September 3rd, 2016 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “hollow”

  1. The owl in the hollow, there it stands looking if someone is passing by.
    The owl is thinking from the hollow: is going to be anyone passing by?
    Finally someone passes by, it is a wonderful angel with wings

    By Damiano Nana URL on 09.03.2016

  2. I hid inside a tree trunk because it was hollow, and I waited for the men dressed in shadows to pass by. Their boots made loud, scraping noises as their pointed toes ripped up the plants, tossing dirt and broken roots into the air like Mother Nature’s confetti. I prayed there weren’t spiders crawling around me in my shelter, but the smell of sap calmed me, like I was breathing in the odor of maple syrup at my father’s cabin.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.03.2016

  3. There was something hollow about Luc’s expression when he stumbled into Ryou’s apartment that night. “I don’t know what to do,” he kept saying. “I don’t know what to do.”

    By rae URL on 09.03.2016

  4. it’s like i’m knocking on a hollow log
    trying to hear the echo
    and when i do, i rejoice
    when i don’t, i cry
    are the happy times worth it?
    should i leave this log to rot?
    i just don’t know.
    i don’t know anymore.

    By stranger on 09.03.2016

  5. The memories are just memories now. I’m listening to the short recording of us singing our duet– it was only a few months ago. Three, maybe four. But it’s so far gone now. I can so clearly remember the day we made this recording, but now the perfect notes, though they still go together, ring hollow for me.

    By Catori URL on 09.03.2016

  6. Hollow, an empty shell, nothing inside. Hollow empty people rushing about trying to fill themselves up with anything they can good or bad. External promise, crack it open and there’s nothing there.

    By Kat URL on 09.03.2016

  7. She felt hollowed out, like her emotions had gone. Her identity was gone. All that mattered was following this man’s orders. He had hollowed her, and he could give her back.

    The young Jedi Knight smiled. The new mind trick had worked perfectly.

    By Shadow Writer URL on 09.03.2016

  8. voice

    By Alisha URL on 09.03.2016

  9. Every time I see that photograph, I feel empty inside. My eyes pass over your glowing smile, which once would have made me feel fuzzy inside, but now only offers a disturbing coldness. I put my head into my hands and sigh.

    By spiffypenguin URL on 09.03.2016

  10. Christian’s power burns inside him, and Takumi shudders out a breath. Because he can do many great things now, yes, but the greatest of all is that he’s no longer alone.
    It’s funny, isn’t it? He never even knew he felt hollow before he had this.

    By savvadrokki URL on 09.03.2016

  11. Make me cry so that I may remember my humanity. Make me bleed so that I may remember my ephemerality. Make me wage against all man so that I may remember my futility. Make me laugh so I that I may forget misery. Help me love so that I may taste eternity. But help me to heal so that I may do it all over again. For I am too hollow in the fullness of myself.

    By FrimFramFromFrem on 09.03.2016

  12. In the hollow part of each person, is the room for love and hope.

    By Kimberly URL on 09.03.2016

  13. The hollow sound of the trees blow by me. i can hear the faint cry out for help as the baby looks at me with those big ocean blue eyes. I look around to see whose baby it is but i see no one only me and her in this big maze of trees. Grace i will call her.

    By Claire URL on 09.03.2016

  14. I the hollow of the trees as they sway back and forth hitting against each other like a crowd of people. I hear the faint cry of help as i go closer into the cave. a baby crowded near a rock looks at me with big blue eyes. Grace i will call her.

    By CsurfingCool URL on 09.03.2016

  15. once upon a time, when i was living in the village, i found some beautiful birds flying tro and fro from a hollow tree. suddenly i put my hand through the hole of the hollow trees, where i found the nest of theses birds.

    By rabi_ctgbd URL on 09.04.2016

  16. He left.
    The heart is hollow.
    Hollow is the heart.

    By Dolores Lee URL on 09.04.2016

  17. she was disappointed, like a kid on easter who discovers her chocolate bunny is hallow, Amanda realized in that moment that her relationship was a farce. There wasn’t going to be a happily ever after for them. But that didn’t mean their story was quite over just yet. These things tend to take a long time to fizzle out even after one realizes it is hopeless.

    By Trista URL on 09.04.2016

  18. Her chest felt hollow as she watched the rain fall down the window. God, she couldn’t be more melodramatic if she was actually trying to be a cliche. Still. The rain brought this out in her and she could no more deny her feelings than she could do a cartwheel: sure, it was possible, but it would take a set of skills she never developed as a child.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.04.2016

  19. The hollow tree trunk look dead from the outside, but within, there was a whole civilization. Fungi grew throughout the hole, squirrels had made their own burrows and a birds managed to build a nest. But when the children looked more closely, they could see little houses, cars and people. The older girl looked at the younger and whispered, “What are we going to do? They’re chopping down forest to build new houses.”

    The younger girl sucked at a peppermint and said nothing.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.04.2016

  20. Hollow is what i feel. Since I’ve been a vitim of childhood (which is most of my life) abuse.
    Now my mind has taken it upon itself to remind me of it. Every. Single. Day.
    So yeah. It goes on. My mind is blank except for those memories I rather forget.

    By infernovampire on 09.04.2016

  21. After everything, she was so tired and hollow.

    She was wearing herself thin in the stresses of what was now her life; struggling through college, dealing with her family, trying to just keep up with everything.

    Everything was too much, and she didn’t have anything left.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 09.04.2016

  22. I feel hollow inside. The accident had wiped out my family and it left an emptiness inside of me that I don’t think will ever be filled. The hollowness of my inner-being is infinite. How can I go on? Will I ever feel whole again?

    By unctennisgal URL on 09.04.2016

  23. its where you can dump in all your thoughts. your feelings , your ideas, that no one intends to even recognize that it ever existed. there, in the hollows. it lay still. unnoticed, unappreciated.

    By Raphaelle on 09.04.2016

  24. That’s how it feels seven months after losing the love of my life to cancer. forever changed. Trying not to feel the echos in my heart right now.

    By Karen Beard on 09.04.2016