April 18th, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “metro”

  1. Metro or like metropolis means a big city METRO!!!

    By Marvin on 04.19.2013

  2. The metro is an underground subway in DC. It is often late. You can not have food or drinks on the metro. It goes all around DC, from the Smithsonian to Ballston Mall and everywhere else there is a metro station. It is very useful for commuting to work for some people.

    By Esther Claire on 04.19.2013

  3. m ipiace la metropolitana perche’ va forte e mi permette di spostarmi velocemente in citta’. Inoltre mi piace guardare la gente. Mi piace anche leggere sulla metropolitana ,lo trovo rilassante

    By Giovanna on 04.19.2013

  4. “The metro was running late today, so that’s why I’m late to work today.” Said the worker to his boss.

    By Donovan on 04.19.2013

  5. we aren’t desolate,
    war-torn, sunken-eyed,
    buzzwords in an old paperback.

    we aren’t joyful either,
    no laughter like bullets
    as we slammed axes into foreheads

    of things that used to be alive.

    i’m sucking on your fingers and the underside
    of your cuticles still taste like
    the last chocolate cake you ate
    (filthily and hungrily, it had mould by then too,
    cramped your stomach for days as you writhed
    alone in an abandoned trailer,
    but it was worth it)
    the last time you touched yourself
    (dryly, painfully, desperate for an
    out of body experience, an
    out of city experience, but what leaked out of you
    were tears)
    and the last time you held a dying friend
    (before he turned and you shot him point-blank, 
    then spent the rest of the day digging 
    the shrapnel from his brain
    and the grave you covered with kitty litter).

    they’ve taken to ruling the earth,
    but we still have its core,
    the spine of things that trains once ran through

    and oh, sometimes, sometimes,
    the light in this tunnel gives off a semblance of life
    and we miss the past so much that we forget

    that we’re still here, it isn’t over yet.

    By isa on 04.19.2013

  6. Sometimes I ride in the MArta. Is sure is blessing to have a car. I cannot imagine what it would be like to catch the Marta all summer. Thank God that I found the car for 800 dollars. Oh, the joy. Thank God. Maybe, I will sell the car this summer.

    By Nika on 04.19.2013

  7. transportation metro times local urban bus train local detroit

    By kelly on 04.19.2013

  8. lke sometimes you go down under ground and get on the metro and it takes you places, you can go almost anywhere. depending on whether you live in a country with a metro system. i think the best places on earth have a metro. its so great you can see some many people on the metro . some crazy people some normal people some really beautiful people as well. i love it.

    By madison on 04.19.2013

  9. station
    New York
    San Fran

    By Clif on 04.19.2013

  10. The metro station I think of the grocery store red letters it used to be a Loeb the downtown metro I’d love to ride on metropolis a big city greek polis is city

    By Girlinthecorner42 on 04.19.2013

  11. The metro was cold and gray, like it usually is at 3AM on a thursday. It’s a lonely place to be, where people go when the rest of the world has no place for them.

    By Em on 04.19.2013

  12. metropolitan. city life. business, busyness. cities and towns and transportation and buildings and skyscrapers that don’t even come close to scraping the sky anyhow because really who knows how to scrape the sky?
    gray and silver and black and blue. colors of cement and chrome and tears and salt and schedule. silver is beautiful but who knows when it becomes gray.

    By hannah on 04.19.2013

  13. Nashville’s downtown area is bustling with things to do. You can walk along the walking bridge, the river, or just on the streets. It’s always got something to do, even if it’s just eating at Mike’s Ice Cream, or Playing in the fountain with friends. Metro Nashville is a great place to live.

    By Tim on 04.19.2013

  14. Metro Metropolis
    Destroy it all
    Break it down
    Shatter the walls
    Metro Metropolis
    Kill them all
    Take the happiness
    Ruin the peace
    Make them suffer
    Pay they will
    Nothings perfect
    Nothing works
    Nothing survives
    Not even
    Metro Metropolis

    By Becca on 04.19.2013

  15. Metro was the word for yesterday. “IT’S THE SAME WORD AS YESTERDAY!” I scream and I bury my face into my hands. This cannot be happening. I hit my computer and beg it to change the world. “Please… I- I need it.” My hands are trembling as I pray for it to be a different word. This is the end of the universe.

    By Kayla on 04.19.2013

  16. Packed.
    full of the unknown.
    the man begging just for a few cents.
    people ignoring his cries for help.
    “your just going to spend it on drugs” they say.
    oblivious to the life this man has lived.
    oblivious to the things he saw when he was fighting for you to live a nice life.
    and then there is the man playing the drums.
    he passes his hat to hopefully get enough money for his daughter to eat tonight.
    you see he is an immigrant.
    unable to get a job without being found out.
    so he works at the metro.
    places where people ignore the pain and suffering just to go about there daily lives.
    lives that these people make for them.
    the least you can do is thank them.
    or love them.

