December 9th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “methods”

  1. Aren had methods for getting people to do what he wanted. Albeit they weren’t exactly nice, or legal for that matter but they were effective. His perfect record backed that up. He broke everyone he had ever wanted, except Ali.

    By Danielle on 12.09.2012

  2. I wish I had methods. My own ways. They always change! Even my handwriting, the way I brush my teeth. Sometimes I’m strict and sometimes I don’t give a fuck at all. I wish I could give a fuck all the time. Maybe I’d be better. I’d definitely be better. everything at 110%

    By Audrey Elette on 12.09.2012

  3. Oh, the way to do things in this world. There are so many methods and schemes the players take, but what must be determined is which will work best for you. Will you take the high road or will you throw your morals out the window and follow the methods of wicked?

    By wgirl on 12.09.2012

  4. Methods are processes in math and are usually very well defined and structured. They provide a structure for us to solve problems in math and are quite useful.

    By S. Schneider on 12.09.2012

  5. She has methods of making people fall in love with her. It’s a simple 10 step process of talking and flirtation. She smacks her lips and chews bubble gum. Step one. She bends over and beckons a gaze. Step two. Her methods are horrid. Snake woman and whore. But they work.

    By Emily Ramser URL on 12.09.2012

  6. There are many methods to my madness. My mind is not like others in that it really cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. So to run over someone in my imagination may actually be in reality. Strange as it sounds, it makes for an interesting day.

    By Joe Carey on 12.09.2012

  7. there are so many methods to solve your problems. the problem with myself is that i’m afraid of confronting them. i wait for them to build up and finally attack me and by then i don’t have a method to conquer them. i become hopeless and broken.

    By Liz on 12.09.2012

  8. As he framed his page the design began to breathe life. Though he didn’t know where his pen would take him, the building started to take the most beautiful form. This had always been his method, the trusting, the allowing, of his pen to move ahead as he looked on in awe.

    By charmed on 12.09.2012

  9. There is a method of doing anything, if you know the ways of it. You can guarantee you’ll be successful too, if you’re wise about it. However, most people don’t bother learning nothing through their life. They’re content failing, never bothering with the methods. But they’re real and they guarantee success.

    By Jake Ryan on 12.09.2012

  10. My doctor gave me a few methods of treatment. I was scared. I had wanted this top surgery all my life and finally I was getting the chance. My partner was with me she had received hers and I was now getting mine. Finally I was being the person I wanted to be with the person I wanted to be with.

    By chloe on 12.09.2012

  11. there are types of methods for everything. you have to have ways to get around things. maybe these ways are simpler than the other. you call these things methods

    By Kat on 12.09.2012

  12. methods matter, because without methods there’s no solution. you have to know the method of the matter to find the solution, the end. so really, without a method, there is no end. without an end, there is no beginning. without a beginning, what’s the point? so find the method, so your time can start. enjoy your journey by determining the correct method to a new beginning!

    By amanda on 12.09.2012

  13. the methods are only details. you write and write and write. you should never think too much before its too late and you’ve wasted what little you were given. Given in a moment of ecstasy and joy and nothingness. a lost cause is what your life is. Why concern yourself with a method

    By S.A. URL on 12.09.2012

  14. Studying. There are so many different methods to study, its hard to choose the ones that work best for you. Then there are those times when you lock yourself in your room and try them all…and it still doesnt seem to be working out for you.

    By Bonnie on 12.09.2012

  15. The methods were simple. Make a plan, follow the plan, success. That was all I needed to do. Of course, the following of the plan caused problems, which in turn caused problems with the success. If only I had listened to myself. I’m very wise, you know.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.09.2012

  16. he tried to explain the different methods. there were hundreds. It was going to be a long meeting.

    By anthony URL on 12.09.2012

  17. Methods are ways in which you do something. It is also a cleaning product brand. The word “method” makes me think of strategic plans and creative ways to go about life: looking at things with a different perspective.

    By Gemma URL on 12.09.2012

  18. methods, algoritms the reason why I hate math, the reason why I love theatre I am an anti method student a semi method actress I love to change my methods, god forbid I have to use the same method for writing twice.

    By Mia on 12.09.2012

  19. we use the wrong methods. all students become failed. all teachers confused. the ministry just claim they use the wrong methods. it has been done. so we just continue it.

    By Eligia V. A. on 12.09.2012

  20. The church is full but there’s nobody really there. I brush shoulders with someone and they don’t even look up. I am like a ghost going unnoticed through the crowd. They have many methods that were invented to bring people into this place, yet once people get there they are forgotten.

    By sturmzie on 12.09.2012

  21. Methods.

    Methods are a way of doing things, an order, a way to keep yourself sane when, I don’t know, doing mundane tasks.

    People have these methods for everything.

    Some people have a certain method for how they tie their shoes, whether you choke one bunny ear, or wrap the dogs around, or do it some oth

    By Jersh on 12.09.2012

  22. POOP





    By poopfanatic on 12.09.2012

  23. by which method should i go about living out the remainder of this seemingly endless uneventful life? what is the way to live? everyone has their own advice concerning what process, what method i should use.

    By Justin on 12.09.2012

  24. We all have ways. Life experiences and the culture/era we’re born in shapes our methods, cognitive or personal. But i think its important to always be aware of our methods, instead of letting them govern us like law. Notice what you do, and then figure out why.

    By CXERRY on 12.09.2012

  25. Methods are so helpful in creating repitition. Optimizing code, teaching, driving efficiencies. Then, ironically we spend all of our time optimizing the method, instead of doing. Do you think we would do more if we were less focused on optimizing and more focused on doing slightly less efficiently?

