February 21st, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “married”

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    By LLC74dkkla4E URL on 02.22.2021

  2. I think getting married is a very interesting concept that barley makes any sense to me. how does just saying that you will be toghether forever mean anything at all. its crazy to think that thats real and actually happens

    By Eli Lewis on 02.22.2021

  3. Hah! If only I had a positive reaction to this word. Married is not something I wish to be but deep down, on some romantic level, I would think I would like to be. It represents commitment and being worthy of love. It shouldn’t to me.

    By Michelle D Childers on 02.22.2021

  4. “you wanna marry me so bad huh, i bet you have a crush on me”
    I do.
    We always make these jokes, these fake flirtations, as a way to be funny, but I always wondered if there was any truth behind them. i know there was for me. I always would joke “yeah, I’m in love with you” but I was. i am. maybe one day I’ll tell you

    By Sofia on 02.22.2021

  5. I am. I am. I am something… we all are something or at least we try to be. We struggle, we give up our souls to be something in this world. But we are NOthing.

    By Daniel Aaron Gage on 02.23.2021