May 18th, 2011 | 555 Entries

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555 Entries for “mole”

  1. there is a mole on my face and it hurts it’s made of clay and it is bothering my cheeks. it’s killing me what do i do. i am going crazy here. i am not feling too well help me i’m dying this mole hurts like shit. how do i get rid of it. it’s growing faster and faster wow it’s like a basketball. now this is nuts it’s destroying the hair beneath my chin. It’s hanging all over my facial hairs hey i’m fucked up now i gotta stop this shit from growing under my skin. are my sixty seconds up yet i’m tired of talking about my mole. he he he.

    by timothy brown on 05.19.2011
  2. a mole is a beauty spot that enhances the appearance of a person. People who are not born with one sometimes get one artificially, through cosmetic surgery and so on. With good make up techniques, some get temporary ones though!

    by ceridwen-themis on 05.19.2011
  3. The lawn across the street is nice. Well actually it’s pretty long and overgrown. But the most distinguishing part of it is that there are dozens of moleholes making licorice polk-a-dots amongst the green.

    by david on 05.19.2011
  4. She had a mole on the side of her face. It was a big mole. No dainty, little, Marylin Monroe beauty mark. I tried not to stare, but how do you not stare at something so prominent? I could get over the mole, but would she get over my rudeness?

    by mabcon on 05.19.2011
  5. moles are tiny animals that dig burrows under ground and another definition of moles are the ones on our skin the tiny brown dots

    by feona on 05.19.2011
  6. The garden smiled a row of chrysanthemum
    Sprinkled a dandelion’s fire across its cheek
    And combed stiff branches into a parting
    Pointing at a darting mole

    The fence was an older face
    brittle posts for bones, stained wood for skin,
    and as the creosote seeps into its dry sap
    a rat chews on yesterday’s scraps

    But now the dirt jitters, the dust rushes through
    the blades can spy the shovels and spades
    the ramble of wheels and metal bring a mixer
    – the squirrel stares at next door’s grass

    by gskgsk on 05.19.2011
  7. i don’t know if any one has ever seen a mole but idk all well.

  8. i don’t know what a mole is but then again i mite nobody know.

    by emily on 05.19.2011
  9. MOLE! hahaha for me is a funny word. I think of some old person with a humongous mole in their face looking all odd and circus like. I dont mean to make fun of them but its just weird to see someone with a huge thing in their face; It obviously dont belong there.

    by Fabiola Rodriguez on 05.19.2011
  10. What? We’re still on moles? I thoguht this was yesterdays word? Or was it this mornings, oh well i’ll roll with it. I’ve never been that fond of moles… I dunno if this is the sort of thing yer supposed to write on this site but i just need the practice writing the first thnig that comes into my head really. Then i’l get better.

  11. this has nothing to do with how i feel today. what the hell am i going to do. i can’t do this any more.

  12. i remember the austin powers joke about mole. moles are really disgusting when they have hairs growing out of them

    by sam on 05.19.2011
  13. Mole had a small house with lots of brothers and sisters. The End.

    by Michael on 05.19.2011
  14. I dont have any on my face, but some people have so many, and I find it very unattractive. Sometime they can be cancerous or brown or hairy. We also had them in my yard when I was growing up, and my father would catch them with his inventive moletraps and dangle the poor blind things in my face.

    by Erin McKinstry on 05.19.2011
  15. Moles are an animal that burrows under the human skin. They are brown and hairy, considered by some to be unsightly (unless found on the upper lip of certain females) but serve an important role in aerating the human epidermis.

    by Rick on 05.19.2011
  16. moley moley moley

    by Abby on 05.19.2011
  17. skin is so fragile it is surprising it cover our body to protect us, and yet it is strong, Moles are funny looking little creatures aren’t they? I would like to be a spy, if only it weren’t so dangerous… like Bond. Guacamole is good.

    by Victoria Encarnacion on 05.19.2011
  18. I wondered how the cinversations got around how things I had said were obviously bandied then I reallised there had been a mole in the group . He was reporting back to somebody on top. it happened in sseveral groups , it all seemed very EAstern European and who better than somebody from the lands of spooks to do this ?

    by Anna Grogan on 05.19.2011
  19. A mole is an underground creature or a mark on your skin. I’d much rather think of underground creatures than beauty marks. The latter is kind of gross to think about… When I think of moles, I think of Thumbelina, and how the evil mole trapped her underground to be his lovely wife, even though he was blind. Based on the illustrations for Thumbelina in the book I read once as a child, I imagine that moles are kind of cute, like big brown mice. Some people think of mice and rats as gross, but I think most things with fur are cute. Rats are a bit gross, I admit, and I wouldn’t want to touch a mouse or a rat, but I can appreciate their big black eyes and soft bodies. However, moles seem a bit sad to me, mainly because of Thumbelina’s deep longing to see the sky when she’s trapped in the mole’s underground house-tunnels, but also because no one really thinks about or likes moles. It’s interesting that “mole” could be the word of the day, because OneWord takes something simple and makes someone think about it on a deeper level. This is thoughtful. I never would have though very deeply about a mole at all.

