullshit moon moony mon

    By andreea on 08.28.2010

  22. we walked alongside the creek. after a while, he stopped and picked up a smooth, flat rock and skipped it across the water, distorting the reflection of the moon.

    By zoe URL on 08.28.2010

  23. Ah, the moon, reflecting the three phases of a woman’s life, was now waning. The woman looked at her goddess and reflected how she herself was now nearing her waning phase, wondering what this new life was going to bring her.

    By Em URL on 08.28.2010

  24. All I wanted when I was young was the moon upon a stick, so everyday before I picked my out of my wheelchair onto my bed, I would look outside the window, dream about holding that large white piece of rock in my hand.

    By Vincent URL on 08.28.2010

  25. All I wanted when I was young was the moon upon the stick. My parents told me I was crazy, even threatening to bring me to a counsellor when I insisted on my dream. Then I grew up. And ironically, now I am sitting on a comfortable armchair, telling all my problems about a meaningless, soulless life I was leading to a counsellor, who only asked me to follow my goals.

    By Vincent URL on 08.28.2010

  26. moon its the most beautiful thing on the sky, it beams in between all those little twinkling stars and smile us saying ‘hey i am here’.

    By neema on 08.28.2010

  27. The full moon was bright
    A silver glow around it
    Sliver of silver.

    Appeared much later.
    I could not believe my eyes
    Clouds covered my moon.

    By GuestCheckingItOut on 08.28.2010

  28. The moon grinned at me mischeviously. I didn’t know what lay out there in the dark for me; it did. It grinned and laughed, and grinned and laughed. And then it watched and waited, as I fell into something I could never have expected.

    By Coral URL on 08.28.2010

  29. The moon was beautiful. It rose higher and higher. I thought it was lovely. But I knew for him, it was a shackle. In those few seconds alone suddenly all I wanted was for him to see its beauty too.

    By . URL on 08.28.2010

  30. the way the moon
    was shining on your face
    I knew this moment
    was unable to be replaced

    By Just Jes URL on 08.28.2010

  31. The moon looks like an amazing place to wander. Its white glow fascinates me and draws my eyes too it. I can’t help but feel a sense of amazement.

    By Matt on 08.28.2010

  32. The moon is a spherical white piece of object. It is highly respected by the Chinese and often worshiped as a goddess. However, in the Western countries, werewolves are said to evolve in the presence of the moon. What a contradiction. LOL

    By Martin on 08.28.2010

  33. There once was a man on the moon. He was survived by the beautiful swiss cheese of the orb that made up the moon. This man was more of a mouse really and always dreamed of a planet with more mice of men that he could befriend.

    By fair erica URL on 08.28.2010

  34. Sometimes, when life is getting me down, and people are getting on my nerves like that annoying lady at the supermarket express lane with 17 items and 23 coupons, I seek that place in my heart that brings me inner calm. I think of the wise words once spoken by a great philosopher, “Bang, zoom, to the moon, Alice!”

    By richpee URL on 08.28.2010

  35. I wish the moon didn’t see us that night. You me, the moon. We didn’t exactly keep it our little secret. I wish I didn’t think of you every time I saw your car, or the moon, or your choice of clothing. Why are you everywhere my mind goes? My memory of you needs to be erased like arithmetic problems on a first grade chalkboard.

    By Carol on 08.28.2010

  36. huge full symbol of love in my life, i gotta find it every night. romance, energy, nostalgia, heartbreak of course. someday i can travel to it

    By lo on 08.28.2010

  37. she sat in the back yard sipping her red wine,smoking a big fat one and listening to,’blue moon’,by the cowboy junkies.she wundered whatb it would like sharing this with just ‘him’ as just two long time friends endeared to each was a wish she knew would never ever materialize.

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 08.28.2010

  38. Der Mond am Himmel steht tief diese Nacht.
    Ich bin müde und meine Gedanken schweifen ab.
    Was hatte Kai gestern gesagt?
    Ich soll mich mehr konzentrieren-
    Leide rhab ich es immer Noch nicht Geschafft.

    By Marcii on 08.28.2010

  39. high in the sky round and bright played drums for the who blue cold and stark walking on the…

    By Glen Richard Davis URL on 08.28.2010

  40. the mooonnnn is big? and out at night? yeahokay. i dont like this one

    By aubrey URL on 08.28.2010