August 23rd, 2008 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “mantle”

  1. On that mantle sits memories. Covered in dust and displayed so proudly. Sometimes I want to take them all down, but what would I put there instead? What would I use to show where I’ve been?

    by Michelle on 08.25.2008
  2. It’s there, covered in dust and waiting for a touch. I ask where the pictures are, where the vase is, where the coins are that once laid there.

    She pauses and shakes her head. “Gone,” she whispers.

    I squint at the layer of dust, shifting slightly now that we’ve turned on the fan. The place smells of old memories, and lost friends. I run my fingers through the dust, sending it spiralling to the floor.

    It gathers, and is done, and she turns “Let’s go.”

    by Jennifer on 08.25.2008
  3. I placed my heart on the mantle
    Next to the photo of us at the park
    It was sitting there like a trophy
    Gleaming, waiting to be admired
    My love was on display for all to see
    No shame, selfishness or vanity

    by Jen M on 08.25.2008
  4. a mantle is something a man puts on. it reminds me of Joseph in the Bible who was given one (i think). it also reminds me of Moses’ mantle and the one that elijah wore…i can’t think of much more except they probably had good style then.

    by greendish on 08.25.2008
  5. The russet bricks were stacked high, their staggered, rectangular forms interspersed by strips of cinerious concrete, their mass interrupted only by the cavernous maw of the fireplace. Resting upon the ledge on top, as elegant as if standing on a pedestal, a little porcelain girl stood tall amidst a row of knicknacks, her cheshire grin inspiring a nervous giddiness in any admirer who stared too long at her pallid visage.

    by Lindsey Green on 08.25.2008
  6. pictures on the mantle of things we all did together cannot contain the memories that you and I share. I love you more than those pictures will ever show anyone. I may not be the perfect daughter to them, but this shock collar has got me reeling. I miss you. Please come back.

    by emma on 08.25.2008
  7. The mantle of age sits on my shoulders like an ever-increasing weight of the world, a heavy cloak that I can’t shake, much as I’d like to. Age becomes that nemesis that I fight against, all-encompassing and flowing over me ever more each year. This mantle is not one I wear willingly, but rather have donned against my will.

    by Michelle on 08.25.2008
  8. A mantle keeps you warm.

    by J on 08.25.2008
  9. mantle. a place to place things. “Grab the book that is on the mantle” ?

    by Molly on 08.25.2008
  10. MANTLE?
    What does the word stands for?
    This is a first new word which I will be learning on the OneWord, which is really a good site.

    by ashish on 08.25.2008
  11. a place where we put the stuff that we want people to think is important to us. To display our worth, display our taste…an identity we hang around our necks to prove we’re worthy of others’ regard.

    by Mel on 08.25.2008
  12. i really dont know what mantle is but im supposed to write on mantle….i dont have enough time to search the online dictionary on what mantle is so i wont waste time doing this….the word m in mantle aint significiant…ant is a small insect aint significiant….above all the whole word mantle aint

    by rohit on 08.25.2008
  13. It sat on the mantle piece, shielded from the glow of the fire by a huge metal grate that sat in front of it. It reflected dimly the light that came from the lamp that the young girl sitting on the armchair directly opposite it was using.

    by Holly Castelle on 08.25.2008
  14. the mantle is dusty. it’s full of memories. christmas stockings hang from it waiting for gifts from St. Nick. Lucy lay in bed, anxiously awaiting morning. Candy, toys, fruit, what would be waiting for her when she woke up? She tossed and turned as if morning would never arrive.

    by melissa on 08.25.2008
  15. I can’t believe you left the arts community.
    You meant so much to me.

    by Louisa on 08.25.2008
  16. mantle, the day i went, the day i stay, shall i burn in hell? How long did i wait for your approval, how long shall i fall, forever mantle.

    by Richard on 08.25.2008
  17. Up on the mantle there is a free speaking knife, an unintelligible feeling that I grab by the handle and thrust into the abdomen of my enemy. I am savored, I am liberty, I am destruction in its purest form. Only the mantle will show me the way. Only the mantle will decide where I go.

    by Roku on 08.25.2008
  18. piece. something on top of the mantle that usually stands for something. people place trophies, favorite photos, and other prized possessions on display. some are purely decorative. funny how they sit above fireplaces. right above the heat and the smoke and crackling wood. what does all that mean?

    by george on 08.25.2008
  19. The mantle to the old chimney had rested and was so broken that it could not hold the precious family photographs the grandmother had collected over the last one hundred years. However, she had them stored in a cool dry place that would be found after her death.

