November 14th, 2012 | 297 Entries

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297 Entries for “measured”

  1. The time we spent together was never measured. I could only give value to our shared moments by the beats of my heart. One hour maybe, a thousand heartbeats.

    By Mario Balducci on 11.15.2012

  2. my breaths are measured in gasps
    measured in collapse

    By Gracie on 11.15.2012

  3. Measure for measure, a shakespear play I attended a couple years back, made a big impact on me because of how it was executed, since then I have been into poetry and written works.

    By lyshkong on 11.15.2012

  4. barley

    By Linda on 11.15.2012

  5. Five years ago i was board and measured some grass

    By ccv1999 on 11.15.2012

  6. With a measured stare
    On a measured day
    I measured my measure
    Of all the small things,
    And, measuring, found
    The sum not such a mound
    That could stand and resist
    A fixed smile breathing.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 11.15.2012

  7. i measured a bord it was log.

    By 123boy = ) on 11.15.2012

  8. i measured how long my arm is to see how long some thing is.

    By vidal on 11.15.2012

  9. Five years ago i was board and measured some grass.then i left to measure some thing different

    By ccv1999 on 11.15.2012

  10. Do you measure me? And do i fill your desires ?
    Our glass is half full, we measure the volume with happiness.
    When it all falls down what really matters is the measures you took to fight for your life.
    To fight in the name of .. L… shouldn’t say it, Fight for your heart for no one can judge a man who measures his happiness only on the acheivment of his dreams

    By Kris on 11.15.2012

  11. I am 4 11″ last i measured

    By hun236 on 11.15.2012

  12. i had measured andrews hair lenghth and it came out to it was 500 feet long and then i measured justins hair and it came out to 600 feet so when i told andrew that his hair was shorter he started to cry and say nobody loves me!!!!!!

    By Bieberlover URL on 11.15.2012

  13. I measured the sugar salt and brown sugar in foods class.
    Mrs.pott was stricked so she got mad today.
    measuring is easy if there is right tools!
    i like foods because I have an A- so ya.
    well keep the measuring!

    By molly on 11.15.2012

  14. i measured a cup of flower for my sisters birthday cake.

    By aaronr on 11.15.2012

  15. today i will mesure an absolute value in kahn acadamy woow thats very hard to do even with a rice crispy treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Hope on 11.15.2012

  16. the flour sprays around your face like a halo, catching in the brown strands and dancing in the air you exhale.

    By sophia URL on 11.15.2012

  17. Her response was measured.
    Each word: exact.
    Every phrase, every pause, every shift in pitch: all perfectly timed.

    Given her level of precision, I realized in an instant that was she holding back.

    Did I doubt?


    Perfection is not evidence of an omission, nor would I’ve been any wiser were it not for the fact that her eyes could not conceal a faint shimmer of unspoken truth.

    By Intuition on 11.15.2012