November 18th, 2012 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “mention”

  1. oh hey did i forget to mention that i was having a part that you arn’t invited to? oh sorry. but i mentioned it now.

    By Maranda URL on 11.19.2012

  2. i heard that i was mentioned in a conversation between two teachers. i got a bit worried, only to find out that they were just ecstatic with my work.

    By Danielle URL on 11.19.2012

  3. refer to something breifly and without going into detail
    i mentioned something and she got mad at me for no reason!!!!!! :(

    By Kaitlyn URL on 11.19.2012

  4. Did you mention the party tonight.

    By jessicada URL on 11.19.2012

  5. I just forgot to mention. I forgot to mention the fact that i’m sitting next to Maranda?! Well i am. Just saying. And now that i think of it, i did forget to mention it until now. But guess what i just mentioned it!

    By Chloe URL on 11.19.2012

  6. “I forgot to mention that after school you have a 3 page essay” mentioned the teacher. The class growned in sadness.

    By Maddie URL on 11.19.2012

  7. What’s in a meantion? A drop of a name. The ties to another idea, person or place meant to influence you. Make you think that this is great because of it. A idea of trust in an established thing that legitimizes the purchase or hire or attachment. Quite a bit of power in a mention.

    By John Komarek on 11.19.2012

  8. honorable mention. you didn’t win. but we’ll mention that fact in front of this large audience, just so they all know that HAD there been a 4th place, you would have taken that SHIT hands down.

    By beckenbocker URL on 11.19.2012

  9. its very important because without mention we dont have capacity to think to learn to practice our routine things..
    with no sense we dont have the capacity to live..
    its very importante and we all need that to be a normal person!!

    By joao on 11.19.2012

  10. So casually it was mentioned, but everyone knew what it really was. There was immediately a flame war, just because someone mentioned that one thing. Big mouth.

    By Isis on 11.19.2012

  11. did i ever mention that you’re the brightest light in my day?
    that merely a single word from you can turn my sullen face
    into a blooming flower of smiles?
    because that’s what you do to me.
    & i just thought you should know.

    By Shauna URL on 11.19.2012

  12. It was only a remark, a side-note so casually mentioned that you could almost miss it. He did not, however, and despite his best efforts, miss it, for when this apparently insignificant utterance of words lined up in his mind to reveal its true meaning, a secretely nourished thought surfaced from his subconscious: That nothing he contributed to this world was truly orginial or irreplacable; that none of it would ever really make a difference.

    By Nele URL on 11.19.2012

  13. I heard my name from across the room and something was mentioned about that night that had changed my life from good to horrible in less than 2 seconds. I shuddered at the thought and quickly ran down the hall, but the thought of that terror followed and bounced off the walls around me as I ran and I just couldn’t get away. I thought about running all the way into her arms, but I knew that no matter how fast I could run, I couldn’t run on water.

    By herbutterfly143 URL on 11.19.2012

  14. Did I mention that I killed my deer the other day?

    By Denton URL on 11.19.2012

  15. mentioning is one thing. Saying one thing is another. Well its not acually because your talking saying mentioning or like caleb interrupting

    By Eian URL on 11.19.2012

  16. mention: mention is a suggestion basically and it rhymes with detention.

    By Brody URL on 11.19.2012

  17. I forgot to mention to my friends that I would be gone that day. I also forgot to mention that I was going to Utah.

    By Kaelia URL on 11.19.2012

  18. He had mention she was going to be here at this time.I still wasn’t surprised of was she told me.

    By Talia URL on 11.19.2012

  19. I mentioned the other day that i needed lunch money, but you just ignored me i guess.

    By Rosie URL on 11.19.2012

  20. Oh and I just thought I would mention that you are going to pitch next week. It will be against the Elks at there stadium.

    By Bryte URL on 11.19.2012

  21. May i mention that i have the whole family coming over for dinner Thankgiving and Christmas Eve dinner. So be aware don’t be mad they are just going to be for a few hours here so, it is OK!

    By Elyssa URL on 11.19.2012

  22. I mention to my friend that i was moving . she wasn’t happy about it . then the next day she said that she was moving to .

