October 2nd, 2016 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “misunderstood”

  1. A character being misunderstood can sometimes be a beautiful concept, and lead to a touching redemption, but other times it can be used as a lame excuse for a character’s rude personality or actions.

    By Top Hat Jellyfish on 10.02.2016

  2. It was all a misunderstanding. Wasn’t it? That’s what she told herself. He would never do something like that to her. He would never lie about something like that. But as she looked at his face, looked into his eyes, she discovered the truth. He would. He did. Their relationship crumbled apart in a singled second as she gazed into his cold blue eyes that normally looked so beautiful and inviting. But that had been a lie. It had all been a lie.

    By Sarah on 10.02.2016

  3. I believe I am misunderstood by H. I dont think he knows what my intentions are. I want him to know that I’m trying so hard to be a better person – to be a better me but he’s so hurt that he doesn’t even think about it. I’m trying so fucking hard. I want a future only with him. I pray he sees that. I pray he notices that. I pray he gives us a chance again.

    By Simta Sharma on 10.02.2016

  4. Oh, sorry, my friend. I guess I misunderstood you when you wrapped your arms around me like they were two constricting serpents. I guess I misunderstood your gesture as disconcerting, maybe even violent, and surely I must be in the wrong, because you said so. But your breath was like hot onion in my mouth and nose. It burned my sinuses. But I guess I misunderstood.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.02.2016

  5. “I’ll be there – I love tapas!” Her enthusiasm was cloaked with naivety. It seems she misunderstood the invitation to the topless brunch.

    By nina riza on 10.02.2016

  6. i dont think anyone deosnt feel this at some point it causes conflict hate love in the wrong places it makes people crazy sad hurt depressed no one knows they are misunderstanding until its done some damage only rarely do they find out first before any harm can be done

    By Kitty on 10.02.2016

  7. Misunderstood man
    he that’s called patriotic
    yet denies ill truths

    oppressed fellow man
    neighbors wiping bloodstained hands
    swears it’s not his land

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.02.2016

  8. Nobody seems to get what I am trying to say. Words spill from my mouth and fly into the air, but all anyone does is give me a blank stare. I keep trying to articulate what I am trying to say, but it doesn’t work.

    By Gabby on 10.02.2016

  9. HIM: “I have a bunch of movies. See: here’s Die Hard, and here’s Rat Race.”

    ME: “Oh, I LOVE Rat Race.”

    HIM: “You’ve seen it?”

    ME: “Sure. It’s such a funny movie.”

    HIM: “Funny?”

    ME: “Yeah! You know! All the car stuff, and Jon Lovitz and…”

    HIM: “Ohhh…no, sorry. I meant Death Race.”

    ME: “Oh.”


    By Abraham Mulst on 10.02.2016

  10. She felt misunderstood and started sobbing, because she did not know how she could show him her disappointment. In the end he left the house!

    By BR on 10.03.2016

  11. I feel misunderstood sometimes as an introvert. I worry about my twitter profile saying I’m an introvert. But that’s my new mission isn’t it? To help introverts to understand themselves and be understood by others so their full talents can be utilised in the workplace? It’s a good idea. I really want to get this report finished so I can get on with the new stuff.

    By Emma Taggart on 10.03.2016

  12. I thought you loved me.
    I do love you.
    Then why did you marry someone else?
    I think you misunderstood what I meant by love.
    What did you mean then?
    Oh, you know, it’s not always marriage.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.03.2016

  13. “Woah, woah, that’s not what I meant.”
    “Then what did you mean?”
    “Can we take a step back and not yell for a second?”
    “… You’re right. You’re not yelling.”
    “Okay, okay, sorry… What. Did. You. Mean.”
    “That was very calm.”
    “You condescending prick.”

    By Bridget Grace on 10.03.2016

  14. I haven’t felt this misunderstood since I was 16 and thought that I was the only person who truly felt that way. As if no one else had ever experience confusion or a feeling of not belonging.
    But now, as I stood in front of my boss, and her boss, and the fucking CEO, I realized how even a small misunderstanding can really change the rest of your life.
    I took a deep breath, looked at my hands, and then began trying to explain.

    By claire on 10.03.2016

  15. I believe this should be the theme song of most adolescents. I have gone through it myself and seen it in my children and the children of others. The desire to be known and understood is universal.

    By Karen Beard on 10.03.2016

  16. Some days it’s like I can’t turn off the shuffle of my mind as it moves from one thing to another. I want to catch a single thought – turn it into something more than it is – but I can’t seem to grasp anything but the tail end. Then it slips out of my fingers like a slimy fish trying to flop back to water. I don’t understand why I can’t shut it off.

    By Amanda on 10.03.2016

  17. I misunderstood what you said to me.

    By Simon Woodard on 10.03.2016

  18. i dont like feeling misunderstood in my relationships. I really need to feel an unspoken bond between me and another being. like i wont even have to speak to you to get me .

    By domolove13 on 10.03.2016

  19. It’s the eyes. The flicker of the eyes, the hurt flashing, quickly hidden. Can’t be erased, once misunderstood.

    By Loren Dean-Austin on 10.03.2016

  20. i want to be understood by my husband. i need him to know what im going to say before i even say. i need him to listen and to be open and to not pass jusdgment. being misunderstood makes me feel lonely . isolation is what i perfer when im misunderstood.

