June 15th, 2012 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “mayor”

  1. duty

    By anais on 06.16.2012

  2. I really have no idea who the mayor of my city is. I feel like his name starts with an M but I’m not sure. I lied. There it is. Milobar. A little while ago there was a bake sale where people made their best dessert bars and the winner’s bar was named the ‘Milobar’ in honour of the mayor. Kinda cheesy. I have no idea who won.

    By Kayla URL on 06.16.2012

  3. mayor. i don’t know who the mayor of delaware is. wait. is it jack markell? i think i spelled that wrong. i’m so tired. why am i even doing this? it’s 5:00 in the morning. lol. that reminds me of t-pains song. that was my alarm ringtone & now i hate it.

    By genielle on 06.16.2012

  4. The mayor of any part of this universe keeps a really great significance in not only management but in all the other affairs too.

    By bakhtawar on 06.16.2012

  5. We don’t have a mayor here in China. Or maybe we do. i really don’t know.

    By Caroline on 06.16.2012

  6. Sitting in your office, legs crossed, or maybe feet up on the desk, knees overlapping. You’re wearing that tie today, the cornflower blue one, and everything in me wants to reach out and tug it.

    By Kris on 06.16.2012

  7. happy


    TV watched

    By walkiria on 06.16.2012

  8. I need be happy. And you? What you need? They people need money, it’s bad. We need
    love and friends.

    By walkiria on 06.16.2012


    By CKO BU on 06.16.2012

  10. As the crowd moved forward they pushed ahead of them their locally elected Mayor. He had stood and made speeches for years without earning their respect or his fees. Now he would have to talk the town out of some serious trouble, or die in the attempt.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.16.2012

  11. The mayor of Townsville is very short. His assistant, I don’t know what the hell her name was or if she was even really his assistant, has no face, just a lot of boobage. It is really fucking intense. Like, seriously. How long do I have to do this? This is tedious. It’s been a minute, right? Come on. Seriously? Still? Almost done… Almoooooost…

    By Linny on 06.16.2012

  12. Mayor. Mayor of what? Of the city? In my country we call it “akim”. Most of them are ridiculously rich and greedy. No good associations for now. Seriously.

    By Zhanna on 06.16.2012

  13. I am the mayor of my life. I am on a budget to control the resources that I have. I want optimize the utilization of the these resources to become a King from a Mayor. Cool Aint it

    By Ammar Moughis URL on 06.16.2012

  14. Mayor walked into the office.

    Another day is waiting for that person.

    ‘When is my payday?’

    By jinwoo on 06.16.2012

  15. He knew what dreams were made of – after all… he was the mayor of Wonderland.

    By noway on 06.16.2012

  16. He stands above us, lording his fortress of marble and gold, keeping secrets none should know. He irrationally hates us, paranoid that we might come in and steal all that he has kept hidden. He fears us, and shows it by exerting massive power over us. And we do nothing.

    By Lyric on 06.16.2012

  17. Mayor of Indy that is what I am often called, I am not sure that it is good thing to be branded as mayor, i would rather be known as the queen, mayors dont have to be liked and they care, queens dont really care they just get to have fun

    By Hazel on 06.16.2012

  18. Mayor Banks doesn’t walks the streets–
    the filthy city streets.
    no walking in stride in step with the beats
    of the rolling streets
    streets with hills like SF or maybe Boston or maybe Seattle
    He spends each day in a lazy lounge chair
    laying back watching the city from his office window
    knowing everything about the city but nothing simultaneously
    knowing it like a math problem or a complicated equation
    but not like a food that he can taste
    or a sweet aroma for smelling.
    Only cold dead numbers and architecture are what he sees
    and so he does not live in the city–
    Only in himself.

    By t44 on 06.16.2012

  19. A mayor is someone who runs a city. I live in Amsterdam. Our mayor is Jewish. It’s some sort of unspoken tradition to have a jewish mayor. Our mayor lives in a very beautiful building. The mayor’s building

    By kaya on 06.16.2012

  20. El Mayor Grande. A pretty title. But what does it mean? I dunno. It seemed appropriate for a cactus at the time. They’re so pointy and pompous looking and all spiky and weird. At least, I think so. No one ever seems to agree with me on my names …. Dunno why a name like Mr. Spiky is deemed to be so much better by people at large. I mean, where’s the originality? And the ranking. All plants should be ranked.

    By terradi on 06.16.2012

  21. can town

    By jeebus christ URL on 06.16.2012

  22. He was a tall fellow. Every time I saw him, I could have sworn that apart from his black tailcoat, he was only made of skin and bones, almost like a skeleton. Whenever I saw him, he would always smile knowingly at me. It was strange… It’s as if he could read my mind. Nevertheless, I always smiled back… albeit a little nervously.

    By Rie on 06.16.2012

  23. “The mayor would congratulate us and…” Oliver said
    “No. Dont be stupid!” I begged “please Olly, this is serious!” My face fell, i though i could trust him but yet, i tell him and he takes the p**s. I love him so much and he doesn’t care.

