August 6th, 2010 | 155 Entries

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155 Entries for “mission”

  1. our fears are always right beneath our feet.
    it’s why kings are protected, up on their thrones,
    planes are always expected to crash,
    and houses are not built on water.

    it’s the reason we run
    up the stairs at night as if demons are
    biting at our fingers.

    By infinityontherun URL on 08.06.2010

  2. im on a mission, a mission to see the world for what it really is..

    So far no success..

    So far no hope in life.

    By madi on 08.06.2010

  3. My mission is to write as much in 60 seconds. However, i could not think of anything right now. I’m in a daze. :/ I’m so blah. Hahahahaha!

    By graciewaycie URL on 08.06.2010

  4. There are times during my day when I think my daughter’s sole mission in life is to remind me why I stopped at three kids.I knew if I had any more children I would arrested for being a neglectful parent, since all of my energy and attention gets funneled to her.

    By danelle URL on 08.06.2010

  5. The mission is clear
    I’m going over there
    I’m going to do the mission

    By J URL on 08.06.2010

  6. I was on a mission to solve the mystery of the missing children.

    By Caris on 08.06.2010

  7. My mission? I don’t think we have a mission; we make it up as we go along. When think of one that feels worthy we feel satisfied that we have found “it”. That’s okay, in fact, that’s great!

    By Karen on 08.06.2010

  8. My granma used to take my little sister, younger cousin, and me to the missions in San Antonio during the summer. We would visit them after spending most of the day in various thrift stores. My best memories are the simple facts.

    By anonnymouse23 URL on 08.06.2010

  9. What do you know? What do you KNOW, though? Yeah, but, but how? How can you know that, certainly, undoubtedly? No. No. Yeah, I think that’s normal, everyone has those thoughts… why are we here, what purpose do we have? And the question whether it’s innate or not. I don’t think we’re born with purpose. I don’t believe in fate. I believe we make our own path, and that bullshit about finding yourself? Don’t go looking for yourself okay, you aren’t out there hiding under a rock and that’s the only place you’ll end up if you go searching. Crawl out from under that rock and make yourself, there’s nothing to find; make.

    By rAH!n URL on 08.06.2010

  10. This is my mission: to graduate at the top ten of my class and to keep my friendship with you. That is all. That is all I need to do this year. Everything else will work out in time..

    By Johnny on 08.06.2010

  11. there is a mission at the end of the tunnel. It has pirates and dragons. It green with red flies and daisies. We never know who or what it is but it’s there. The mission is there. And it is purple. Not green.

    By Natalie on 08.06.2010

  12. missions are so important. we all have a purpose – it’s just up to us to figure out what it is. i don’t know if i’ve found mine yet – i just want to be happy. i wonder if you can necessarily be happy without a purpose or a mission. i hope so.

    By nm on 08.06.2010

  13. Everyone used to know him by his shoes. They always stood out, for their style, their flair, their obviously high cost. But now, wearing his last pair, worn until there was a permanent smell, fraying laces and worn down tread, he waited in line at the Union Gospel Mission. Hopefully there would be a bed for him tonight.

    By Martin URL on 08.06.2010

  14. It’s one of those nights. Again. I try to do something of worth but all I manage to do is to grasp a pen and scribble down whatever emotion I can get out of me. I try to distract myself. I really do, it seems most of what I do is only to distract myself from whatever is bothering me. Thoughts mostly. The various goals and missions I set for myself only seem to prolong how frail I feel, how frail I’m becoming. I’ll see you around.

    By e.dawn.k. URL on 08.06.2010

  15. I’m on a mission. A mission to get drunk. wasted. fucked — up!!! I love lamp.

    By Olivia URL on 08.06.2010

  16. life is a mission. to get somwhere is a mission. to love someone is a mission. but what is a mission? a difficulty. a mission is a mission and to complete a mission is a mission.

    By Chloe URL on 08.06.2010

  17. My mission is to explore this site since this is my first time.yaay! time’s up!

    By superpepay URL on 08.06.2010

  18. mission

    By cindy URL on 08.06.2010

  19. i have no health insurance on Aug 22 cause its my birthday. so what do you think im thinking about when the word MISSION comes to mind? ill tell you my lil reader, fan, attention speculate; i dont work full time so the thought of receiving benefits through my job are not even on the table, my dad has money but he has never given me anything worth talking about except my computer which “broke” recently due to imaginary water damage, so what makes me think he might volunteer his hard earned money for my health? i see why people become doctors now, well at least why the down to earth people who hate long hours of contribution but love to give a helping hand to poor folks like me become doctors, because they want to help people in unfortunate circumstances, man if it were only enough. who has any suggestions? how about you mister Alyxander? yep you!…
    well you can always sell out in any form or nature, even if it means scraping up shit off a wall that was left by a 68 year old schizophrenic old hag wanting your dick constantly….lets do it cause i want to play music for the rest of my life: oneworld onelove

    By Phaedrus URL on 08.06.2010

  20. My sole mission in this life is to bring everyone out of pain, out of misery. I can’t stand seeing anyone in pain. I wish to do good always.

