July 30th, 2010 | 306 Entries

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306 Entries for “miles”

  1. Miles and miles I have walked. Not necessarily physical miles, but miles of experiences, miles of words, miles of pavement that are otherwise intangible. Miles of people I have met, that you could wrap around the world.

    By Nicki on 07.31.2010

  2. I’ve been walking miles in these heels. I feel like I’ve lived for miles and miles, but they tell me I’m barely grown-up; how much longer is there? Will I ever be loved, or tough luck – die alone?

    By Liliana on 07.31.2010

  3. Even if I ran a thousand miles away, I would still not rid of you. Your scent, your cruel vindictive ways. Leave me to die in peace, or forever hold your breathe and consent.

    By Hayley URL on 07.31.2010

  4. miles was a cat and a cat fat. that is, he saw himself as miles instead of miles as distance. for him to ‘walk a mile’ meant for him to be walked. as a cat, leashes are incorruptable. there is no slinking. however many miles he was walked he never walked a mile; miles was always many and only one was walked, regardless of distance.

    By nicole h. URL on 07.31.2010

  5. The miles started to add up and my strength was continuously wearing down. I couldn’t even remember what it was like when I started out on this journey. What was I thinking? Where was I intending to go? What was the purpose of this trek through the dark expanse of my mind?

    By miruscopia URL on 07.31.2010

  6. just run, don’t see everyone, so far away from you, from everybody, so long, so deep, far away.

    By Aleena on 07.31.2010

  7. I’ve gone throughout my whole entire life, thinking you were so close to me, just to realize you were miles away. The one person I wanted is gone. States, miles, separate us. Never again.

    By Charlene URL on 07.31.2010

  8. mile is a measurement of how far you run. you can also name a boy miles. or if you name your girl miley you can call her miles!

    By Hannah on 07.31.2010

  9. I feel like I have walked miles and miles and miles in my life. So much so much to worry about. But sometimes those miles seem short and those days I feel energized

    By susan on 07.31.2010

  10. miles,
    i want to see you but you are far far away. i dont know when we will meet a again. but i hope it will soon. very soon. if we dont i will cry. if i cry i might just die.

    By hannah on 07.31.2010

  11. long ago i use to hv to walk miles barefooted in the snow. my grandparnts had never bought a car so oh by the way my grandparents are the ones who raised me.

    By matt alvarez on 07.31.2010

  12. miles are how far apart i am from you. well, if you times that by a million. i miss you.but wont be able to see you for, it may even be years. well good bye for now.may we meet again, in time.

    By hannah URL on 07.31.2010

  13. He’ll be miles away. That’s all I can think about now. I want to live in the moments we have together, but all I can think about is the miles. The miles I’d have to drive to find my home in his heart.

    By Aurelia URL on 07.31.2010

  14. miles is the name of the two tailed fox in sonic the hedge hog. one of my favourite characters. hes totally kick ass and never gets as much credit as he deserves. in 5th grade i di this totally bitchin drawing of that little orange dude, and i began to think “where the fuck did he get two tails from?” personally, flying around by spinning your tails is WAY better than running super fast.

    By PJ on 07.31.2010

  15. There are so very many miles I have to travel– I don’t know if I can do it sometimes. I’m no runner. I’m just a little thing, I just want to say down and sleep and be at peace…..but I suppose in this metaphor that means suicide, which is not the kind of peace I’m looking for.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 07.31.2010

  16. are good. are long. miles are very boring to go along in cars. too many miles waste gas. gas is expensive. miles is a name. I don’t like that name. I know a person with that name, who I don’t like, so I don’t like that name. miles is a 5 letter word. it’s short.

    By elisa on 07.31.2010

  17. miles. there are a lot of miles to go in the usa. especially on road trips. those arent very fun. all my relatives live miles and miles away. i know a kid name miles, and he’s cool. miles has 5 letters. its not very long for a word.Bia

    By Bianca on 07.31.2010

  18. I don’t know how many miles I have logged on my current pair of running shoes—at least three miles a day for over 90 days, maybe more. The shoes don’t mind; it’s what they do. Luckily my feet can handle it too.

    By Andie on 07.31.2010

  19. how far do i have to go
    to get to you?
    many the miles.

    many the miles.

    theres to many things
    i haven’t done yet.
    theres to many sunsets,
    i haven’t seen.

    cant waste the day
    wishing it’d slow down.
    ’cause you would have
    thought by now

    By Joy URL on 07.31.2010

  20. i just wrote this. and yet i have traveled miles. miles as an imagination exercise which i should look up on google. stumbleupon has brought me many miles and mostly her. milling about all day, that’s the easy way.

    By nicole h. URL on 07.31.2010

  21. If I could walk a thousand miles, I’d make it to your house. I don;t think I’d knock on the door. id just stand there and hope that if you want to look our your window youd see the footsteps walking away from your door so you know what its like to be left without knowing it

    By Jane on 07.31.2010

  22. i walked for miles and miles trying to find the nearest gas station. you see i had forgotten to fill up my tank, yet again, and now my feet hurt as i curse under my breath. damn car.

    By karen on 07.31.2010

  23. how many miles are there? I know a Miles – a certain Miles davis who can be considered a master of the jazz idiom. Man, those were vibrant times – the ’60s. How many miles can you go today without hearing some mainstream pop trash? Lets put some mileage back into goo d music.

    By Bryan on 07.31.2010

  24. Next year we will be miles apart. Words will never be able to describe how scared I am and how much I will miss you. You are my world, love.

    By Jenna Hopkins on 07.31.2010

  25. There were many miles from where I lived, to where my family lived, but I traveled them with my girls to see my parents often.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.31.2010

  26. i walk many miles to reach my home but in the end those miles were really worth the effort.Those miles were like a journey through life.

    By Gaurav on 07.31.2010