    By mee123 on 06.16.2012

  24. I stepped before him, eyes downcast, hands and face covered in blackberry juice. The mayor was a rugged hard looking man with silver hair and a crooked nose, huge and terrifying to my 6 year old mind. How was I ever going to get out of this one?

    By Rachael on 06.16.2012

  25. of the town was very upset. his daughter was getting into a lot of trouble recently. she was mixing in wththe wrong crowd and it wasnt good. she was selling all of her clothes and buying new edyg ones with studs and names of foreign bands he’d never heard of before. the mayor put an end to this by putting her into lockdown, but soon one of her rebellious friends found out where she was being kept and stole her away. the mayor was quite mad and said that he was going to disinherit her. but in reality he set up a pragmatic search party and looked for her day and night. she was never found.

    By Liss on 06.16.2012

  26. The mayor was a large man, which contrasted sharply with his effeminate mannerisms. When he was first elected, the women of the town were proud. Such a strong man. Protecting their little town. But as time progressed, they grew disenchanted with his laxidasical approach to teen hooliganism.

    By Amandajs on 06.16.2012

  27. The mayor proclaimed to the whole town. He looked everybody in the eye, every single person. Each person saw a different story in his eyes, a different feeling. But when he stood up straighter and began his tale, each person saw the connections whirling together into one explanation

    By umbazachika on 06.16.2012

  28. I know the mayor of our little town. She’s a lot like me: a divorced parent with a child who just graduated from high school. She also works full-time as an office employee–a job that has nothing to do with her mayorship. She’s a regular person who got involved in going to meetings to see what was going on where she lived, and she decided she could do a better job. I appreciate that, and I like where she’s taking this town. She’s broken through the Good ol’ Boy network to become the leader we needed, not the leader we’ve always had.

    By Loreen Ridge-Husum on 06.16.2012

  29. the boss, the head. someone who people ignore. a job i’d never want. the face of a city. the one is responsible, the one who gets the blame. it’s hard to be a good man. who i vote for you? i’m not sure. what can or can’t you do?

    By ce on 06.16.2012

  30. He is the chief of our community! He makes everything work properly and smoothly. He is gentle with all the people. He finds solutions to all problems for the betterment of his citizens.

    By Maria Antonia on 06.16.2012

  31. the mayor of the town was missing. his family was concerned becuase he wasn’t the type to be given over to whim and just… disappear. It had been 24 hours since anyone has heard from him. there had been signs that something had changed…

    By Debra-Sue URL on 06.16.2012

  32. The mayor of the town looked around at the people gathered in the square. Mentally, he reminded himself that these people looked up to him, trusted him to do the right thing. Drawing in a deep breath, he opened his mouth and began to speak.

    By rushtail on 06.16.2012

  33. A large, round, brusque man walked to the microphone. He seemed to gather up his words before he spoke, they were buried deep within his large frame. As a man who’d done his job well, but maybe a bit too long for the liking of newer folks, he gave speeches out of a certain duty and not because he overly enjoyed addressing the shapeless public.

    By natty on 06.16.2012

  34. the mayor of this town was me. it was a short dream, but good nonetheless. i did whatever i wanted and no one opposed.
    the end

    By Nik.... on 06.16.2012

  35. Mayor Johnson of purpleville, was elected 4 years ago and is still leading our town strong. Some say he’s selfish, some say he dictates, i say, hes the best thing thats ever happened to this town. I should know, im his assistant.

    By Zeina on 06.16.2012

  36. Who is this mayor they have anything to do really? sometimes i feel like this is just an appearance thing. a low brow queen of england. telling its subjects that everything will be ok. but will verything be ok. i dont know. and either does the mayor.

    By Johnny on 06.16.2012

  37. Mayor ….hmmm. Willie Brown was the last one I cared for . The rest have been dorks. Lazy dorks at that!

    By commonloon on 06.16.2012

  38. Well I actually don’t think my town has a mayor. We have a guy who’s like the head of the town council and he’s elected by people on the board I guess. When I think about a mayor, I actually think about the mayor in Powerpuff Girls, how weird is that? He’s the short guy who’s always with the mysterious tall woman in a red dress. Mayors remind me of Uncle Sam and a guy with a big hat. They don’t strike me as particularly great people. Oh well. I guess mayors are cool.

    By Katherine on 06.16.2012

  39. The mayor is proud the mayor is loud. The mayor drinks coffee on Sunday the mayor missed your call the mayor has a heart of paper and glass through spectacles that last. Mayor knows all. Mayor is proud.

    By Casey Rosa on 06.16.2012

  40. dates and hats and rhine mclin,
    british accent tell the papers
    water comes and went
    politics have useless ground and windmills help the earth
    without idiots we would not be a pile of ignorant dirt

    By Caity URL on 06.16.2012