February 24th, 2021 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “build”

  1. build a little wall between it and you
    thread it with flowers and moss
    let it crumble down to nothing
    and all your dreams pursue

    By Emily Sims on 02.24.2021

  2. You can build a lot of things. You can build relationships and friendships that can grow stronger. You can build up a feeling like suspension, happiness, stress, sadness, or any type of emotion. You can build buildings as well.

    By Kami Mohandesan on 02.24.2021

  3. Everything in life is buildt from the ground up. And every person has to do it themselves. It doesnt matter if you receive alot of help on the way, you still initated that help. Did you build your house as you wanted?

    By Per Inge on 02.25.2021

  4. To build upon my last entry. Don’t be afraid to tear down walls to include something you allways wanted. Chance is the only road to progress.

    By Per Inge Flønæs on 02.25.2021

  5. You can build a new bridge over the River Liffey and we can walk together.

    By Eva URL on 02.25.2021

  6. I build a wall between myself and I. We both look at life differently in our own way. I don’t know what to do with this wall. We are separated like oil and water. I wish to be her and she wishes to be me.

    By Nicole on 02.25.2021