    By Jacob on 08.06.2010

  21. I am a woman on a mission and nothing will stop me … except, the box of cookies in the fridge … that book i have been meaning to finish … criminal minds is on tv … wait, what was that mission again? oh, crap

    By Alexis URL on 08.06.2010

  22. She always said she wanted a mission style house. She would have liked this place.

    By t on 08.06.2010

  23. I looked ahead. We were on a mission. We had a place to be. We had to go on, battered and in pain, ripped apart and clumsily shoved back together. We had to look forward and focus on our goal. If we didn’t make it to stop them, then maybe no one would. We might have been the only chance.

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 08.06.2010

  24. mission impossible. the mission no one can complete not even superman a mission that scares you. a mission you dread. a moment a thought something that is just not possible.

    By mariela on 08.06.2010

  25. a goal, something you desire to achieve. A hope. An aspiration. a dream. A goal. An accomplishment.

    By GABBZ URL on 08.06.2010

  26. Missions are for martyrs. If nothing is worth dying for, nothing is worth living for. Mountain mission is a 2nd hand place. Reminds me of J, Mamma, mom, signed books and rag store magic. Mountain mission is what we’re on. Placing the God of creation above gods of coal, consumerism, & common habit.

    By KomodoQueen URL on 08.07.2010

  27. Where is my mission? Every day I become more afraid to do, more afraid to move. I fear my mission is nothing.

    By Reid URL on 08.07.2010

  28. I’m mission you doll. oh yesh, Im mission you shomethin fiersh . come home shoon sho I can she ya one lasht time, dahlin. and make me shumma dat porkchopsh an appleshauce while yer at it, tootsh.

    By greggles on 08.07.2010

  29. my mission in life is to make the one i love most happy. it is my mission to make my future children happy. it is my mission to fulfill my life goals.

    By Rachel URL on 08.07.2010

  30. I’m on a mission and I won’t stop until it’s all gone and nothing’s left or until someone makes me stop. If they can. I’ll keep going this time even when I feel like giving up. I’ll keep going even when I feel like I can’t make it, I’m dreaming. I’ll keep going until my mission is complete…whenever that is.

    By Saronai URL on 08.07.2010

  31. We’re on a mission from God.

    By Elwood on 08.07.2010

  32. You must live life.
    Reward: Win the game.
    Accept [ ]
    Decline [ ]

    By quantum Suicide URL on 08.07.2010

  33. My mission was to get that pencil no matter what i had to do. The night was coming in slowly so i walked closer to the house. I peeked through the window the tv was on and someone with slightly greying hair, was sitting in a chair watching with disinterest.

    By kristy flynn on 08.07.2010

  34. It is my mission to write something about the word “mission”. I wish I had something to say about missions other than the fact that it just reminds me of James Bond. And Perry the Platypus. My dad’s name is Perry, but he is not a platypus. He’s just an awesome dad. :3

    By Stacy on 08.07.2010

  35. Whose mission is it to save them, turn them away from evil to good? Walk away from destruction, leave the fire, and find salvation.

    By gino on 08.07.2010

  36. Since early childhood, one of the fondest mission of mine have been ‘Helping people’ .. First I opt to go for being a doctor for the same reason, ofcOurse, but I changed my mind in the middle of the process; not helping ppl but the doctor one. cz it wUd take mOst of life and I dont want to end up caged in yellowed-building.. Phew! so what nOw! hmm ?

    By Rain URL on 08.07.2010

  37. i have a mission in my life. there is two s’s and two’s i in the word. the m in it remind me of macdonald. the o is an orange. mission impossible.

    By carol on 08.07.2010

  38. She sighed, glancing at the paper… She didn’t want to leave everyone to go on this so called life-changing experience…

    But… she had to.

    For her Father’s sake.

    By asdfdf on 08.07.2010

  39. Theatre. Stage or film. Either, both, a mix of the two. I don’t care. It’s my mission. My goal in life.

    By wherethelightningstrikes URL on 08.07.2010

  40. They are on a mission, and have only themselves to blame if it goes south. They find themselves in the middle of a high desert, with high walls around them on all sides, and snakes in the hills, but they keep moving, they do not rest. It is dangerous to rest here, with everything around them.

    By Roger Turnau URL on 08.07.2010