August 6th, 2010 | 155 Entries

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155 Entries for “mission”

  1. “Our mission is to infiltrate the Mags stronghold and retrieve the Stone of Markiand, “Sholo said as his team prepared for the onslaught. “But sire,” one of the new cadets queried his lavender eye wide. “Won’t it kill anyone who comes into contact with it?” “You just take care of the Mags,” Sholo replied as he fitted his shield onto his chest. “And leave the stone to me.”

    By Izolda on 08.07.2010

  2. I have a mission in life to learn all that I can learn. I have a mission to be all I can be. I have a mission to change my little part of the world to the best of my ability.

    By liltig URL on 08.07.2010

  3. My mission is surviving this place.

    By S on 08.07.2010

  4. I have a mission. It is to one day stand in the desert, look back at my life thus far, make new resolves, then shoot a gun (legally) in to the air in my underwear holding scotch on the rocks. Everyone has a mission, even if the mission is to have no goal. In any case, we are living the means and there is an end.

    By Daniel Oh URL on 08.07.2010

  5. Mission started it. Mission was painful. Mission rekindled it. Sometimes missions hurt.

    By Kathryn URL on 08.07.2010

  6. My mission today was to get the balls to finally kiss him.

    I did it.

    I can’t believe I actually found some way to muster up the courage to do that.

    Shame it got awkward after that.

    By Taylor URL on 08.07.2010

  7. He was on a mission. Perhaps it was useless, not worth it, but he needed to know how it would end. The kiss placed on his best friend’s lips was the dumbest thing he had done, but when he felt the other return it, he knew it was love.

    By Kellye on 08.07.2010

  8. once i went on a mission to america..it was a great mission..mission accomplished..i killed two people..and won the war..it was a great experience.to finally get hold of the treasure that we won in this war although wars are not exactly good to fight.

    By rajvir on 08.07.2010

  9. mission: this is a task set by either your self or someone else, it could be a divine….. probably not.

    By PurpleFuzz on 08.07.2010

  10. Misson im possible. cliched yet through. listening to 91.3 and the music is amazing. the simple life. my mission in lfe is to make life better for others, and i will acomplish that this monday. wil log off in 5 minutes to continue my mission. good luck fur ur mission ev

    By Cherry on 08.07.2010

  11. Mission. Even the mere word sounds like somethign grand. “I have a mission”, it signifies you have something grand to do and that you are determined to go through it.

    By Chiasma URL on 08.07.2010

  12. Again with the same choice
    the same decision
    the same voice
    If I could go back and enjoy this more
    I think I would be content now
    find joy in the rain
    and be a little more sane

    By Kay URL on 08.07.2010


    By sabrina on 08.07.2010

  14. its my mission to find real love, to be loved for me and not just for my reputation. its a mission every day to find the people that actually want to be friends with me for reasons that go past my looks or money or anything like that.

    By jane URL on 08.07.2010

  15. He was sent on the mission years ago, before anyone knew he existed. As the time passed, he became famous for the countless slaughter of the enemies. Time and time again he was forced to kill but he was not happy about it. The crowds cheered and threw flowers and women cried and men shook his hand. He shook in his sleep and wept every night.

    By Egg URL on 08.07.2010

  16. This is interesting. I just watched “A Beautiful Mind” for the first time yesterday, and its schizophrenic protagonist believed he was working on a top-secret anti-Russian mission involving cracking codes in major publications. I (not to be arrogant, but I think rather aptly) summarized the plot as “Fight Club Plus Math.”

    By vish URL on 08.07.2010

  17. I’m on a mission. It is of utmost importance. I am trying to save the world through a press of a button. Click! Ten grains of rice is added. Click! My vocabulary has just become a little bit more broad. Click! A child is saved from starvation. Click! I’m saving the world through freerice.com =]

    By Dana URL on 08.07.2010

  18. My mission today is to be productive, while having some fun along the way. I think we have many different missions in a day or in a week or in a month or even a lifetime. One mission for me is to expand on my writing. :)

    By Jules URL on 08.07.2010

  19. I have a mission — to make him love me. One of these days, he’ll see me for who I truly am — the one for him. One of these days, he’ll realize that she isn’t for him. And then we’ll be together.

    By teeea URL on 08.07.2010

  20. Mission: Something to achieve and a way to achieve it. I will do this mission statement in this way. Sometimes missions get tangled up in politics. I prefer missions that are personal, soulful, reflective and do-able. The tangibility factor is important. I was into mission statements when I first started my business, not surprising since I was coming out of bureaucracy.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 08.07.2010

  21. my mission this day is to go to europe and kill the scientific that created the atomic bomb and destroyed millions of lives in one second. by killing him, everything will be better.

    By andrdea gutierrez on 08.07.2010

  22. I was on a mission to the moon. You carried me there on your shoulders. Thank you for giving everything you had, I’m sorry I can’t be better for you

    By elise URL on 08.07.2010

  23. Life is a mission. It is not a one-man mission, but a combined vision.

    By sankar on 08.07.2010

  24. objective, goal you wish to be obtained, a destination for one to contribute what they can to one’s own life and to the world, a coming of a dream.

    By jahl on 08.07.2010

  25. It was an impossible mission, to try and get her to come with us for the trek. But we accomplished the impossible. So there we were, all set to go.

    By Shail URL on 08.07.2010

  26. His mission changed everything. She had told him she wouldn’t wait, but how could she not. And then he got home. He wasn’t the same boy she’d fallen for. But then two months later another David returned.

    By Julie URL on 08.07.2010

  27. Today’s mission was successful. We arrived at the rendezvous point thirty minutes late, but this did not degrade the overall quality of today’s work.

    By Alice URL on 08.07.2010

  28. In all aspects of life, we are surrounded by the idea of whether or not we will fullfill a mission. Many times it is spiritual but it also can be just a simple goal as preparing a dinner for your family every night.

    By Profhutch URL on 08.07.2010

  29. i don’t think we’re supposed to have mission in this world. missionariese travel to spread the world. at least they don’t spread disases. like stds. there’s more infected stds than missionaries’ words.

    By mars URL on 08.07.2010

  30. It wasn’t that I was on am mission, it was that I just had to get that snowman built. The sun was coming up fast, perhaps too fast, and I didn’t want him to melt before I could see how beautiful he would be.

    By Sky on 08.07.2010

  31. Her vision was blurry today. She woke up and instead of seeing the clear, brightly lit image of her ceiling fan, she saw a patch of watery gray stretched across a white background.

    By Alice URL on 08.07.2010

  32. Mission: Possible. See, the trick here is just to start spewing forth the spawn of vocabulary. Sixty seconds allows for quantity over quality. Do not challenge the authority. Do not edit. Think only in terms of the greatest achievement of success.

    By Stavi on 08.07.2010

  33. he came on a mission, leave no bagel unbuttered. the margarine rage of the eighties needed to be undone, overslathered, drenched in jelly.

    By shane patrick on 08.07.2010

  34. Hurtling through the trees, the Heroes were surely on their way to capturing the beast that fled their grasp. This mission was a tough one, as the beast was an unruly, dangerous beast with terrible horns.

    By Antonio URL on 08.07.2010

  35. “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me why we do not have cows.” The grunt looked at the general in dismay and then spouted this stream of words. “Sir! We don’t have cows because they pee in the house Sir!”

    By Robertc URL on 08.07.2010