    By Paul Langdon URL on 12.09.2012

  26. The methods I tend to use are abstract but it isn’t all that uncommon. The fact of the matter is is that we all use uncommon methods we just choose to hold ourselves hire than other to justify those methods.

    By Xavier Rutledge on 12.09.2012

  27. There were so many methods of procrastination; going on the internet, going to the gym, eating, laying around, thinking about boys…boys boys boys. Eating, doing nothing, plotting ways to not be productive…including this. This is a method of procrastination. But what is a method of love? Because there are so many methods of doing nothing, what are the methods of doing something?

    By Kathryn on 12.09.2012

  28. The two were more often in agreement than anything else, but every so often their methods would conflict, showering the rest of the Amis in a crash of sparks from the clashing of two steeled wills. Combeferre was often most agreeable, but in situations like this he grew quite hard, quite cold, and really very stubborn. He had a hard head to match Enjolras.

    By MamzelleCombeferre on 12.09.2012

  29. If I learned your methods, would I know better, walking through my own life, would my eyes be opened?
    To greatness? To difference? To the incredible dullness of my own experience?
    Oh, I cannot even fathom what it would be like to be you. I cannot imagine your methods, or the reason time will soon make me leave you.

    All too soon.

    By Rachel on 12.09.2012

  30. the way someone does something…

    By jamie on 12.09.2012

  31. Methods: I dont go by many, but I know a few. methods methods methods. There are methods to writing, but I’m exempting myself from them all right now. methods methods methods.

    By blair allman on 12.09.2012

  32. He collects newspaper clippings–there’s a pile deeper than is faux-profound sighs papering the floor of his house, all about nothing in particular. I think it comforts him, always having something to occupy his hands.

    She’s taken up religion. New friends, new things to feel horrible about. New scapegoats. There is always another church function, letting her distract herself with planning and playing Betty Crocker.

    I’ve taken to worshipping to the altar of alcohol. I drink because it numbs me, because feeling nothing is better than most of the alternatives. I drink as though I will find an answer waiting for me at the bottom of every empty bottle. I drink because it gives me something to do other than pretend I don’t see the empty spot on the couch and wallow alone in a house too big for me.

    We all have our methods of forgetting.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.09.2012

  33. Everything you do has a method, whether it’s purposeful or not. The way you go about anything is your method; logical, random, sensible. Even in love affairs, and sponteneity, there are methods.

    By Helen on 12.09.2012

  34. Method may refer to:
    Scientific method, a series of steps, or collection of methods, taken to acquire knowledge
    Method (computer programming), a piece of code associated with a class or object to perform a task
    Method (music), a kind of textbook to help students learning to play a musical instrument
    Method (patent), a series of steps or acts for performing a function
    Methodology, comparison or study and critique of individual methods that are used in a given discipline or field of inquiry
    Method acting, a style of acting in which the actor attempts to replicate the conditions under which the character operates
    Method (Godhead), the bassist and programmer for the industrial band Godhead
    Discourse on Method, a philosophical and mathematical treatise by René Descartes
    Method (film), a 2004 film directed by Duncan Roy
    Method Products (branded as “method”), a San Francisco-based corporation which manufactures household products
    Method Studios, a Los Angeles-based visual effects company
    Method Incorporated, an international brand experience agency
    Method ringing, a British style of ringing church bells according to a series of mathematical algorithms
    Method Man, an American rapper.


    Contents [hide]
    1 English
    1.1 Etymology
    1.2 Pronunciation
    1.3 Noun
    1.3.1 Derived terms
    1.3.2 Translations
    1.4 Anagrams

    From Ancient Greek μέθοδος (methodos, “pursuit of knowledge, investigation, mode of prosecuting such inquiry, system”), from μετά (meta, “after”) + ὁδός (hodos, “way, motion, journey”).
    Audio (US)
    IPA: /ˈmɛθəd/
    method (plural methods)
    A process by which a task is completed; a way of doing something.
    If one method doesn’t work, you should ask a friend to help you.
    This method saves me a lot of time.
    A type of theatrical acting wherein the actor utilizes his personal emotions from personal experience to portray a scripted scene.
    (programming) In object-oriented languages, a subroutine or function belonging to a class or object.
    (slang) Marijuana.
    [edit]Derived terms
    [show ▼]Derived terms
    [show ▼]process by which a task is completed
    [show ▼]type of acting
    [show ▼](programming) subroutine or function in object-oriented languages

    By wikipedionary on 12.09.2012

  35. The first thing that popped into my head is a math class. I never took it so I don’t really know much but a lot of my friends did and they said it was boring. I’m assuming because it is all simple things that most people already know, which makes the class less interesting and not as fun. Learning new things is the point of school, not repeating things you already know about.

    By Maggie on 12.09.2012

  36. I use methods unused by most. I sit, stand, do, undo, rethink, redo. This is insane, this is mundane, this is life.

    By Victoria on 12.09.2012

  37. There are many different methods to life…It’s all about choosing the one that feels right to you. If someone doesn’t like it, that’s their method and you’ll be okay. If you don’t like your method, change it; You’ll be okay, too.

    By Allie on 12.09.2012

  38. She worried about his methods. He had ways of extracting information; ways that she was not entirely sure were legal. His methods led to missing people, or found people with missing parts.

    By Saya on 12.09.2012

  39. methods of science. the methods of a doctor. chemicals. experiments. a method of dealing with a problem, or situation. it all depends on how a person thinks of things, perspective. one could think of a method as a way or a

    By M Gerrits on 12.09.2012

  40. “There are many methods,” Sam said slowly, leaning on the side of the pick-up truck. His sister rolled her eyes, she was not impressed. She didn’t understand why they did not just do things the way they had always done them. There didn’t seem to be any problem, and she saw no reason why they should change things.

    By Kim? on 12.09.2012