  20. There it is, that sexy little thing. Why is it sexy? It just sits there, accentuating that place on her face, there, just below her nose, over to the left side of her face above her lip. that cute little mole.

  21. is a yucky animal or a thing on your face which sometimes can be sexy

    by Maya Glenn on 05.19.2011
  22. I wondered yesterday–is it asymmetrical? It has a little tail, an extra apendage perhaps, that mars its circular nature. Must I, I must, note it, draw its outline with my pen, draw my honey’s attention to it, watch it, and worry.

    by emily on 05.19.2011
  23. I was so annoyed. Here we go again. I looked ahead and my beautiful field was totally ruined. I almost felt the ironic comments of that stupid mole! “Neenah-neenaah gotcha!” Now I would have to start all over again…so unfair!

  24. hairy thing on your face that sometimes you’re born with, sometimes it just comes out of no where. they’re things to watch though, they can be cancerous or get infected. a lot of people have them on their arms, neck, hips, etc. orrrr you could be referring to the animal. its really ugly. i don’t personally like them.

    by laur on 05.19.2011
  25. groundhog, tunneling tunneling tunneling. gopher from Winnie the Pooh. a wart on a witch’s face. a traitor, betraying some truth…must be found out, must be eliminated. what good is a mole for anyways?

  26. moles planted in foreign countries, planted in faces, planted beneath the earth and where ever they are, they create little hills or ripples around them, like the point in the middle of a radar blast. not too many people do like moles, I don’t think. I wonder why.

    by Danger on 05.19.2011
  27. sexy girl with a mole on her chin

    by Rishi on 05.19.2011
  28. I found out she had a mole. I never wanted to see her again.

    by PacoSalad on 05.19.2011
  29. I was once a mole a long time ago, burrowing as far as I could go, til I hit the snow, end of the show, no more burrowing for me no mo’. then I was reincarnated again, with the same whiskers of ten, that mole is a hole of a vehicle to be in, so I hopped through the tunnels with a little more chagrin.

    by andrew mclelland on 05.19.2011
  30. The mole quickly disappeared into the ground, never to be seen again. No matter how often the children would search the area behind their grandmother’s home, none could find the mole that had originally caught their attention that strange and unique Saturday afternoon.

    by ValVal on 05.19.2011
  31. MOLEY, on your face, Austin Powers, diggin’ in a hole, like U2, little creature, dark and blind, like an infant, like a foetus, helpless and needing protection, like a child, people, everyone is the same…

    by Kat on 05.19.2011
  32. What a dreadful word of the day. I hate moles, I think they’re ugly, especially ones with hair in them. Worst. Apologies to anyone who has these unsightly things. Eek.

  33. tacos de mole, while sitting in the kitchen. the fan is on, the heat is up, the words are gone. my dress drops and hangs by the side of my naked legs. feet on the table, and low smiles.

    by JoJo on 05.19.2011
  34. mole live under ground, they aren’t very good looking but i love it when they are characters in children’s books. they always wear the glasses are come across intelligent and cute. i have never seen one personally though and I wouldn’t mind meeting one, only if it was wearing glasses though and spoke as if he just popped out of wind and the willows!

    by rebecca on 05.19.2011
  35. when i hear the word mole i think of my friends marcela. our moms went to highschool togetrh and we are a couple years apart in age. she use to have a mole near her lip and even though i kniw she hated it, i loved it. it made her who she was. aftter losing touch for a few years we started talking and i saw that she had it removed. i still love her, but it makes me wonder why she wanted it gone so bad? thats how i recongnized her, but she couldnt see the beauty in herself.

    by kristin howell on 05.19.2011
  36. Dad, I don’t know why Mom says or does the things she does.
    Don’t ask me to get inside her head.

    by on 05.19.2011
  37. Cancerous and hairy at times yet a beauty icon at others, a mole is a tricky beast.

    by Linaya on 05.19.2011
  38. I met a pretty girl and she had kinda cute mole in her cheek. It was shape of heart.

    by on 05.19.2011
  39. Moles are tiny little creatures. For some reason, I always thougt they were huge. They’re not. And they’re not really that cute either. Not sure why, but the way that tehy’re always covered in dirt, and creep out of holes is a little creepy I think. It’s like the yhav e a huge masterplan, to dig all over the world until they’e conquered it!

    by Nesreen on 05.19.2011
  40. It was near a sensitive area and the borders are uneven… what does that mean? should I look it up online? will my doctor think I am a nut I mean it isn’t like that time with the bump on the top of my head….. who knew that it had been there all my life and tumors don’t grow like that I wasn’t crazy just….. Ok I am crazy