February 13th, 2019 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “metro”

  1. Subway bullet trailing through the vacuous tunnels. I see the light reflected off the opaque walls to my left. It ushers the coming of the train in the deep of the metro. An announcer soothes us with their sweet voice, and tells us to step back lest we be in dangers way. Well I know the way. I watch the train from the corner of the platform, behind the yellow line but far from the two possible exits to ground level. I stand beside the blue light flashing sirens telling me of its impending arrival. I look at the driver dead in their eye and let the silver bullet wash my eyes with its blinding speed. The train in the metro becomes a silver wall upon its arrival. I do not step in.

    By Eric Harrell on 02.13.2019

  2. Their are metro cars traveling all around city’s these days ,and most everyone uses them.

    By Sydney Erbe on 02.13.2019

  3. Their are metro cars traveling all around city’s these days ,and most everyone uses them. They are pretty much a super cool and fast way to get around the city. :)

    By Sydney Erbe on 02.13.2019

  4. um..metro! i really dont know what that means!? some part of me wants to say its an 80s thing…mayvbe? u would thunk i would know it bc i love love love the 80s…idk!

    By deann on 02.13.2019

  5. i was taking the metro into town and all i could think about was how beautiful the trees were swaying and how the sun put a smile on everyones face, i love taking the metro and exploring places that people love to see.

    By chase vance URL on 02.13.2019

  6. The most troublesome thing about New York isn’t the people or the weather (although the weather is a close second), it’s the metro system. The most horrid thing about New York has to be the rat-infested tunnels, soaking in the smell of urine. Unfortunately, this cesspool is how most people commute everyday; myself included.

    By Kaylee Campbell on 02.13.2019

  7. 3:35 PM. I board the metro at Larson Station. Sit myself between two dilapidated benches because then that way, no one can turn me into a people sandwich. I find my last working earbuds and pop them in, and soon, it’s symphonic metal for the next seven stops.

    I’m on this train for a long time. Being a commuter blows.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.13.2019

  8. One day I woke up and decided to take the metro. it was a beautiful day and I loved the city views. I’d say the metro is one of my favourite parts of my day and it’s always an interesting time.

    By Fiola Cortes on 02.13.2019

  9. one day i was taking the local metro into town, my eyes glared of the reflection of the dirty window, it felt like we were flying, higher then any human thinkable. we make a stop and i can smell the warming feeling of the fresh air outside.

    By chase on 02.13.2019

  10. Metro Station. Metro in the big city. We don’t have a metro here but I wish I could board one from here to there. Being far away from my family and immersed with a bunch of working professionals sounds so right, right now. I want this new job but I can’t seem to think I am not ready to reach for bigger dreams. What if I fail? What if I don’t know enough? I probably don’t but I might as well try. Hope you go after your dreams. Metro.

    By P on 02.13.2019

  11. Metro is one of the fastest means of transport. It carries many people. It goes underground. It ca

    By Ahmed on 02.14.2019

  12. I took the train to school every morning, and often back home again. I hated the damn stench. But after graduating and moving away now, I miss it. I miss school, my city, the strangers smiling, the adventures. I miss my life, feeling invincible and being able to go wherever I wanted with no guidance. I miss the blue line, in all its ugliness. Chicago will alway be home.

    By Nsmray on 02.14.2019

  13. Al abordar el metro sintió una mirada pesada. De pronto se sumó una más y otra y otra. Todas las mujeres habían clavado su mirada en él. Se sintió incómodo, intimidado por la furia femenina. En la siguiente estación se bajó del vagón exclusivo y no volvió a equivocarse.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.14.2019

  14. metro can also mean metro pcs. metro pcs stinks. it will mess up your phone and does not save data or have data at all so if you get metro pcs im warning you it will mess up your phone.

    By keyorie URL on 02.14.2019

  15. The metro in New York is really busy and it is really loud but the train looks really cool and aerodynamic!

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.14.2019

  16. A metro is usually underground and trains usually go through them for getting people around

    By Matthew Waldrop on 02.14.2019

  17. Metro is the word? Quite confused by this but an exercise is good I guess. When I think metro, it obviously (to me) takes me back to NYC. I miss it from time to time but think maybe I’m a tad happier without the rat race. Am I living up to my potential though? Who decides? The only real answer can be yourself. I mean who can really care. You’re playing a game and need to find new motivation all the time. Stale is not good. Happy Valentines Day. Remember if you want to actually get bette at typing, you’re gonna have to keep your fingers in the right place. Otherwise you’ll be cheating and cheaters rarely win. Unless it’s the NFL.

    By Christopher on 02.14.2019

  18. i went to the metro station to ride on the subway on my way to work and ran into my ex boyfriend and it was really awkward at first but we warmed up to each other and thought it was best to become friends.

    By destiny URL on 02.14.2019

  19. The Metro Train Station was crowded with people, who were all trying to get home on Christmas Eve. Some were getting off from work, some were done shopping, some were simply trying to get somewhere.

    By April Stone on 02.14.2019

  20. The metro trains rattle by, their creaking, squeaking wheels working better than an alarm clock. Every day, all my life, I’ve awoken to the screech of brakes and the shouting of engineers.

    Now, as I hoist my bags and make for the taxi, I await my own, blissfully quiet dorm room, with green lawns outside my window, and no train horns EVER.

    By Sparklespirit on 02.14.2019

  21. Meeting the metro train downtown in the middle of London, on time, was one of her greatest accomplishments along this trip of discovery to her place of heritage. She has safely boarded and can now sit and ponder what new adventures lie ahead for her. She has been told all her life, she comes from Royalty, but now to be on the way to meet up with her relatives at the castle is far too much for someone else to even comprehend, however here she sits with great anticipation of what is now her truth…how amazing and truly blessed she is to have the incredible opportunity to share her story now with her family.

    By Donna Whiting on 02.14.2019

  22. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i lready did this ugh whatever! metro a word u can use freely, its a free country, right

    By deann on 02.14.2019