August 30th, 2016 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “middle”

  1. Sometimes life throws you in the middle of something you didn’t ask to be thrown into. Even if it is over something completely stupid and irrelevant. Something that easily won’t matter in two months or even two weeks. And all you really can do is hold your tongue and sit there, waiting for it to blow over. Even if you want to spit your two cents out like burning hot coffee.

    By Golda P. Jackson on 08.31.2016

  2. the middle of the movie was the best part bc the dog had puppies and then the runt lived

    By Amber on 08.31.2016

  3. I love this show and it is called Malcom in the Middle. The show is about a boy that is the middle kid.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.31.2016

  4. Stuck is the word that comes to mind. In the middle of being a teenager and being an adult. In the middle of responsibility and carefreeness. In the middle — just like the last droplet of water falling out of a tap and going back in.

    By Kruti on 08.31.2016

  5. In between waves he slumped over the plank and caught his breath. When finally he was no longer panting, he marveled that another wave had not already overtaken him. He looked up. The water hills were suspended around him in stasis.

    By ml on 08.31.2016

  6. She squeezed between them, grinning. “Two beautiful men,” she thought, “and they are both touching me. Not on purpose, but still.” As if Cindy could hear her thoughts, she said “Don’t even think about it.”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.31.2016

  7. The middle finger is a good finger don’t point it at your parents.haha your in the middle. lets play monkey in the middle. you sit in the middle seat. i call the middle bed. i use the middle computer for work. you need to fix the middle button on the controller.

    By Hunter on 08.31.2016

  8. “Grab the knife!”
    He scrambled towards the other side of the tiled floor, yanking open the drawer and frantically scouring through its contents. A triumphant cry echoed and he rushed over, thrusting the knife in the other’s direction as his hand slapped onto the counter to steady himself.
    The second snatched the knife from him, dipped it into the jar, and slapped the contents onto the surface on the table in front of him, movements erratic and hurried. The knife clattered to the table as he grabbed the second layer and slapped it on top of the first.
    A moment of heavy breathing passed.
    The smack of two palms striking echoed.

    By The Wanderer on 08.31.2016

  9. its the area in between other things, like down the center. So if you think about the road and want to drive down the center lane, if there are there lanes, think the one in the….See what I did there? Wonder if you remember that show, Malcolm in the….Get it, yet? Is this what this is for? I don’t know.

    By Justin on 08.31.2016

  10. My sister. Maureen. She’s the middle child. Smart. No nonsense. A bit Aloof. A little mean… as a kid. Now she’s all of those things, but never mean. She’s loving. Caring. A Mom. An awesome Mom. And a great sister and friend.

    By Tricia on 08.31.2016

  11. in the middle of the creek the police made us take the dock out of the middle of the creek because we weren’t allowed to have stuff block the current

    By Ben Davis on 08.31.2016

  12. I could feel the fight finally coming to an end. I said what I had wanted to say and now the silence grew heavier with every minute. He looked up at me and his baby blues were filled with such innocence that it saddened me. Our point of views were so far from each other that it was hard for us to even meet in the middle.

    By Erica Laurel on 08.31.2016

  13. She was stuck in the middle. Should she side with her father this time or her mother? She felt like a rubber band being pulled in opposite directions until one day, she snapped.

    By McKenna on 08.31.2016

  14. Stuck in the middle is a term often used to refer to being placed in a situation you would really prefer not to. Its even a phrase in a popular song. I feel like being “stuck in the middle” is an opportunity! putting yourself through weird situations is a way to learn, grow, and show people what you’re really made of.

    By brooke URL on 08.31.2016

  15. im stuck in the middle of a sand witch.

    By lucien URL on 08.31.2016

  16. Middle. Of. The. Night. That’s when I woke up to someone bustling around my room. I opened my eyes, propped myself up on my elbow to see what was happening. My sister was running around the room like a mad person, grabbing everything in sight and packing it into a suticase.

    By Andrea on 08.31.2016

  17. In between my house and my neighbor’s, right in the middle, there was this small box.
    When there were rainstorms, the cardboard would get wet and start to disintegrate, and we always heard faint noises of barking.
    Of course no one ever addressed this, it was in “no man’s land,” but that was until they moved.

    By Blue on 08.31.2016

  18. The whole day on this website i see the word middle. I’m bored now. I hope that it changes.
    Maybe i have to stay on the site? or something.

    By John on 08.31.2016

  19. stuck in the middle with you,
    stuck on flypaper with locusts.
    I felt like we stuck together like glue,
    but really you might have just been the stick in my side;
    the stick in the mud that let me have no fun.
    jabbed in the middle, bleeding out, with you.

    By Marissa on 08.31.2016

  20. I am the middle child of my family. I ate middle of the pie,cake ,and the ice cream. I was in the middle of the movie called The Borrowers.

    By jamesrotties on 08.31.2016

  21. I am a middle child. My brother is older, he set the pace for our family. My sister is younger, she gets what she wants. I am a middle child. My voice is not heard, my opinions are not valued. I simply am there as the center of two loud siblings. I am a middle child. Maybe I would be different if that wasn’t the case.

    By Hailey on 08.31.2016

  22. stuck in the middle is a phrase I’ve never really really connected with because i dont form enough emotional attachment to get drawn in, and i especially dont work well in groups. a completely different person when it’s one on one, I can’t seem to connect with my own thoughts when there are multiple people around. I think it mainly stems from a lack of self belief. ‘I’m boring’ I’ll lament to myself, ‘I’m talking too much/too little/with no interest’ I’ll bemoan

    By abi on 08.31.2016

  23. To muddle in the middle and maintain invisibility is her main goal. Stay unnoticed, don’t draw attentio

    By a on 08.31.2016

  24. a middling middle
    a dissenting center

    break at the seam
    from in between

    comes a mean mean

    By omqwat on 08.31.2016

  25. In the center of something like if you are the middle child or if you are sitting in the middle

    By Madison on 08.31.2016

  26. She was driving in the middle of the street.
    He got caught in the middle of a fight.
    The deer got hit in the middle of the street.

    By haylee on 08.31.2016

  27. In the middle. He was always sandwiched in the middle, now between a young woman with 2 screaming kids and a older man who smelled like he had never discovered showers.

    By Shadow Writer on 08.31.2016