    by cecilia on 08.25.2008
  20. mantles are wonderful places to share withthe world all the things you have found and love from beautiful antiques to precious family momentos, they are the heart of sharing what is important. they are billboards of love and is like manitee kind of

    by Jordan on 08.25.2008
  21. A mantle of fog enveloped the mantle of the colorful bird
    as it flew over the mantle of the massive fireplace
    in the castle ruins,
    sparking a flame in my mantle.
    Shivers ran up my spine as I wrapped myself in the scarce mantle.

    by markishmark on 08.25.2008
  22. I’m not really sure what is mantle, but then again, I’m nto sure about many things. I don’t speak English as good as I should after that many years of learning it. Also, I don’t see why is “I” capitalized, and there is no form of you which you use when you respect someone. English is silly.

    by Iva on 08.25.2008
  23. Part of the earth but also something to do with God – I think it’s His robe or something. In addition, there’s something to do with heating elements – that’s it, it’s the bit on a gas lamp that glows when you light it. The mantle. Superb things those gas lamps.

    by Tony on 08.25.2008
  24. a fires eye is written only upon such a day that could describe this word

    by templeton kelley on 08.25.2008
  25. up above on the mantle there was a key. the key was to an old door at the back of the house. no body ever went in there. old man greer was said to to buried there. no body touched the key.

    by bailey on 08.25.2008
  26. There is a clock stitting upon my grandmothers mantle that reminds me of my youth. I would sit infront of the mantleplace and play jacks and marbles while feeling the adoring eyes of my grandfather on my back.

    by clane on 08.25.2008
  27. peace, love, tolerance, respect. all living in harmony.

    by justin on 08.25.2008
  28. “one word” is two words. you should think of a different way to say it. i hope i get to read everyone elses stuff. what’s this for anyway?

    by eiramaras on 08.25.2008
  29. Dirty, dusty. Years of neglect from a family long gone and memories long forgotten.

    by Ronaldo Bartolome on 08.25.2008
  30. the mantle in our living room is covered in various art objects my mother has collected. a large green-glass vase with faux lilies blooms from one side of the mantle, a blue-and-yellow glass bowl sits in the middle, and a small red bowl sits on the right hand side, next to a thin electric green vase.

    by Julia on 08.25.2008
  31. The nobleman threw his mantle over his shoulders as he prepared to make his dramatic exit. He looked upon the plebs and, with a sneer uttered, “It is right for them to wallow in their poverty.”

    by Andrew D on 08.25.2008
  32. Upon the mantle she sat. How she got up there, well i guess we’ll never know. Looking, reaching out for imaginary things. She seemed happy. Deliriously happy in fact. Untill she fell.

    by missy on 08.25.2008
  33. The fireplace mantle was adorned with black and white photos of loved ones that were held only in our memories…and these photos. Who were they? Who loved them and who did they love? What made them laugh and cry?

    by C Highsmith on 08.25.2008
  34. She walked into the warm cabin and hung her cloak above the mantle. The snow had been falling since the wee hours of the morning and the road was completely covered. She was thankful her husband had supplied her with enough provisions to last until his expected return.

    She brought the bucket of cold water to the kettle and filled it.

    by Chris on 08.25.2008
  35. mantle is the surname of a comic character called reggie mantle from the archies comic books. he is usually very egoistic as well as sadistic but has been helpful and loyal at times of need. his contrasting charcter makes him a very interesting character.

    by shailendra on 08.25.2008
  36. My favorite book when I was a child was called Christmas on Exidor street. It is about a woman who has some very odd people knock on her door and ask for shelter on Christmas eve. She can’t turn them away, so she comes up with some very creative places for them to stay the night. I remember that the wives of 2 different ministers sleep on her mantles. I know that it’s random, but what else can i say about that word?

    by Kate on 08.25.2008
  37. rig, assemble,

    by Marek on 08.25.2008
  38. Clung to his shoulders, clammy and cold as he braced against the icy cold wind. Where was she?

    by Biblo on 08.25.2008
  39. why am i getting the same word again… is the mantle repetitive… or not? so here ends mantle part 2… i hope there is no part 3

    by Jay on 08.25.2008
  40. The mantle at my parents house is non existent, infact I never knew what a mantle really was until I came to the east coast and went to a hoity toity L.A. College with a castle on it. there I saw my first mantle. It was glorious.

    by cj on 08.25.2008