    By Alisia URL on 11.19.2012

  23. I forgot to mention that I was going to have a get together on Friday with my friends and family.

    By briannas URL on 11.19.2012

  24. My mom always mentions if I have good or bad grades in all of my classes.

    By Trace URL on 11.19.2012

  25. He glared at me as I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat, trying in vain to hide the bandages on my wrists.
    “How could you? How could you not tell me? Why didn’t you call me?!”
    I stared at my feet as silence fell, crushing me beneath its heaviness. I felt more of his rage in that silence than in the flames he’d previously been spitting at me. I felt defeated. There were a thousand things I wanted to say, wanted to tell him. But they didn’t matter. My words wouldn’t change anything.
    I finally met his gaze, his eyes flashing as they stared into mine, demanding a response. The walls went up, drawbridge closing as I spoke.
    “I guess I forgot to mention it.”

    By aura.rayne URL on 11.19.2012

  26. Barely one mention of women
    in our history text book
    I wanted to scream

    It didn’t apply to me

    By Flowerdead on 11.19.2012

  27. Did I mention that the activity that we planed at your house starts at around 7:00?

    By Rachel URL on 11.19.2012

  28. To bring up. Touch on. Talk about in verbal or non-verbal means.

    By Katey Isburg on 11.19.2012

  29. I would like to mention the word “mention” in this writing about mention as that is the word that has been mentioned to me to mention.

    I like the word mention. it sounds nice. it has a pleasent “Mm” sound. Much like the word moist but subtly different.df

    By Duncan.Cooper on 11.19.2012

  30. Mentoren sind Menschen. Auch nur Menschen. Sie sagen dir, wo es langgeht. Worauf du gucken musst. Manchmal gucken sie auch nur auf ihre eigenen Ängste. Weil sie fürchten, dass du besser sein könntest als sie, weil sie denken, dass du etwas entdecken könntest, was sie immer übersehen haben, stellen sie dich wie den letzten Dummkopf hin und du fühlst dich ganz so wie eine Dumpfbacke, wie ein allerübelster Versager, während sie weiter ihre Schäfchen ins Trockene bringen und vorsichtshalber noch einen neuen Zaun aufstellen.

    By Eli URL on 11.19.2012

  31. I scrolled obsessively through pages upon pages of emails, eyes playing ping-pong in my head. I only had a few minutes until he would twist the knob, ending the steady spray from the shower, and stroll back into our room in a towel, but I needed – needed – to check for her name every chance I got.

    By firecracker27 URL on 11.19.2012

  32. i never heard anyone mention that i was important, that i made a difference in their life. so why should i believe it? no one wants me here, let’s just be honest.

    By laughalot on 11.19.2012

  33. to seggest. just to say something in a way that doesn’t seem demanding but enough to still get the idea into someones head. then maybe leading into more detail. a suggestion or a hint toward something.

    By Taylor on 11.19.2012

  34. you can drop me on my head, but,
    don’t drop the line.

    By h. b. URL on 11.19.2012

  35. Didn’t I mention it to you earlier in the week?


    I swear I did. You even laughed and said it was so typical of me.

    Oh yeah that’s right! How could I forget that? I mean, you being randomly recruited for the CIA and you thinking it was the Closet Interior Association– a group of people who meet up once a week to come up with new ideas for closet space…

    Hey, I had just finished my dissertation when they approached me, and I was hungry. I wasn’t thinking straight.

    Clearly. Why they want you, I’ll never understand.

    By Jo on 11.19.2012

  36. Did I mention any thing about him today? I must be driving my friends insane, with the millions of times I’ve said his name; he never leaves my brain.

    By Emily on 11.19.2012

  37. Mention is a very complicated word. One thinks mention means to describe something on a vivid detail but it’s actually not true. Mention means just to tell about something in a brief manner.

    By Tushar on 11.19.2012

  38. When you mention something in a conversation it means that you did not ponder about what you were saying much. It means that it just randomly popped into your head. It implies that that idea isn’t important or that you haven’t thought much about it.

    By Haley on 11.19.2012

  39. I happened to mention to my mother that i started to longboard. She didn’t seem to mind, but i took quite the stumble today down a big hill near the gym on campus.

    By Liontamer9 on 11.19.2012

  40. to tell something to someone

    By vidal URL on 11.19.2012