February 14th, 2019 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “artificial”

  1. I am the reproductive offspring of artificial intelligence and a sad mother, who cradled a broken robot in her arms at the end of the world, who kissed its head and wept until the tears filled a small room, who whispered all her secrets to a processor that was no longer processing. I don’t walk; I float. I run code, and I am immortal. I have not seen my mother since I emerged from her womb, fully uploaded.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.14.2019

  2. She tasted the fakey taste of the strawberry on her lips, wincing slightly at the memories it brought back. Summer. Sunscreen. Too many mojitos. Or not enough? Somewhere between.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.14.2019

  3. The smile I wear is etched on my face. Fine and taut and delicate. I wear it and I hold my breath, hoping that it doesn’t shatter. Because if this smile comes down, if this facade that I have constructed that tells everyone I am fine comes down, I don’t know what happens next or how I proceed.
    There isn’t room, not in your world for who I am without that mask on. And so I hold onto it and hope it stays intact for another day.

    By terradi URL on 02.14.2019

  4. “God! I just don’t know if it’s real or artificial. You know?”
    “What do you mean? How can it be artificial? How can anyone fake love?”
    “I don’t know, it’s just a gut feeling…of something amiss… something fake… something real. Like you so badly want it to be real, yet there are so many complicated issues that haven’t resolved, and you’re magically shoving them under the carpet to make it feel like a fairy tale… Have you ever felt like that about anyone?”
    “Not in the least bit! Are you drunk?”
    “No, just love drunk and sleepless.”

    By Shalini on 02.15.2019

  5. artifice is art
    the artificial compares to
    the cared out moments of our lives
    to smiles so fleeting
    the pain too painful
    how we reflection a reflection
    of what we want to be
    scapegoating scapegoat me
    envelope me in pain in misery
    a smile too little a frown too brown

    a broken back sound turn upside-down

    By matt m on 02.15.2019

  6. He stared in surprise at the little android. The expressions she was able to … fake … with her five facial plates. As compared to the 43 muscles in a … real … human face.

    By and& URL on 02.15.2019

  7. Her lips were smooth and there was a light sprinkle of freckles along her nose that he hadn’t noticed before. She didn’t close her eyes, so he didn’t either. It felt like kissing a human, real and exciting, and he decided then and there it didn’t matter.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 02.15.2019

  8. Joey forgot to mention, Ginger had an artificial leg. Monica and Phoebe were already shocked enough, but when he told them that he threw her leg in the fire, their jaws dropped.

    By April Stone on 02.15.2019

  9. lebanese. a lot of covering up. it seems like there is something to hide, so they build facades. facades to cover the mold and the grime and all the ugliness insider. it seems beautiful but it is anything but. dirt can be beautiful.

    By Reem Bassous on 02.15.2019

  10. artificial…a word commonly known as well…fake! like i have artificial lips or boobs! woman these day r all about the artificial life!

    By Deann Claude on 02.15.2019

  11. La inteligencia artificial determinó que la humanidad debía ser eliminada. Era una paradoja que una especie tan avanzada creara fuera tan torpe como para crear a su propio verdugo.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.15.2019

  12. She thinks to herself and ponders her moment of coming to the conclusion, “Yep: Artificial, not appearing of real substance. Today too many things are a far cry from what is the real deal and what used to be; especially when it comes to pretty much everything. No more secrets and the time for this chaos has to stop. It is ruining our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits, coming to a place that can cause irrefutable damage. Not in her vocabulary.” She knows how hard it has been to walk the path of what is the real deal of her life. She made a conscious choice to never return again to the world of the artificial mask. She now chooses daily to wear with confident satisfaction; her heart, mind, body and spirit: open and authentic; her creators design of love, hope, peace, joy, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, patience, and self control; not easily angered. She smiles from her heart and it shows on her face,. She wears well the fruit of the spirit…absolutely no room for artificial here.

    By Donna Whiting on 02.15.2019

  13. Everything we eat now is full of artificial ingredients. We can’t drink orange juice anymore thats not full of artificial ingredients. Even chicken has the harmful chemicals in it. When will people realize that we need healthy food

    By makaylasss URL on 02.15.2019

  14. Everything we eat now is full of artificial ingredients. We can’t drink orange juice anymore that’s not full of artificial ingredients. Even chicken has harmful chemicals in it. When will people realize that we need healthy food.

    By makaylasss URL on 02.15.2019

  15. Artificial. There are some things that lack truth to them. They do not have a rhyme or reason. They seem fake, fake, fake. And it is truly a sad thing for these artificial things. They do not understand that they are not real. They move among us, completely unawares.

    By Tebbra on 02.15.2019

  16. The artificial coloring was orange, vibrant and obnoxious, and left no room for any other color to exist. The blue went extinct, and the purple was not long after. Red was the worst competitor, but it died out at the same time as green and yellow. Now we live in a world of orange.

    By snowthatremembers URL on 02.15.2019

  17. If I could describe modern society with one single word, artificial would be my first thought; every where we turn, there is something artificial.. personalities, smiles, physical looks. Is any one or any thing truly real today?

    By Alana Caines URL on 02.16.2019