    By domolove13 on 10.03.2016

  21. many things that we to do, many time we how to know

    By luiz claudio Morellato on 10.03.2016

  22. The typical misunderstood teenager, stomping about their room, slamming doors and writing in their diary “they just don’t understand me” That was someone I never had the chance to be. I never even had the chance to be a teenager. You don’t get chances like that when you’re like me.

    By Daisy Leason on 10.03.2016

  23. The school where I work is full of misunderstood kids. When I think of how frustrating it is to be misunderstood about a word or during an argument, I can only imagine how it feels to exist mainly in a file and have your entire life misunderstood. Your motives. Your difficulties. Misinterpreted as lazy.

    By fionacaccese on 10.03.2016

  24. “I–/what/?”
    Her hands flew to cover her mouth as she realized how her words sounded. Stumbling over herself to explain, she sputtered, “No, no, n–I–that’s not–okay, that sounded really bad, but I–it–”
    He turned stiffly, quickly hiding the stunned expression that crossed his face.
    “I PROMISE all I wanted was to ask you how your day went!”

    By The Wanderer on 10.03.2016

  25. Oh you didn’t want the bread you wanted milk i guess i misunderstood you.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.03.2016

  26. I must’ve misunderstood Gary when he said his life was more important than a flies. I was trying to teach him lesson but he just wouldn’t understand! Flies only get to live one day while we get to live around 100 years! Lil’ Lenny was also my friend and I couldn’t understand why Gary had made his life goal to kill him. I sighed. Maybe one day, I’d ask him the same question again (as I always did right when I walked in, except I always used slightly different wording) and he would finally respond with the answer I was looking for (and had been looking for for quite a while). That day, I would celebrate. But, it was not that day yet, so I still had to deal with the answer I got and try to persuade him to think differently.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 10.03.2016

  27. Oh, a class act.
    You’re not the kind of person who could walk through the doors and be known all at once, are you?
    You’re like me.
    You see, we’re the kind of people who walk around in black with dark shadows under our eyes because we know things others don’t get, yet.
    They’ll understand in time, but until then, we’ll categorize our angsty teenage selves as what we hope we will be:
    Because if they understand, then suddenly…we’re not as important as maybe we thought.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.03.2016

  28. Having misunderstood the question, he went into a ramble about how his life was one that deserved empathy and respect and whatnot… and the incredulous audience looked on..

    By Pranob Gupta on 10.03.2016

  29. i was always misunderstood as a kid i never talked about the real world and i was usually mumbo jumbo anyway

    By Amber on 10.03.2016

  30. I sighed and plopped my chin into my hands as he made a swift exit from behind. Why did things have to be so complicated? I started at the dirty dishes in front of me, feeling like all that food was turning inside of me.

    By Alicia on 10.03.2016

  31. I felt misunderstood when I was alone. I was in my room and my boyfriend was on the couch outside. Why was he on the couch and not in bed? Wine, maybe? The belt in his hand. In my hand. My natural aggression and self hatred. That is not understood by many.

    By shannon on 10.03.2016

  32. This is an easy one for me. My whole life I feel like I’ve been misunderstood. People don’t take into account that mental illness is just that it is an illness. It is not a choice. But even illness I don’t like as a word, that deems there is something wrong with me. That I am broken and in need of fixing. Coupled with that idea is the notion people have that I can control it.

    By Julia on 10.03.2016

  33. “Miss Under, please stand.”
    Miss Under stood.

    By omqwat on 10.03.2016

  34. Es gibt so viele Missverständnisse. Es ist ein großes Glück, wenn zwei Menschen sich nicht missverstehen oder wenn sie zumindest nicht das Gefühl haben, sich misszuverstehen. Denn jeder nimmt das, was der oder die andere sagt, durch seine eigene Brille wahr, mit allen Erfahrungen aus der Vergangenheit im Nacken.

    By Lisa URL on 10.03.2016

  35. You must have misunderstood me when said max was standing at the table you must have heard me say He is standing on the table.

    By TessaAnn on 10.03.2016

  36. this word is pretty much the story of my life. misunderstood.
    sounds edgy, sure.
    but when you thought i was glaring at you, it was just because i was afraid.
    when you thought i was being rude, it was just because i was afraid.
    i was just afraid. i’m always afraid. i’m a mess.

    By strangers on 10.03.2016

  37. There are many people in this world who feel like they are misunderstood. Unfortunately, if people just took the time to meet them and really get to know who they are then all would be OK and there is a strong likelihood that friendships would be born.

    By Matt on 10.03.2016

  38. He was misunderstood, like always. But what did one expect when one constantly had to speak in riddles? The future was too great and powerful for any oracle to say straight, so they spoke in twisting, weaving ways that they hoped the hero would be able to understand.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.03.2016

  39. There are so many bad things which have happened just due to misunderstanding. But, what can be done to avoid misunderstanding. I guess, we need to understand others before trying to be understood.

    By yas on 10.03.2016

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    By Erica on 10.03.2016