    By Misplaced Words on 04.19.2013

  17. I sitt on the metro and look around at my surroundings. An old man sits on the edge of his seat, using a cane for support, a young mother holds a screaming baby. All of these strangers going about their daily activities and we have no way of knowing anything. To them I am no one. To me they don’t exist.

    By Lizzy on 04.19.2013

  18. i think of a busy metro station, full of people, waiting for the train. girls are watching what other girls are wearing ,and either getting jealous or happy.

    By naina on 04.19.2013

  19. Don’t go on the metro today.

    By Rover on 04.19.2013

  20. The streets are dirty everywhere; there isn’t really any “clean” back country anymore. It’s all an extension of what we want, and that is not to be alone. We are dirty, and the dirt collects around us.

    By K on 04.19.2013

  21. Metro. Another word for train, subway. I was once waiting for the metro. I was maybe twelve at the time. A riot broke out in the station. I remember lots of yelling and shoving and my parents and grandparents getting worried. I can’t recall much else.

    By Olivia on 04.19.2013

  22. I stepped onto the metro and I couldn’t speak because I wasn’t prepared for the blood that surrounded my feet. The face of my own mother lay beneath me with eyes open and the bullet wound punctured into her swollen face.

    By Maya Celeste on 04.19.2013

  23. metro/metra. the train that aids in my escape from my suburban jail. I can’t wait to get outta here; away from all this gay pain and confusion. New York bound. I’m tired of the metra taking me to metro Chicago. I need a new metro.

    By Jonnea Herman URL on 04.19.2013

  24. Metropolitan, age of enlightenment. Places that I will travel, escape. I want nothing to do with the country. The city is the future. The city is now. Dystopian cities, crumbling cities. Future is dark and full of terrors.

    By Cassandra Corwin URL on 04.19.2013

  25. I glare at the passengers on either side of me, hoping the spikes on various parts of my outfit will scare people away. The flowers on my skirt are slightly more inviting, but paired with these boots, well, I look threatening to say the least.

    By Zoey on 04.19.2013

  26. Mind the Gap
    Mind the Gap
    two gorgeous guys
    at Norwich railway station
    admire their dresses
    their high high heels
    as they step
    so elegantly down
    from the train.

    By raggedpoet on 04.19.2013

  27. The subwys are crowded. Silk shifts with wool jackets and people collide. I crane my neck above the people. Where could she be? She has been here every morning, Starbucks coffee in hand. She is glued to her blackberry. I have been working up the courage to talk to her for the past month.
    The next day i found out that a pretty, successful young woman leapt from a balcony. She was beautiful but miserable.

    By Celeste on 04.19.2013

  28. I stepped up onto the platform, coffee in hand. The door swished closed behind me and I grabbed one of the handrails. I pondered the boy across the aisle, imagining our life together and how perfect it would be.

    By Hope on 04.19.2013

  29. i was once in the metro, it was an underground hellhole, full of swine and sheep. i hate all the people in the metro. they make me fucking vomit. i wish they’d fall onto the train tracks and get slaughtered. fucking people.

    By nikolai on 04.19.2013

  30. station. The bus pulled up and the doors swung open. I watched as all the other passengers climbed up the steps, paid the fee, and went to find their seats. The driver looked at me expectantly. I didn’t know what to do. Should I get on this bus, leave my home behind and go discover my dreams? Or should I stay here, stick with what was most familiar, and pick a new dream. A simpler dream.

    I closed my eyes, picked up my bag, and made the first step towards the rest of my life.

    By Nikki on 04.19.2013

  31. Who knew a metronome could be so expensive? What is a metronome anyway?
    Is that like a garden gnome for metropolitan areas? ha ha. I know, not funny. But I’m so tired today I am veering out of my gourd.

    By Wylee on 04.19.2013

  32. I ran. and then kept running. not sure where to go. when i landed on the metro subway platform. looking and waiting to get on the next one. i wanted to get away. away from everything i knew, i was breaking free, like a bird having its first flight. i stand for at least ten minutes before i decide to sit down. randomly, as if in a row, people aproach me. first, a begger asking for some change i give him a dollar, while that may seem stingy of me, mind you i am running away and i already know what he is going to spend it on. the second person is a police officer, he eats a donut while he asks what a young lady like me would be doing in such a public place like this, at night. i reply, meeting my grandmother, giving him a tight smile. had he known the real reason, i would be at the station. finally the third was a boy my age. i have never seen him at school before so he looks like a stranger to me. he sits down and just waits with me. it is i who strikes up the conversation with him. its almost as though its twenty questions because he only gives me one word answers. “whacha doin here boy?” running away. “how old?” fifteen “where ya heading?” somewhere. it starts to sound like the conversation i had with the cop. so i tell him who i am and so on. hi there then, I’m katherine, turning fifteen in august, running away too, except i know where i am headed. i know where im headed!, he says as if i offended him. no, you don’t boy, but if i was you, stick with me. i then ask his name because, frankly, i dont like calling him boy. tommy, my name is tommy.

    By kathpine98 on 04.19.2013