December 26th, 2009 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “blinds”

  1. you can’t see because all those people are blinds

    By alwaller3 on 12.27.2009

  2. they are very useful when one is trying to sleep, but they can be a pain in the butt when cats are scratching at the blinds and being annoying!

    By MKB on 12.27.2009

  3. i use them everyday. a hint is to one might say they let the light come in. but can ruin te fun if you close their eye lids. yes your are right. you have a GOOD mind. yes these object is a blind

    By coco on 12.27.2009

  4. Things you use instead of curtains. A collective noun for people who cannot see. something that makes one unable to see a situation, wether physical or mental.

    By Gazzle on 12.27.2009

  5. i guess the word doesn’t change on sundays.

    By Vanessa on 12.27.2009

  6. the blinds were dusty always are this time of year… which seldom makes any sense. We have the time but there they sit with dust making sight unsightly and worlds of dirt.

    By Kiefer on 12.27.2009

  7. I wonder if this is slang for the blind? I’m guessing probably those blinds sold at places such as blinds to go. what a stupid fucking name for a place. my blinds are white. I don’t know anyone who is blind. My mom is at risk for glaucoma though. can’t spell that. and I hate looking at the stupid trees at the doctor then they shoot air at your eyes it hurts.

    By Allison. on 12.27.2009

  8. blinds keep the light out of the house cause the day to change shape in the retinas and in the mind eternal twilight within the living room among the stale cookies and smell of powder blinds keeping the outside out and the inside secret blinds drawn and knocking gently together as the radiator hisses blinds becoming old with me and blinds buried alongside me in my mothballed mahogany coffin

    By A.C. on 12.27.2009

  9. poor people who have to deal with serious problems. I couldn’t manage with life as they demostrare they actually do.

    By h on 12.27.2009

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    By ardy on 12.27.2009

  11. When i look outside, I often have to look through blinds. My dog chewed up some of them, so I have to roll them up a littl ebit so they dont look retarded. I asked my landlord to replace them and hes such a douche that he wouldnt. Even though the previous tenants dog had dome most of the damage

    By D on 12.27.2009

  12. Blind people don’t see blinds. They can feel them though. I guess thats pretty devastating for them to have something named after their disability to see and they can’t see it. Ha, not really, they can’t see anything. Why does this matter? it doesn’t. Nothing really matters, except family and knowledge. Take care of your blind friends.

    By F on 12.27.2009

  13. why do I do the things I do to you?Kathy,why do I talk down on your ideas?Believe in only you knew how much I look up to you.

    By a false terl on 12.27.2009

  14. Curtain, I see curtains. What do I feel with these shades covering the light of day. I’m trapped in a room, pure darkness. Unequivocal darkness, black deepness with no escape. Why must I be stuck inside. I want light. I want stars. I want explosive brightness. My heart is heavy, I feel nothing.

    By Brandon on 12.27.2009

  15. The blinds were corroded, wipe marks from my towel lie there in hazy tracks in front of me. -Why am I living here, I thought.

    By David/ on 12.27.2009

  16. I opened them and there she was. Watching, silently, blind to her own reflection. Then I closed the blinds and she was gone. It was me, I thought, it was my own reflection. I am gone, and who the hell has replaced me?

    By Chasidy Hobbs on 12.27.2009

  17. I lifted the blinds to see the snow on the ground. Unfortunately the rain from the night before had melted it all away. I hadn’t heard this rain. I only noticed it after it had passed in the morning, leaving me with a blanket of mud.

    By Heather on 12.27.2009

  18. in the way, block, sight so much to say about the different meanings of the word. From horses to art deco to false trails to so much more. There just isn’t enough time to nail down one thought one path one area that the word would come to.

    By G Colman on 12.27.2009

  19. How could you just leave the blinds down all day, with the sunshine outside. Leaving the light outside as well. Not much of a view, but let the light in at least. It is not enough to turn the lamp on, to light a candle. Let the natural light bring some vitamin D to your skin. It’s not awful.

    By Nada on 12.27.2009

  20. its light out and i just want to be inside. enjoying that i can be alone and no one will mess with that. maybe ill read a book. maybe ill sleep. but everything else will be out. and i will go away. the blinds will keep me away.

    By Anonymous on 12.27.2009

  21. blinds fall over my eyes like subconscious curtains, hiding my dreams and glazing over my once seeing mind. like medication, like lobotomy, like pain that forces you back into an individual wonderland without a word, only leaving you with a shaking body and gaping breaths to keep enough static for something of life.

    By The Founder on 12.27.2009

  22. window light shining through. close the blinds go back to sleep. it isnt time to wake up yet dear. its time to dream and die and dream. its time to float back up to the place in your heart when your head didnt matter. let go let go let go because the light will come and it wont stop

    By roxy on 12.27.2009

  23. light shines hard in my eyes. my face burns as i turn away to find youve left me alone again. this isnt the first time youve left but it burns the most. and the sun light pierces and you arent there to hold up your slim fingers and keep it away. you arent there to block out my fears and hide them away in your pocket of love. come back

    By roxy on 12.27.2009

  24. I keep the blinds closed at all times. I don’t want to see people and they don’t want to see me!

    By ki on 12.27.2009

  25. sometimes they shield you from alien devices that devide us from society and other earthly smelles and unnecessities. when we bline ourselves from peace and freedom we become lathergic and squirlly towards other fandantations of the human mind, that will not readch the outter layer. I dont know how mudch blinded eyes will read this, but it sure doesnt help when you have to close in on an unearthly sounds from the mind and atmosphere, and when you cant see where you are going, being bound to the blinds that see you for what you are from the inside out, then you really cant find the answers within because you are blinded from the inside out.

    By Chelsea on 12.27.2009

  26. closed, dark open shut. Words to describe what usually brings to mind invisibility. watching, but can’t see. Regarding, nothing. Nothingness. Privacy. Blinds bring privacy to your home. Blinds are good thing if you want privacy…

    By Cinderella on 12.27.2009

  27. So you stand in front of me, all torn up by exhaustion from our night together. You open the blinds and the soft light strike your beautiful body

    By gus on 12.27.2009

  28. windows, shutters
    blind people walking blindly about, without their walking sticks cause some mean bastard stole them away while they slept, slept, dreaming of who knows what. maybe blind people can see things in theyre dreams? things weve never imagined
    i bet blind people have more imaginative thoughts than those who arent blind

    By a rugen on 12.27.2009

  29. How do you describe a sunset to a blind person? Try looking though blinds. do you think a horse wearing blinders really minds?

    By Austinstar on 12.27.2009

  30. THe things on the windows that hide the sun. i don’t like hiding the sun. the sun is very pretty and very meaningful to me. the sun gives me joy. i don’t like blinds. curtains are better. they’re prettier anyway. plus, depending on how thick they are, you can still see the sun throught them. i don’t like blinds.

    By kell on 12.27.2009